How to find Minecraft Folder (Windows, Mac)

The multiplayer video game market has been significantly altered as a result of the success of Minecraft.

It’s beyond my wildest expectations that a game about construction and exploration would be so captivating in today’s world of violence and murder.

Many features have been added over the years, making this a timeless classic. When in Creative mode, you can do anything you want since you have access to an infinite amount of resources.

Using the Survival mode, you’ll be able to explore new locales and travel between planets.

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Defending oneself from the assault of monsters may be accomplished either via the construction of a castle or the development of an armoury of weapons.

You don’t have to do it alone on vacation, which is a fantastic advantage. On a single server, or on your own planet, you may play with a group of pals.

As the game evolved, large quantities of fresh material were being introduced on a regular basis.

One of Minecraft’s most distinctive features is its code/modification ability, which allows users to personalise and even take control of the game.

Many different devices and operating systems are compatible with this game. You may use one of the following approaches to your problem: The PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PC, smartphone, iPad, and Raspberry Pi are some of the most popular gaming platforms.

Minecraft lets users explore, interact with, and even alter a world made out of one cubic metre block. All of these phenomena and more are included in the field of ecology.

Predominant among children in elementary school. This list of 15 amazing games like Minecraft will appeal to any fan of the original.

Minecraft Folder

.minecraft (or plainly Minecraft in macOS) is the file Minecraft Java Edition generates to operate from.

This directory comprises the .jar files, audio, music, material packs, personal choices, worlds, etc.

To discover the Minecraft data folder on Windows, hit and lock the Windows key (normally a picture of the Windows logo, and often between the Control and Alt key, typically to the side of the shift key) and afterwards hit the R key before releasing go.

A window will open up, named “Run”. Hit the OK button after typing %appdata%.minecraft into the text field on your computer.

Finding the .minecraft folder might be crucial for downloading a material pack or to discovering any created screenshots.

Those Windows locations listed above are merely the defaults for your location. Launchers may put the .minecraft at any path.

How to find Minecraft Folder Windows 10

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition stores all worlds in a single folder. Complete these procedures to locate Minecraft Windows 10 Edition save location.

Minecraft is another one of those titles in which you might invest hours to do a broad variety of activities like building, enchanting, crafting, battling, exploring, etc.

There are a lot of Minecraft versions to play and Windows 10 edition is one of them.

If you’re playing Minecraft Windows 10 Version, it’s critical to understand the edition’s standard save folder.

Understanding the usual save position helps you to back up all Minecraft worlds whenever required for preservation.

And besides, no one really likes to lose a Minecraft world they spent countless hours, days, months, and years in constructing.

This save location is also used for the installation of the behaviour and resource packs, if applicable.

Must put it another way, knowing the save location means you to manually install custom resource and behaviour packs that you have created or obtained for use in Minecraft

Method 1: Via Options

  • Step 1: Launch Minecraft. Select “Options…”

  • Step 2: Choose “Resource Packs or Texture Packs…”

  • Step 3: Choose “Open resource/texture pack folder”.

  • Step 4: Click “.minecraft”.

This should appear in the address bar at the top of the fresh tab which appeared.

  • Step 5: Select the directory you want to access.

Method 2: Shortcut

The Minecraft Windows 10 version save file is found here:


Unlike the standard Java edition, Minecraft Windows 10 version is a shop game. This implies that it has blocked access to the Windows storage device.

Even so, the usual save folder of Minecraft Windows 10 version is distinct from the Java edition.

Like every store software, Minecraft Windows 10 edition maintains the save data in its native folder within the AppData folder.

  • Step 1: Click Win + R.

  • Step 2: Copy and paste

“%LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds” in the blank box.

  • Step 3: Hit “Ok” or push “Enter“.

As soon as users hit Enter, the Minecraft Windows 10 save directory would be displayed in the File Explorer.

Method 3: Using Run dialogue box

To find the Minecraft folder using the Run app follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Firstly, hit Win + R to launch the Run dialogue box.

  • Step 2: In the blank space, put the below route


The preceding step would open the MinecraftWorlds folder found within the AppData folder.

In this location, users should notice one or more folders with arbitrary names. The amount of folders would rely on the amount of Minecraft universes you possess.

  • Step 3: Tap on the “Ok” button.

  • Step 4: Locate and open the necessary folder

To determine which folder corresponds to which Minecraft world, just open the folder of your choice and double-click on the levelname.txt file.

As soon as users double-click, the folder would be loaded in a word processor example Notepad. Inside there, users would discover the title of Minecraft world.

Although locating the save directory is very simple and clear, you cannot modify the standard save folder of Windows 10 Minecraft.

