Fix: Nintendo Switch Lite Black Screen but has Sound

In 2019, Nintendo introduced the very successful portable gaming system known as the Nintendo Switch Lite. There have been reports from some customers that the display on the gadget is not functioning properly, despite the fact that it has a very slim and portable design.

The Nintendo Switch Lite’s dark screen with sound is a problem that frequently occurs. This issue may be very aggravating, especially for dedicated gamers who just want to carry on playing their favorite games.

Do not be concerned if you are having this problem with your Nintendo Switch Lite at this time. You have a number of options available to you that might be the key to fixing the problem with the black screen. In this post, we will analyze the factors that led to the problem as well as some potential solutions to the issue.

Here is our guide on Fix: Nintendo Switch Lite black screen but has sound.

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Why does Nintendo Switch Lite black screen but has sound

Nintendo Switch Lite black screen but has sound
Image Source: Nintendo Support

Short Answer: This happens for a variety of interconnected reasons, the most common of which are problems with the battery or the charging adaptor, problems with the hardware, and bugs in the software.

Let’s figure out what’s causing the Nintendo Switch Lite to display a black screen while the sound is still playing before we get into the possible fixes. Some possible reasons include:

1. Concerns About the System Software

Problems with the system software are one of the key factors contributing to the occurrence of the black screen. In the event that the software on your Switch Lite becomes corrupted, you may find that the screen goes black while the audio continues to play.

Any kind of bug or defect in the software of the Switch has always been quite problematic in a lot of different ways. It is also possible for the screen of your console to go completely dark.

A dead battery is another factor that might result in a dark screen on the Nintendo Switch. When this occurs, the battery indicator on your device will let you know, and the color of your screen will become dark.

2. Problems with the Power Grid

Problems with the power supply are another prevalent factor in the appearance of the black screen. It’s possible that the screen on your smartphone will go dark if it’s not getting enough power, despite the fact that the music will still be playing in the background.

The regular operation of all the equipment may be terminated if there is an overload, a voltage spike in the power owing to poor wiring, or lightning strikes. This may cause your screen to become black.

3. Problems with the Hardware

There is a possibility that the black screen issue is being caused by your Nintendo Switch Lite having a defective display or other hardware issues.

If the charging adaptor or dock is defective in any way, the screen can become dark, which would prevent it from being displayed. This can also occur when the battery is running low. It’s possible that the malfunctioning console could interfere with the normal working of the system, which will result in the screen becoming dark.

Components of the hardware that have been damaged or are malfunctioning, such as broken screens, may not function correctly and, as a result, may generate irregularities such as a blank screen. There is a possibility that your screen went dark due to a technical fault that occurred within the Switch’s software.

Fix: Nintendo Switch Lite black screen but has sound

  • Method 1: Try restarting the power on your Switch

Just restarting your Switch might be an effective workaround for problems with a black screen. The processes aren’t that complicated because all you have to do is unplug everything from your Switch.

At a later step, you will execute a hard shutdown. If you want an effective solution to the “black screen of death,” all you need to do is follow the procedures that are described below.

Unplug the dock from the electrical outlet that is located on your wall first. Then, let it sit for close to a quarter of a minute. The next step is to dock your Nintendo switch and plug it back in. Now, hit the button labeled “Power” and hold it down for approximately ten to twelve seconds.

To finish, release the button, then press it one more to activate the device. The screen will begin functioning normally, and there will be no problems with a black screen.

  • Method 2: Put the Plug Back in the Switch

The reconnection of your Switch is the first and most important task that you must complete. The console comes with a dock that may be used to connect it to a television or a computer for use. Remove the cover off the rear of the dock for the Nintendo Switch.

Remove both the USB power cord and the HDMI cable that is plugged into it. Also, remove the dock from both the TV and the Switch. Now, after a few seconds, you should connect the cords back in again. Check to see that all of the connections are secure.

Take the Switch out of its dock and attach the AC adapter to the console in a direct connection, followed by the power outlet in the wall. It is possible for it to fix the problem with the black screen.

  • Method 3: Check the adaptor for your Switch

It is very necessary to check that you are making use of the appropriate model and the original AC adapter, which is designated as HAC-002. If you don’t already own this exact set, you should consider borrowing one from a friend and then charging it for roughly three hours.

If at a later time, your Switch turns on and you no longer see a black screen after connecting it, this indicates that the switch adapter you were using was the wrong one.

Hence, you should buy a new one and check if the model is accurate and the one that was originally produced. After that, you can purchase it from any store that is close or from an internet retailer, whatever is most convenient for you. In addition, there are situations when the adapter could be fine.

Nevertheless, the issue may be with the dock’s capacity to charge the device; therefore, the issue must be resolved and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

  • Method 4: Try doing a hard reset

Rebooting your computer often is an effective method for removing a wide variety of bugs and faults in a short amount of time. It has a revitalizing effect. In order to accomplish a forced reboot, simply follow the instructions that are given below for a simple and potentially game-changing hack:

The first thing you need to do is connect the AC adapter to your Nintendo Switch in a straightforward manner. The next step is to wait for at least ten to fifteen minutes so that the battery has some chance to charge completely.

After that, hold down the power button for around ten to twelve seconds. To restart the console’s boot process, simply press the power button one more.

After completing these procedures, your system will either be refreshed or rebooted and at this point, your console will be free of problems and faults. The majority of which may be related with certain difficulties, one of which being the black screen on the Nintendo switch.

  • Method 5: Fixing Issues With Your Television

If the problem of the TV having a black screen with sound happens, it has to be troubleshot. In this particular instance, the image will appear on your Nintendo Switch, but it will not appear on the screen of your television.

This suggests that either the connections are not secure or that there is a problem with the TV. Then, examine the port on your TV that is used for connections. Check for any damaged ports, and make sure the connector is securely in place.

In order to fix the problem, you need also to restart your TV. You can determine whether the device—the TV or the Switch—is responsible for the issue by using a straightforward method.

You may play other games on your Nintendo Switch by connecting it to a separate TV or computer. If it has a picture display, your TV has to be fixed. In any other case, you can attempt the options that are mentioned below to fix your Switch.

  • Method 6: Make contact with the support staff

If none of the measures outlined above were successful for you, your only remaining choice is to get in touch with the support staff. Explain the challenge you’re facing to them and ask for their help at the same time. They will unquestionably be of assistance to you in the most beneficial method.

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