FS 23 Best Cows for Milk (Farming Simulator 23)

The finest cows for milk production must be chosen in Farming Simulator 23 in order to run a lucrative dairy business. Knowing the qualities and attributes of various cow breeds as a future virtual farmer may have a big influence on your milk production and financial advantages. In the game, breeding and taking care of cows with a high potential for milk production can result in a successful dairy operation.

In Farming Simulator 23, certain cow breeds provide a variety of advantages, such as greater milk production, elevated reproductive rates, and improved feed conversion rates. Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, and Guernsey are a few of the top breeds known for their milk output.

Before selecting the appropriate cows for their milk-focused company, players must evaluate their farming goals and resources because each breed has certain advantages and factors to take into account. In order to help readers choose wisely for their virtual dairy farm, this article will examine the traits of different breeds.

The top five cows in Farming Simulator 23 for milk output will be discussed in this post. We’ll dig into the advantages and characteristics of each breed, offering helpful insights to support your decision-making for your virtual dairy company.

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FS 23 Best Cows for Milk

FS 23 Best Cows for milk

1. Holstein Cow

Unquestionably one of the most well-known and well-known dairy breeds in the world is the Holstein cow. Holsteins are a great choice for virtual farmers aiming to increase their milk supply since they are renowned for their high milk production. When it comes to producing the most milk, Holsteins stand out as the best breed in Farming Simulator 23.

These cows are easily recognized on the farm because of their striking black-and-white coloring. When compared to other breeds, Holsteins are recognized for generating enormous amounts of milk due to their high milk yield. Their milk is also relatively low in fat, which makes it perfect for creating cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products like milk.

The possibility for various health problems in Holsteins is one factor to take into account when managing them. To keep your Holstein cows healthy and productive as a virtual farmer, you must provide them with the right feed and medical treatment.

2. Jersey Cow

Another well-known breed that produces milk well and places special emphasis on milk quality is the Jersey cow. Jerseys make up for their lower milk production with higher milk fat content than Holsteins. Because of its quality, Jersey milk is perfect for creating high-end dairy products like butter and cream.

The light brown coloring of Jersey cows in Farming Simulator 23 makes them simple to identify. Compared to bigger breeds like Holsteins, they have a more polished and attractive look. Jerseys also have the benefit of being smaller than other breeds, which makes them simpler to handle and manage on a virtual farm.

For Jersey cows to produce the most milk, like with any breed, it is essential to provide them with the right nutrition and medical care. Although they can require less feed than larger breeds, the profitability of your dairy company might be greatly impacted by the quality of their milk.

3. Brown Swiss Cow

The Brown Swiss cow is a tough and adaptable breed renowned for producing good milk. Brown Swiss cows in Farming Simulator 23 provide a good mix of milk output and milk fat content, making them a popular option for many virtual farmers.

With their stunning look of different brown tones and recognizable white faces, these cows are quite striking. Brown Swiss cows are widely known for their ability to adapt to many climates and terrains, making them suitable for a variety of farming settings.

Brown Swiss cows have a strong constitution, which may make them less prone to certain health problems, which is a major advantage. However, to provide the best milk output and overall farm productivity, they must be properly cared for and managed, just like all cows.

4. Ayrshire Cow

In Farming Simulator 23, the Ayrshire cow is yet another fantastic option for milk production. Ayrshires are recognized for their effective milk output, and since they provide a good mix between milk supply and feed efficiency, they are a viable alternative for virtual farmers looking to run a sustainable dairy business.

Ayrshire cows are easily recognized on farms thanks to their unique red and white coat pattern. They are strong, medium-sized cows that are adapted to a variety of farming situations thanks to their flexibility.

Even though Ayrshires don’t produce as much milk as Holsteins do, they are nevertheless significant assets for any dairy farm because of how well they convert grain into milk. Their capacity to produce milk may be increased still more with proper feeding, medical attention, and breeding control.

5. Guernsey Cow

The Guernsey cow is a distinctive breed distinguished by a high level of butterfat in its milk. A great addition to a dairy farm with a variety of breeds, Guernseys make up for their potential lower milk production with milk of high quality.

Guernsey cows in Farming Simulator 23 may be recognized by their characteristic reddish-brown and white coat. They are suitable for gamers looking for a breed that is less demanding due to its easy-going disposition and submissive character.

Guernsey cows have a lower milk production, therefore virtual farmers may need to manage them to produce high-end dairy goods like butter and ice cream. To guarantee the wellbeing and production of animals, proper nutrition and health management are necessary.

6. Milking Shorthorn Cow

The adaptable Milking Shorthorn cow is a versatile breed renowned for its superior milk output. Milking Shorthorns, albeit less well-known than some other breeds, provide several benefits for online dairy entrepreneurs.

These cows are available in a range of hues, including red, white, and roan. They are renowned for producing milk that is well-balanced and has a reasonable milk output and minimal fat content. Due to their great level of climatic and environmental adaptability, milking Shorthorns are appropriate for a variety of farming settings.

If you want a breed that performs well in a variety of conditions, Milking Shorthorns might be a great addition to your dairy farm in Farming Simulator 23. Their capacity to produce milk may be increased with appropriate care, feeding, and breeding procedures.

7. Dutch Belted Cow

A breed of cow recognized for its unusual look and exceptional milk output is the Dutch Belted cow. Dutch Belted cows are a distinctive and beautiful addition to your virtual dairy farm in Farming Simulator 23.

The dramatic black band around the middle of these cows stands out against their white coat. Even though they are not as well-known as some other breeds, Dutch Belted cows produce decent milk with a reasonable amount of milk fat.

Dutch Belted cows may be a desirable addition to dairy business for virtual farmers who value their distinctive appearance and personality. On your virtual farm, ensuring their wellbeing and production requires proper management, nourishment, and care.


In Farming Simulator 23, choosing the ideal cows for milk production is essential to operating a profitable dairy farm. Players must evaluate the objectives, resources, and priorities of their farm because each breed has a unique mix of benefits and difficulties.

For gamers looking to maximize milk output, the Holstein cow is a good pick due to its outstanding milk yield. Jersey cows are ideal for creating high-quality dairy products due to their high milk fat content. Brown Swiss cows are adaptable and practical because they provide a good mix of milk output and quality.

Ayrshire cows are productive milkers with high feed conversion, making them ideal for environmentally friendly dairy farms. The distinctive milk produced by Guernsey cows makes them great complements to a dairy farm with a variety of products.

Although less well-known, milking Shorthorn and Dutch Belted cows can offer distinctive qualities and performance for virtual farmers wanting a variety of aesthetically pleasing breeds.

Virtual farmers in Farming Simulator 23 may create a robust and successful dairy company by carefully weighing the attributes and characteristics of each breed. These top-milking cows may help a virtual farm prosper and provide for an enjoyable gaming experience with the appropriate management and care.

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