COD Mobile: 3 VS 3 Gunfight Mode to Arrive in Season 14

Well, Season 13 of COD Mobile is almost at an end. Even though the season hasn’t yet concluded, the main focus of the players has already shifted to the leaks and rumors about Season 14 of COD Mobile.

We can’t really blame the players. Activision has time and again astonished us with their creativity and innovation with each update. That being said, the test servers have really appealed to the COD Mobile fraternity. We are here today to bring you some exciting news yet again related to the upcoming season.

COD Mobile: 3 vs 3 Gunfight Mode –

The gunfight mode is a mode which we are familiar with in COD Mobile. Earlier, the mode featured players of two teams, facing off in multiple rounds – the first to six points wins the game. Every two rounds a new set of random guns and equipment is chosen and all four players must use those weapons.

To keep the conditions fair, all the weapons are equipped with the exact same attachments to avoid any and all discrepancies. There are also no respawns. If one of the players dies, they’re out for the rest of the round.

Source: Duker Gaming

To make Season 14 more interesting, Activision has revamped the traditional Gunfight mode. The new Gunfight mode will be featuring 3 players in each team instead of the traditional duos, making it a 3 vs 3 Gunfight.

That ought to make things more fun, right? Well not only this, but Activision has also increased the number of players in the Attack of the Undead mode making it a 20v20 mode.

From the looks of it, COD Mobile Season 14 looks quite appealing and we can’t wait to try out the official update soon. COD Mobile has gone above and beyond this time to make the upcoming update worth the time. Until then, keep grinding!

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