(6 Ways) Fix: Minecraft Bedrock Skins not Loading

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Playing the game is possible on a wide range of devices. The following strategies may help you reach your goal: The PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and Raspberry Pi are some of the most popular gaming consoles (a microcomputer on a board).

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Fix: Skins not loading in Minecraft Bedrock


Minecraft is a game that depends on the ingenuity of its user population. This inventiveness is visible in both the structures and skins, that are shown on Minecraft’s subreddit.

The worst sensation would be when you either invest your hard-earned cash or a lengthy period of time on a Minecraft skin and then soon as you attach it, it doesn’t adhere to your avatar

Minecraft skins function a little differently for the Xbox version. It is dubbed the Bedrock edition.

Whereas this edition is accessible on the PC version, the Bedrock edition is presently the only way to experience Minecraft on the Xbox and on your mobile devices.

The Bedrock edition doesn’t permit custom skins but rather features skin packs that are either produced and marketed on the integrated marketplace (Utilizing Minecraft’s own separate currency Minecoin) or created by the Mojang group directly.

Skin packs supplied by Mojang Studios have been properly vetted and shouldn’t have any problem.

Conversely, the most prevalent problem would most probably be trailing behind while updating the skin on the Microsoft server if you are playing online as contrasted to when you are running on a single-player world.

There are many options for resolving this problem, some of which are shown below.

Method 1: Wait for Skin Refresh

This is probably the simplest solution out of the bunch

To resolve this problem, simply wait until the Minecraft.net server changes your skin. This might take anywhere from a few seconds to over an hour after updating the skin.

This implies that if you want your skin to update properly and without problems, you’ll need to be patient.

This might force Minecraft to verify what skin you desire, which could result in your skin being updated a little faster than if you simply waited.

If your skin hasn’t been updated after a lengthy period of time, then keep reading the article to find out other methods which might help you resolve your issue.

Method 2: Activate Online Mode

Changing the Online Mode to a True

  • Step 1: Go to the Minecraft server folder

Enter the “Minecraft Server” directory on your computer; this approach will only work if you are presently hosting a Minecraft Server on your computer or have access to a friend’s Minecraft Server.

  • Step 2: Remove the Checkmark

Uncheck the box adjacent to the Minecraft Server Name • Unchecking this box will deactivate the Minecraft server momentarily. Instead of the green bars, one can view the server as unavailable after terminating it.

  • Step 3: Head to Server properties

Go to the “Server.properties” file and double-click it.

Browse to the “Minecraft Server” folder on your PC and look for the “Server. Properties” file. This file contains the default settings for Minecraft; since it is a.properties file, you may access it in any text editor that supports.properties files, such as Notepad or Text editor.

  • Step 4: Find the Online-Mode Option

The server.properties file is just seventeen lines long and contains all of the parameters that your Minecraft server utilizes. These options include the server’s view-distance, the world’s difficulty, the game mode you’re playing, and even the online-mode setting.

  • Step 5: Turn the option to true

If this option is turned to false, this server would not need users to have a linked Mojang account. As a result, player skins will not be displayed,, but users who have not purchased the game will be able to join.

If this option is set to true, this server will require users to have a Mojang account, which will prevent anyone who has a “cracked” version of the game from playing.

  • Step 6: Save the file

It’s easy to save the file in Notepad by going to the File tab in the top portion of the software.

A dropdown selection will appear, and saving is as easy as picking the save option or pressing Control + S on the keyboard to save the file instantly.

  • Step 7: Remove and replace the checkmark

The Minecraft Server must then be restarted, which may be accomplished by double-clicking the checkmark.

Then, when you load the pirated edition of the Minecraft launcher, you may choose to play offline, which limits you to only connecting to cracked or Online-mode servers.

Method 3: Check your uploaded skin

Minecraft also sports skin-servers. These are nothing but the servers where the skins/ designs are uploaded. And if you have uploaded a skin successfully, you will see your skin there too.

If you can’t find your skin, you have to make sure if the image was uploaded on to the server in the first place.

Start by checking if the format of the uploading file is correct.

Method 4: Check your internet connection

Minecraft requires an active online connection to play, and if your Internet connection is sluggish or non-active, you may have a variety of problems.

A sluggish internet connection might result in skins not changing in a timely manner, as well as other gamers getting “Rubberbanded” to various areas instead of moving about in real-time.

Weak Internet connections are prevalent, and identical troubles might arise if the server has a terrible connection to the player.

Because of the slower internet connections, skins will be downloaded and applied to the characters as they move about.

This might take anything from a few seconds to an hour, and the wait frequently causes people to be confused since they don’t have personalized skin.

You won’t be able to play online if your internet connection is down, but you’ll be able to play single-player since the char.png won’t be changed, and you’ll be stuck with the previous skin or the default Steve skin.

Method 5: Restart your game

The very basic troubleshoot method like system reboot fixes most of the issues with the game including issues related to skin refresh.

The instructions are very simple. Close your game and restart your launcher.

To ensure your system refreshes as well, you must also restart/ reboot your PC as well.

Only after proceed with restarting the launcher and your game.

Method 6: Have a skin of proper resolution

When contrasted to regular graphics you would alter on your computer, Minecraft skins are a fairly tiny image.

The maximum picture size in Minecraft is 64 by 64 pixels. It’s possible that resizing your Minecraft skin could result in it being bigger than planned.

If the resolution of your preferred Minecraft skin is bigger than 64 x 32 pixels or 64 × 64 pixels, the skin may show wrongly or not at all.

This might be because Minecraft’s skin is designed to be set out in a certain manner, and any picture that isn’t created with that in mind could wind up as the default skin or a completely transparent skin.

Although they are the signs that you’re attempting to apply a skin that’s too huge to your Minecraft character, the simplest solution is to downsize the picture.

Users can get the appropriate and required resolution of their Minecraft skins by using the following methods:

  1. Photo Editor apps
  2. Minecraft Skin creator

Method 7: Use a registered version of Minecraft

This is another easy strategy that most people can use with little to no effort, and it is also one of the least prevalent problems individuals experience.

This is the lowest prevalent problem, primarily because pirating Minecraft generally results in a poor overall experience, preventing you from connecting to legitimate servers.

This option prevented them from contacting Mojang to confirm each player’s status and instead enabled them to join.

If you have a hacked copy of Minecraft and no current Mojang account, you won’t be able to upload your new skin anywhere.

Some gamers have made videos questioning why they can’t see their skin and have been advised to purchase the game and support it rather than stealing it for personal use.

That is all there is to know about the Minecraft skins not loading in the bedrock edition of Minecraft.

Follow the methods mentioned in the article above to resolve your issues and find the fix for Minecraft Bedrock skins not loading.

Method 8: Contact Minecraft Support

Well, we have mentioned all the possible solutions for the skins not loading issues in Minecraft. But, if you are still encountering the same issue, we will suggest you contact Minecraft Support for more details on the same.

Contact them and mention the issues you are facing with the skins.

There are several ways to reach out to the support team of Minecraft.

You can visit this link to the official support page. Here, enter the details like the platform you play on as well as the exact issue.

You can also contact the official Mojang Support Twitter handle for any assistance.

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