Primarily since it is a UWP programme and has restricted access to the Windows File System. Having said that, finding the saved file would not be an issue as long as you know where it is.

How to find Minecraft Folder on Windows 11

There can be instances where you wish to back up the stored data from Minecraft since users desire to transfer to some other PC, re-install the program or perhaps even the Operating System etc.

Like most video games, Minecraft stores all worlds information in a particular directory.

In order to avoid losing your worlds if you like playing Minecraft, you should always make a backup of the Minecraft save game folder.

The procedure of discovering the Minecraft Folder on Windows 11 is straightforward. Nevertheless, it does need some measures.

We’ll show you where to look for the Minecraft Folder on Windows 11 in this section.

So, follow the methods described below to identify the Minecraft Folder on Windows 11:

  • Step 1: Tap on This PC

  • Step 2: Head over to Local Disk C

  • Step 3: Go to the Users Folder

  • Step 4: Click the folder with your name on it

  • Step 5: Find the three dots at the very top of the display.

  • Step 6: Click on it

The appearance of a menu with options should be improved.

  • Step 7: Choose Options

From the drop-down menu pick alternatives. A window should pop up.

  • Step 8: Go to View tab

Once the window shows on the screen, go to the view part of the window.

  • Step 9: Click on Show hidden files

Enable hidden files to see the AppData folder. That way you may access your Minecraft Folder.

  • Step 10 Go to the Appdata folder

Go to the App Data folder in your computer’s file system.

  • Step 11: Then go to Roaming

  • Step 12: Locate the .minecraft folder

And, there you have it. Follow the procedures that have been discussed above to accurately identify your Minecraft folder on your device which is running the Windows 11 OS.

So, if you previously had difficulty identifying the Minecraft folder on Windows 11, you will no longer be having that issue.

Utilize this folder to install your resource packs and modifications and improve your Minecraft gaming experience in general.

Though locating the save folder is quite simple and clear, you cannot modify the default save folder of Windows 11 Minecraft.

Because it is a UWP app with restricted access to the Windows File System. Having said that, finding the save folder shouldn’t be an issue as long as you remember where it is.

How to find Minecraft Folder on Mac

On MacBook for discovering Minecraft, users have to retrieve the concealed directories since MacOS hides \sall the files that typical PC clients likely won’t be utilising including Minecraft world \sfolders as per MacOS standards.

If you’re a Mac user, you may access the folder with Spotlight:

  • Method 1: Via Commands

Launch Finder and click Shift + Command + G or open the Spotlight window using the magnifying glass symbol on the side of the Menu Bar.

  • Method 2: Via terminal

Type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft and click Enter.

This may also be accessible from Finder by dragging down the Go button, keeping down Option, and choosing “Library”, then browsing to ‘Application Support’ and to ‘Minecraft’.

Launch the terminal programme:

If you are a macOS user for a prolonged period and know of all commands then starting a terminal is not a huge concern for you, users could skip this explanation and start a terminal in your comfortable method.

It is possible to launch Terminal without knowing how to use the macOS operating system by pressing ‘Space’ + ‘Windows’ at the same time, and then typing ‘terminal’ into the search box that appears.

A whole other approach is to enter the programme folder and afterwards locate thermal in that directory and enter it by double click on it.

Execute the Unhide Command:

As the Minecraft directory on macOS would be buried thus you have to build a hidden folder as described so you can view the Minecraft folder.

Minecraft folder stays because on Mac OS all system-related files are maintained private, for unhiding it you have to input Space key and Dot(.) Key together and then users would be able to view all concealed files on mac.

Discover the Minecraft Folders:

On the terminal which you have opened in the first step write below command

  • Type ~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft and click Enter.

Rehide the Hidden Folders:

Likewise, users have to conceal their standard system files since many apps or instances don’t need to access such files or performing any modification to them might stop features damage MacOS also occasionally.

For unhiding, users have to hit certain keys, input Space key, and Dot(.) Key together and all systems files with Minecraft folder will return to hidden

For unhiding, users have to hit certain keys, input Space key, and Dot(.) Key together and all systems files with Minecraft folder will return to hidden

How to find Minecraft Mods folder

The “modifications” folder is a folder you have to construct by yourself in the .minecraft folder that is required for certain mods!

The .minecraft folder may be discovered in 3 distinct ways. Follow the methods given below to do so with ease.

  • Step 1: Launch Roaming

Open roaming by pressing “start” and searching for “% appdata %.”minecraft there

  • Step 2: Use the address line

Alternatively, you may open any folder on your computer and type the address in the address line.

C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft and then you will get to the .minecraft folder.

  • Step 3: Open it from inside the game

Just start Minecraft and choose “texture packs” following that click on “open texture packs folder” and go back to the Minecraft folder

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