COD Mobile: Users Discovered another Game Breaking Glitch

COD Mobile has become one of the fastest-growing games on the mobile platform ever since its release back in October 2019. It is currently in its 13th Season with the 14th Season right around the corner. The console-like graphics, fast-paced gameplay have appealed to players all across the globe.

However, that being said, time and again COD Mobile has gotten its fair share of bugs and glitches. So much so that it has now become quite annoying. In today’s article, we will be talking about yet another interesting glitch that we personally came across in the game.

COD Mobile Shield Turret Glitch –

In COD Mobile, glitches can be a part of almost anything. It can range from simple desync spots to going out of bounds on the map completely. Today we will be talking about one such glitch related to the shield turret in Multiplayer mode.

The glitch which the users have discovered involves the shield turret. In this glitch, a player walks up against a wall in the Crash map, with the shield turret activated and ready to be placed.

The player then places the shield turret inside the wall. That’s right inside! It might require some fiddling around till you get the turret blue which implies it can be set up in that position inside the wall.

Now, after placing it, the player uses the shield turret. Upon doing so, the player finds himself out of the map. The surrounding becomes transparent, allowing the player out of bounds to shoot at other players from the inside without them knowing.

Now, this is indeed a game-breaking glitch as the enemies stand at a disadvantage as there is no counter to this glitch. Activision needs to develop a solution or a fix to this issue at the earliest to ensure gameplay isn’t hampered.

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