Fix: Destiny 2 Matchmaking not Working

Destiny 2, the popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game, offers a thrilling and competitive experience for players across the globe. However, like any online game, Destiny 2 is not immune to technical issues, and one common problem that players encounter is matchmaking not working as intended.

Matchmaking plays a crucial role in connecting players for various activities, such as Strikes, Crucible matches, and Raids, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience. When matchmaking fails or experiences issues, players may find themselves unable to join matches or face imbalanced teams, resulting in frustration and hindering their gaming experience.

In this article, we will explore some troubleshooting steps and potential fixes to address the issue of Destiny 2 matchmaking not working, helping players get back into the action-packed world of Destiny 2 and enjoy seamless matchmaking once again.

Here is our guide on Fix: Destiny 2 Matchmaking not working.

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Why is Destiny 2 Matchmaking not working

Short Answer: Destiny 2 matchmaking not working can vary, but some common factors include server issues, connectivity problems, imbalanced player populations, conflicting network configurations, and occasional bugs or glitches within the game itself.

Players can analyze and fix the problems to guarantee smooth matching in Destiny 2 by comprehending these factors.

1. Server Problems

In Destiny 2, server-related difficulties are one of the main causes of matchmaking troubles. If the game’s servers are overloaded or need maintenance, matchmaking times may be slowed down or even completely unavailable.

Players may experience irritation and matchmaking disruptions if they are unable to connect with other players due to server outages or instability. It is important to exercise patience in such circumstances and wait for the servers to stabilize or for the developers to fix any persistent server-related problems.

2. Connection Issues

Connectivity issues on the part of the player are another frequent reason for matching issues in Destiny 2. Matchmaking can be hampered by network problems such as erratic internet connections, excessive latency, or constrained network setups.

These issues may make it impossible for users to connect to the Destiny 2 servers or result in sporadic disconnections when matching. Matchmaking performance can be enhanced by troubleshooting techniques including rebooting routers, verifying network settings, or switching to a cable connection instead of Wi-Fi.

3. Players in unbalanced populations

The number of players in Destiny 2’s matchmaking pool and how they are distributed might affect how well the system works. Longer matching delays and unbalanced teams may emerge from an unequal distribution of players among various activities, geographies, or skill levels.

For instance, it could be harder to identify acceptable matches during odd hours or in less populous areas. The team balance may be compromised if the matchmaking system has trouble locating people with comparable skill levels, which might result in unequal and tedious gaming.

While individual players cannot directly influence player populations, being informed of busy hours and favored pastimes can assist maximize matching opportunities.

4. Network configurations that conflict

The matchmaking process in Destiny 2 may be hampered by some network configurations, such as firewalls, routers with stringent settings, or badly installed network devices. These setups may make it difficult for players and game servers to communicate, which might lead to failed matches or protracted search durations.

Players should check that their network settings are appropriate for Destiny 2 in order to solve this problem. This may entail activating UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), opening particular ports, or momentarily turning off some network security mechanisms while playing the game.

It might be extremely helpful to consult Destiny 2’s official literature or ask a network specialist for advice on how to set up the network for optimum matchmaking efficiency.

5. Issues and Bugs

Matchmaking can occasionally be affected by flaws or glitches in the Destiny 2 game itself. These problems can range from tiny flaws that momentarily delay matching to more serious errors that completely prevent players from finding partners.

When this occurs, programmers frequently publish patches or updates to fix the problems and bring back the matchmaking system’s functioning. Keeping up with game updates, engaging in official forums, and reporting any bugs found may all assist developers in quickly identifying and fixing these problems.

Fix: Destiny 2 Matchmaking not working

Players may troubleshoot and address matchmaking difficulties by following these procedures, which will ensure a smooth and comfortable experience when playing Destiny 2 on their console.

