13 Ways to See What Game Someone is Playing on Roblox (Without Being Their Friend)

Roblox is a cool online place where you can make your games and share them with people everywhere. It works on all the big systems like computers, phones, and tablets.

Every day, game makers create lots of different games on Roblox. Some games get famous because they’re so unique. You can find various games, like building your own business, racing cars, or fun simulator games.

Sometimes, you should know what games others play on Roblox, even if they’re not your friend. If you’re curious about how to do this, here’s a simple guide to help you out.

Note: There are a few ways to see what game someone is playing on Roblox without being their friend, but unfortunately, none of them are guaranteed to work 100% of the time:

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How to See What Game Someone is Playing on Roblox (Without Being Their Friend)

1. Game Joining Privacy Settings

In Roblox, players and game creators can set who can join their games. This setting can either be ‘Friends Only’ or ‘Anyone’.

If the game is set to allow ‘Anyone’ to join, you’ll see a “Join Game” button on the game’s page.

Clicking this button takes you directly to the game, where you can play alongside other players, including those you’re not friends with.

However, remember that the game creator or player can change this setting at any time.

2. Public Games

Roblox has many games designed to be open to the public.

These games encourage participation from all users, not just friends.

You can filter and find these public games and join them without restrictions.

These games are a great way to engage with the broader Roblox community.

3. By using Game joining instance

You may either utilize a standard Roblox function, such as joining their games if they allow it, or there is an uncommon technique that records people’s “joinGameInstance.” If you get your hands on something that can track that, you should be getting codes like this, such as a discord webhook.


Note: This technique exploits a loophole and can be considered intrusive and exploitative. It’s not a standard Roblox function and can be unreliable.

When you get this up here, open the console by pressing f12 on the Roblox website, paste it in, then click enter. Unless you do one of the following, it should compel you to join their server.

  1. It is completely filled.
  2. It’s a private server that you don’t have access to.
  3. The server was shut down, either by force or because no one was using it, and it was reopened.

Even if you paste a different code, it sometimes glitches and keeps bringing you to the same server of a specific game.

If the individual switches servers and you still want to join them, that is. As previously said, this is extremely unusual and few individuals have access to it. Some gamers do and occasionally annoy YouTubers.

4. Age-Based Joining Options

Roblox offers different in-game joining options based on the age of the account.

Accounts under the age of 13 have stricter privacy settings (like joining games of only friends or friends and followers) compared to accounts older than 13 (which include options like joining games of friends, followers, and even anyone).

5. Following the Player

Some Roblox players allow their followers to join their games.

By following a player, you might be able to join their game sessions, provided their privacy settings allow for it.

6. Checking Recent Badges

Players earn badges in Roblox for achieving certain milestones or completing tasks in games.

By examining a player’s most recently earned badges, you can often guess what game they are currently playing or have played recently.

7. Asking Mutual Contacts

Sometimes, simply asking mutual friends or people who might know the player can give you a clue about what game they are currently playing.

This method relies on social connections within the Roblox community and can be a straightforward way to gather information.

8. Profile Viewing

If a player’s profile is public, it may display their current game under a section like “Currently Playing”.

This is one of the easiest methods to find out what game someone is playing, but it depends on the player’s privacy settings and whether they choose to display this information.

9. Searching Player’s Username in Games

If you have an idea of the types of games the player likes, you can search for their username within those games.

Some games on Roblox have a search feature that lets you look for players currently in the game.

If the player is active in that game, their name might appear in the search results.

10. Checking Favorites

Players on Roblox can mark games as their favorites, which are then displayed on their profile.

Reviewing their list of favorite games can give you insights into what games they frequently play, and there’s a chance they might be playing one of those games at the moment.

11. Using Third-Party Tools

There are browser extensions and other third-party tools that claim to provide the ability to see what games someone is playing.

However, these tools should be used with caution as they might not be secure, could potentially violate Roblox’s terms of service, and risk the security of your account.

12. Streaming Platforms

If the player is streaming their gameplay on a platform like Twitch or YouTube, you can obviously see what game they’re playing.

13Direct Messaging

Lastly, if none of the above methods work, you could try sending a polite message to the player.

If their privacy settings allow for direct messages from non-friends, they might respond and tell you what game they’re currently playing.

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