COD Mobile ‘Dead Silence’ perk gets a Major Nerf in Season 13

Alright, folks, it’s time for us to get busy again. Season 12 Going Dark of COD Mobile will be coming to an end soon and Season 13 is already knocking at the door. With leaks, rumors, and updates flying all across the COD Mobile Universe, players are starting to get restless about the upcoming update.

Season 12 of COD Mobile was one of the best updates the game had ever seen. Thus, setting the benchmark quite high. Now, players are all eyeing Season 13 and have high expectations.

Call of Duty: Mobile consists of numerous special features including perks, scorestreaks, and operator skills for players to use as an advantage. In today’s article, we will be discussing one such perk – the Dead Silence Perk.

The Dead Silence perk of COD Mobile like all other perks in the game gives players, special abilities that can be used to their advantage in matches. The Dead Silence perk is a blue perk that allows players to move across the map silently.

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This means that players who have the Dead Silence perk equipped won’t make any noise while maneuvering across the maps, crouching, and proning. This blue perk is quite deadly as it gives the players the ability to sneak up to their enemies stealthily and eliminating them, without them knowing what hit them.

However, COD Mobile decided that this perk was getting too overpowered and was being used by way too many players. So, to bring about balance to the gameplay experience, they decided to nerf the Dead Silence perk in Season 13 of COD Mobile.

Dead silence blue perk season 13 nerf

Previously the Dead Silence perk used to shroud the sound of movements of the players while sprinting, walking, crouching, and proning. However, in the Season 13 nerf, footsteps will be heard when the player is sprinting.

The Dead Silence perk will hide the sound of your footsteps only while you are walking, crouching, or proning. It will no longer allow you to sprint silently.

The Devs are crazy serious about bringing balance to the game. We believe that the Dead Silence perk will be getting a nerf as this is Activision’s way of making space for other perks to be used as well. Nerfing the Dead silence perk is a good way to get the attention of players to other perks as well and make the game even more wholesome.

Season 13 is going to be an absolute rollercoaster. We can hardly keep calm for the upcoming season to get released.

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