Method 1: Check the Server Status and Any Available Updates

When troubleshooting matchmaking difficulties in Destiny 2, the first thing you should do is verify the condition of the servers and make sure the game has the most recent update. Matchmaking functionality can be negatively impacted by issues that are tied to servers, such as maintenance or outages.

Check the official Twitter account for Bungie Help or the Bungie website to see if there are any reported problems with the servers or if any maintenance is scheduled.

Also, make sure that your game is updated to the most recent version possible since game updates typically contain bug fixes and enhancements to the mechanism that is used to match players together.

Method 2: Check the connectivity of the network.

Problems with network connectivity can potentially impede the matchmaking process in Destiny 2. To get started, visit a reputable website or download a reputable program that will test the speed of your internet connection. Make sure that you are connected to the internet via a method that is dependable and consistent, and try to avoid utilizing a wireless connection if possible.

If you are having problems, you may try to solve them by either resetting your router or getting assistance from your internet service provider. In addition, check for any security software or settings on your firewall that might be preventing Destiny 2 from communicating with its servers.

In order to assess whether or not these security features are creating matching issues, it may be helpful to temporarily disable them.

Method 3: Optimise NAT Type

In Destiny 2, the kind of Network Address Translation (NAT) might have an effect on matching. It is advised that you choose an open NAT type in order to get the most out of your matchmaking experience. Access the settings of your router and search for the NAT settings to see what sort of NAT you are using.

It’s possible that you’ll need to forward some ports on your router or enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) if your NAT type is tight or moderate. You can find instructions on how to open ports and enable UPnP by consulting the handbook that came with your router or the website of the manufacturer.

Additionally, if you want to avoid any potential limits on Destiny 2’s matchmaking, you might want to think about putting your console or PC in the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) of your router.

Method 4: Maintain a Healthy Ratio of Skill-Based Matchmaking

Matchmaking in Destiny 2 is dependent on players’ levels of expertise, which helps to guarantee that all gameplay experiences are fair and balanced. On the other hand, this may occasionally result in matching delays that are longer than usual or teams that are unbalanced.

If you are having problems finding a match, you might want to explore modifying the settings for your skill-based matching. Find the Skill-Based Matchmaking options in the game’s settings menu by going to the Gameplay section and navigating to the section’s Gameplay section.

You have the option to place a higher priority on the quality of the connection rather than the player’s competence in order to potentially enhance matching speeds. Bear in mind that this might lead to less balanced pairings, and give some thought to how you could achieve a balance that better meets your tastes.

Method 5: Configurations for the Party Leader and Fireteams

Make sure that the person in charge of the party has the necessary matchmaking settings when you play in a fire team. The settings of the player who is in control of the party in Destiny 2 are what are used to establish the matchmaking parameters for the whole fire team.

It is possible that there may be fewer opportunities for matching if the party leader has stringent settings or preferences. Check to see that the party leader has the right settings, or think about taking turns being the party leader so that you may try out a variety of various approaches to matching.

Method 6: Clear the cache from the console or verify the game files

If you’re having trouble connecting with other players in Destiny 2 on your console, deleting the cache can help. After waiting a few minutes, disconnect the power cord from your console, switch off the console, and then reconnect the power wire before turning the console back on.

It may be necessary to clear the cache in order to refresh the system and fix any temporary problems that may be hindering the matchmaking process.

If you play games on a personal computer, you should check the integrity of the game files by utilizing the game launcher or platform (like Steam) to do so. This will guarantee that the game files are in good shape and are not causing any problems.

Method 7: Get in touch with Bungie Support

It is suggested that you get in touch with Bungie’s support staff for additional assistance if none of the aforementioned measures are successful in resolving the matchmaking difficulties. You should go to the official Bungie Help website and create a support request, providing as much information as you can about the problem you’re having.

Please include any relevant information that may be required, such as the particular error message that was received, your platform (PC, PlayStation, or Xbox), and any troubleshooting actions that you have previously taken. The support staff at Bungie is able to investigate the issue, offer individualized direction, and take the matter to a higher level if necessary.

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