COD Mobile: Trip Mine Nerf in Season 13 makes sense now

Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile has almost arrived. Players all across the world are downloading the new update to try out the exclusive new Featured Maps and Modes like Holiday Raid.

Season 12 had been one of the best updates the game had ever seen in terms of the battle pass. Season 13, on the other hand, will be bringing in a lot of balance to the game. The upcoming season will be featuring a lot of Buffs and Nerfs, which are all aimed to bring about more balance to the gameplay.

Today we will be talking about one such nerf which was much awaited – The trip mine nerf.

COD Mobile: Trip Mine Nerf in Season 13:

The Trip Mine has always been considered a nasty piece of lethal equipment. It is probably the most annoying feeling in the world to die via a trip mine.

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Previously, players were able to randomly throw the trip mine anywhere across the map. This led to the random triggering of the mine by the enemies, who couldn’t spot it.

This was becoming quite frustrating as even if you spot the trip mine and try to make your way around it, it would explode as soon as the player came in the vicinity of the mine.

So, the Devs decided to come up with a solution for it. To make the gameplay more realistic the Trip Mine is getting nerfed in Season 13.

The explosion trigger range is reduced, but getting down or sliding across can no longer avoid the trigger explosion. This means that the trip mine will now explode only when the player comes in contact with the laser and not when the player is in its proximity, which kind of makes more sense.

Players now will have to be more careful on how they place the trip mine as random throws might not work anymore and they have to place the trip mine strategically.

The Devs are doing their best to make the graphics, dynamics, and functionality of the game as realistic as possible. So, rest assured, when it is said that some of the nerfs like the trip mine nerf and the Dead Silence nerf actually make sense and were much needed.

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