Fix: Steam Deck Controller not Working (Xbox controller)

Despite the Steam Deck’s amazing performance, we encountered a number of strange difficulties, such as connection troubles and strange performance indications.

The Elgato Steam Deck has 15 physical buttons, making it a compact control panel with few customizability choices. Streamers will value how simple it is to move between different controllers without having to exit a game. But no one ever wants to make a mistake of this nature.

One of the incredibly lightweight handheld gaming consoles that have elevated PC gaming is the Steam Deck. It works with a variety of titles from the Steam library.

Microsoft, Sony, and even fighting sticks may all be used with Steam. But lately, a lot of users are dissatisfied with the Steam Deck since various glitches prevent their controllers from functioning. Here is our guide on Fix: Steam Deck controller not working (Xbox controller).

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Why is the Steam Deck controller not working?

Steam Deck controller not working

Short Answer: Steam deck controller may not work due to outdated firmware, due to pairing issues or damaged cables or controllers. 

But in addition to the system’s built-in controller scheme, the Steam Deck may also handle a variety of controllers. Their list of compatible controllers is extensive and includes everything from Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and even Steam Pro controllers.

However, there is a frequent issue when the Steam Deck’s controller setup just stops functioning. Something is not right. So let’s talk about a few potential causes for this and how to resolve the problem for the particular controller you might be using.

1. Outdated software

Two problems might result from obsolete firmware. The initial one concerns your Steam Deck setup. Many Steam Decks are designed from the start to work with the newest controllers on the market. However, internal system factory resets might occasionally result in update issues.

This implies that even if you have a brand-new controller, it will not function correctly with your Steam Deck since the firmware has not been updated. The controller itself becoming obsolete is the second problem that outdated firmware might lead to.

2. Pairing Problems

You may be facing special pairing problems if you recently purchased a new controller and are having trouble trying to link the controller with your Steam Deck. If you’re having trouble pairing, one of the first things you should check is whether your controller’s batteries have been connected properly or not.

Because they keep causing your controller to unpair after successful connections, loose batteries can be a problem. Not just in terms of getting your controller to work with a Steam Deck, but also generally.

3. Loose or damaged cables

If you’re attempting to connect your controllers to your Steam Deck using frayed or broken cords, this might be a serious problem as well. If you’re using a wired controller, just you will be impacted by this.

Before attempting to make the connection, ensure the cable is the correct length. There is a possibility that your connection won’t work if the insulation on any component of the cable is destroyed. We advise either trying to replace the wire entirely or trying to fix it using non-conductive tape.

4. Digital Permissions Not Obtained

The fact that you do not have permissions enabled is the last possible explanation for why your controller could not be connected to your Steam Deck. Steam will frequently ask for your consent while your controller is connected. This ensures that Steam is aware of your agreement to connect the controller.

You will need to explicitly activate it from the Settings menu in your Steam Deck if it is for any reason disabled or not functioning properly.

Depending on the sort of controller you are using, we’ve covered all the different solutions to the problems listed above in the remainder of this post. Refer to the section that corresponds to the type of controller you have.

Fix: Steam Deck controller not working

  • Method 1: Examine the batteries

Your Steam Deck Controller could not be functioning simply because it wasn’t charged correctly. The Deck frequently stops functioning when the batteries aren’t completely charged. Although it may seem unusual, this occurs frequently.

Verify that all charging cords are correctly plugged in or out to guarantee appropriate charging. If the Deck isn’t functioning problem has been fixed, you may check again.

  • Method 2: Integrate Your Controller With The Steam Deck

The Steam Controller you are using must be linked with your chosen device before the procedure even starts, where we try to fix your problems with the controller not working.

To achieve this, we advise connecting your preferred device over a wireless network or a wireless USB dongle.

Turn off your controller and hold down the (A) button if you don’t know how to connect wirelessly. Following that, pick the device you wish to particularly associate with by pressing the Steam button.

  • Method 3: Power cycle Your Deck

If you have verified to make sure that all wires are connected to your Deck station, you can still have some sporadic issues or malfunctions with your Steam Deck. Therefore, it is crucial to remove these vulnerabilities from the RAM of your smartphone.

Power cycling, however, can be useful in this situation. Therefore, in order to power cycle your Deck, you must:

Pressing the power button should turn off your Steam Deck. Remove any wires and cables, including the power cord, that is connected to it after that. After then, hold off connecting the connections for 20 to 30 seconds. Turn the power back on and check to see whether the problem is fixed if the Steam Deck isn’t working.

  • Method 4: Verify your Steam client is updated

The status of the Steam Client on your Steam Deck is the second item you should check. Follow the instructions listed below if you’re unsure how to determine whether your Steam Client is current.

Start the Steam Client. Navigate to Steam and choose it. Examine the Steam client for updates.

  • Method 5: Make sure the power is connected

Are you aware of the correct power supply that your gadget receives? Did you examine the electrical connection? You may be having this problem because the port or socket you are using isn’t working properly, which prevents your Deck from charging properly.

As a result, it’s crucial to ensure that there are no electrical fluctuations because they could harm your Deck. We advise you to try a different socket or port while you determine whether the current port is malfunctioning. Before using it again, you should allow it to recharge for two to three hours.

  • Method 6: Open Steam in Administrator mode

If the issue is still there, you might want to attempt another solution to get your controller to function. You must run Steam as an administrator in order to address this specific issue. You will need to locate the Steam installation location in order to launch Steam as an administrator.

Navigate to this storage location on your device (by default, C: Program Files (x86)Steam) if you want to find the Steam installation folder. Once you’ve located the Steam.exe program, you may right-click it and choose to run it as an administrator.

That’s all there is to it, and your Steam Deck should now work with your Steam controller.

  • Method 7: Verify For Damage

Even if there are extremely few odds of it, we couldn’t overlook the potential that your Deck may have some external damage. The gadget can occasionally be harmed by a slight dent. Reconnect all of the cords after pressing the power button.

Take your Deck outside and give it a good inspection to see if there is any damage. Without putting your safety at risk, we advise you to take it to the Steam service facility and get it fixed if you discover any damage.

  • Method 8: Make sure all of your other devices are turned off

There may be several controllers connected to your Steam Deck at once, which is another reason why your controller may not be connecting properly. Alternatively, if there are too many other connected devices, your controller could not be correctly detected.

In this case, it is preferable to unplug all other controllers before reconnecting your Xbox controller to solely check for a change.

If there is still a problem with your controller’s connection, it may be a sign that you are dealing with a different problem that is unrelated to the connections of other devices.

  • Method 9: Make sure your drivers are the current version

If you’ve tried unplugging every other device from the computer but the problem still exists, there may be a driver problem with your Xbox controller or Steam Deck.

It’s crucial to understand that drivers are what interact with other devices. Therefore, if your Xbox controller, mouse, or even your keyboard doesn’t respond after being linked with your Steam Deck, a driver issue may be the cause.

Because of this, you should make sure that your device’s drivers are as current as possible because if they are not, your Xbox controller will continue to have this problem despite any other fixes you try.

That’s it with our today’s article on Fix: Steam Deck controller not working (Xbox controller). Do try all the sections and tell us your favorite. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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