COD Mobile China to Add New PVE Mode Similar to Zombies Mode

COD Mobile China, a result of a collaboration between Activision and Tencent, has been steadily rising recently since its launch back in December 2020. In over a month since its release, there has been a cornucopia of very rare and exclusive updates that the players are absolutely in love with and are craving for more.

The developer of the Chinese version of COD Mobile sensed the hunger of their fans and has responded with some great news for fans around the world. According to @CODM_murdablast, the latest Season 2 update patch notes of the Chinese CODM will reportedly involve the PVE mode/Zombie mode.

COD Mobile China does not have human zombies, instead, they use Dog zombies and the new PVE mode won’t feature human zombies as well because they have changed the clown class and have added dogs. There are also speculations that Zombies might be replaced by Cyborgs in the latest update.

All the additions will be updated in the subsequent versions and currently, the developers have communicated with their fanbase community to help them in gameplay ideas so that the players around the world can experience rich and fun content in Call of Duty Mobile.

Fans are already letting the developers know about what they wish to be included in the upcoming updates like many have openly stated that they want Human Zombies mode rather than anything else and addressed the issue of lack of entertainment in the PVE mode needs an adjustment.

Our team is all hands-on to report to you the latest update on news related to CODM China.

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