How to connect Switch Lite to TV without dock

Playing has been transformed thanks to Nintendo Switch Lite, which lets players transmit the action on a large screen. Sadly, gamers are stuck using their little console display when the dock is broken or no longer functional. But, there is a workaround so you may keep gaming without sacrificing your TV’s excellent quality.

As the Nintendo Switch’s younger, lighter, and even more portable sister, the Switch Lite was introduced. Of course, you have the choice to dock that so you can play it on a TV. Nevertheless, that dual capability was never considered while creating the Switch Lite. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a well-liked gaming system that provides players all around the world with hours of fun.

Unfortunately, this portable console has a drawback in that it does not include a dock, making it difficult for customers to connect it to their TVs. There are a number of methods to connect your Nintendo Switch Lite to your TV without a dock, so do not worry.

Here is our guide on How to connect Switch Lite to tv without dock.

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Can you connect Switch Lite to tv without dock

Short Answer: A USB-C display cable or a USB-C to HDMI converter may be used to connect the Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV. Similarly to that, you can charge your Switch using the majority of regular USB-C adapters.

Docking and connecting the Switch Lite to the television was never meant to be a feature of this version of the console. Because Nintendo intended for this product to be used exclusively with the portable form factor, it was designed without some of the necessary components for connecting to a television.

In the most fundamental sense, the Switch Lite lacks any video output components, which means that it is unable to broadcast data to an external screen in the same manner that a Switch is able to do so. In addition, Nintendo has consciously engineered the Switch Lite to function solely as a portable device throughout the whole design process.

For example, it won’t be able to fit into the dock for the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is Nintendo’s current home video game system, and it was intended specifically for use with a television.

But they also recognized that those who want to play a portable console but don’t want to attach it to a TV would benefit from something that is somewhat smaller and even more portable. As a result, they developed a system that is both of these things. As a result, there is the Switch Lite.

The sole use the USB-C connector serves on the Switch Lite is to charge the device; it cannot be docked or used to connect to an external device like a television. As a result of the absence of components, Nintendo was able to make it smaller and more affordable than the first iteration of the Switch console.

In addition, if you do not have a wire, you will not be able to connect your Nintendo Switch system to a television. The Nintendo Switch does not have the essential internal components to facilitate wireless gameplay. This is despite the fact that it is quite easy to mirror your mobile device to a TV or monitor.

It is conceivable that Nintendo will introduce a solution at some point in the future as a result of a large number of consumers’ eager anticipation for a feature that permits wireless game streaming. Users of the Switch can, in the meanwhile, investigate other unauthorized wifi choices.

For instance, gaming aficionados have created the Genki ShadowCast, a crowdfunded initiative that makes it possible to connect any game console to a personal computer by means of a USB Type-C connection.

How to connect Switch Lite to tv without dock

  • Method 1: Using an HDMI Cable and an Adapter

You won’t need a dock to take part in some intense gaming activity on the television; you can still do it even without one. Make sure that the console has received a full charge before you begin playing. To link your Switch to a television, do the following: Take off the HDMI cable and the USB Type-C cable that are attached to the rear of your dock.

You may use a tripod stand or a phone holder to support the Switch. You might also place it on a table that is beside the television. Connect the HDMI cable as well as the USB Type-C cable to the adapter. Put the cover back on the rear of the dock.

Establish a connection between the adapter and your Nintendo Switch. Take out the controllers for the Joy-Con and remove them from the console.

You won’t be able to utilize the Joy-Con controllers as wireless controllers for the Nintendo Switch if they haven’t been registered to the system beforehand. Switch on the television and choose the correct HDMI input channel from the available options.

Turn on the video game system from Nintendo. Although configuring your console and TV for a game is not very difficult, the success of your endeavor will mainly be determined by the adapter you use. You will have the finest possible gaming experience if you invest in an adapter that is designed to fulfill the requirements of your Nintendo Switch.

The most recent adapters are more portable and take up less space. It is not necessary for you to review your packing list in order to recall whether or not you brought the dock.

Because the adapter can both charge your console and function as a dependable piece of gaming equipment, you will be able to go on with your game regardless of where you are.

  • Method 2: Use a Capture Card

Using a capture card is an additional method of connecting your Nintendo Switch Lite to your TV without a dock. A capture card is a piece of hardware that enables you to record and show video signals from your game console on your TV. Here’s how to do it:

Get a capture card for your Nintendo Switch Lite that is compatible with it. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S, AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus, and Razer Ripsaw HD are a few well-liked choices. Use an HDMI cable to connect the capture card to your TV.

Use a USB-C to HDMI converter to link your Nintendo Switch Lite to the capture device. Switch on your TV and switch to the relevant HDMI input. Now your TV ought to see your Nintendo Switch Lite.

  • Method 3: Using a Wireless HDMI Adapter

Without a dock, you may also utilize a wireless HDMI adapter if you want a wireless method to connect your Nintendo Switch Lite to your TV. You may wirelessly send video and audio data from your game console to your TV with the help of a wireless HDMI adapter. Here’s how to do it:

Find a wireless HDMI adapter that works with your Nintendo Switch Lite and buy it. The J-Tech Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver, the IOGEAR Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver, and the Nyrius Aries Pro Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver are some of the more well-liked choices.

With a USB-C to HDMI converter, join your Nintendo Switch Lite to the wireless HDMI transmitter. Use an HDMI cable to connect the wireless HDMI receiver to your TV. Switch on your TV and Nintendo Switch Lite. Now your TV should wirelessly display content from your Nintendo Switch Lite.

  • Method 4: Use of a Smart TV

If you have a Smart TV, you can use its built-in screen mirroring capability to connect your Nintendo Switch Lite to your TV without a dock. Here is how you do it: Make sure your Nintendo Switch Lite is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Smart TV before turning it on.

Go to System Settings > Screen Mirroring on your Nintendo Switch Lite. From the list of available devices, pick your Smart TV. Now your Smart TV ought to match your Nintendo Switch Lite.

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