Fix: Xbox Cloud Gaming Lagging

It’s simple to see why cloud gaming has become so popular. You can access a variety of games and play them on almost any computer, phone, or tablet for a small monthly fee.

The issue with cloud gaming is that it occasionally has technical difficulties. Latency is the main problem that individuals experience. Even the best games may become unplayable if it isn’t set to low enough.

Although cloud gaming is constantly evolving, most players still experience significant lag. We’ve created a guide that can help you minimize lag when playing Xbox cloud games, and we offer some straightforward advice that will enhance the app’s functionality.

Microsoft initially released its restricted test for iPhone and iPad in April 2021, enabling customers to access more than 100 Xbox video games. Here is our guide on Fix: Xbox cloud gaming lagging.

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Why does Xbox cloud gaming lag?

Short Answer: Xbox cloud gaming lag is usually the result of inadequate internet bandwidth optimization or a software problem.

Gaming will frequently slow if your internet bandwidth is not optimal. You may improve your ability to decrease lagging while using the Xbox cloud gaming app in a number of ways.

To learn more about how to complete these steps and stop the Xbox cloud gaming app from lagging, scroll down.

For ping testing, many cloud gaming providers have specific pages. You can also check your ping by going to Speedtest, which will ping a server of your choice and return the exact time it took.

Your goal should be to keep your ping time under 50 milliseconds. You’re likely to feel a delay if your ping is greater than 100 milliseconds.

Fix: Xbox cloud gaming lagging

  • Method 1: Reset your Router

Resetting your router is one of the best things you can do to enhance Xbox cloud performance and decrease latency. Simply unplugging your router from the power socket for 30 seconds and then connecting it back in is the simplest way to reset it.

This will “power-cycle” your network and enhance your bandwidth, allowing you to play content on the Xbox cloud gaming app more quickly and with less latency.

With all of those devices connected, the Xbox cloud gaming app will have less bandwidth available, which will slow down your download speed and cause latency.

  • Method 2: Verify Your ISP

The typical minimum download speed requirement for cloud gaming is 10MB/s. However, bear in mind that real speeds may differ from those that are stated. You can check both your download and ping rates with Speedtest.

Your internet service provider also has an impact. Satellite internet is becoming more and more common, however, because of the severe latency it frequently produces, it is not suited for cloud gaming. You might need to look for a different internet service provider if the signal that your current ISP is providing isn’t strong enough.

  • Method 3: Switch to an Ethernet cable from Wi-Fi

It is nearly always true that you will receive a faster download speed using an Ethernet (Wired Connection) than Wi-Fi. Data is sent more quickly and with less interference through wired connections. Additionally, there are fewer factors that might impair the connection’s quality.

Wi-Fi connections are slower and typically respond more slowly. Walls, floors, and ceilings can all degrade the quality of your internet connection, which will result in lag problems with the Xbox cloud gaming app.

  • Method 4: Try changing your Router

Latency problems can easily be brought on by an old router. Some routers are just not built to handle a lot of data.

The majority of well-known cloud gaming services offer a list of suggested routers. You can also buy routers made specifically for gaming if you’re willing to spend more money. Additional features offered by gaming routers include the capacity to give priority to gaming traffic. Additionally, they have more RAM and faster processor speeds.

  • Method 5: Use a reliable browser

The performance will vary if you access Xbox cloud gaming from a web browser. You may try the various web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, on your own.

Although we favor Chrome or Firefox for web surfing, Microsoft’s Edge Browser has been shown to deliver the greatest Xbox Cloud Gaming experience.

The number of extensions you have open when playing games is another thing to take into account while using a web browser. Some extensions might make your web browser run more slowly, which will make it more likely that you’ll suffer latency when playing Xbox cloud games.

  • Method 6: Use optimised Wi-Fi

Though superior, wired internet is not always practical. There are several actions you may do to improve the signal if you must utilize Wi-Fi. If you have an option, choose a 5GHz connection rather than the generally used 2.4GHz.

The router should be within range of you. The ideal situation has a clear line of sight. Wi-Fi signals are radio waves that travel around your area like waves. Therefore, since there is a larger area to go through, positioning your router high up might occasionally enhance single strength.

Remove everything that can interfere with the signal as much as you can. This covers Bluetooth gadgets, other Wi-Fi networks, and anything else that transmits or receives data.

  • Method 7: Start your Xbox again (If using this for cloud gaming)

Restart your Xbox by doing a complete shutdown as my first action. The complete shutdown is essential, especially if “Instant On” or Rest Mode are turned on.

The system cache and any lingering programs or games running in RAM will be deleted after the reset. You want a fresh Xbox boot that doesn’t have background programs and games influencing the bandwidth or reaction time of your Xbox in order to achieve the greatest potential connection to cloud gaming.

Reduce the number of background-running programs and games to offer the download a direct, uninterrupted channel to stream the necessary files.

  • Method 8: Keep Wi-Fi Extenders to a Minimum and Check Your Powerline Adapters Twice

Check to see whether the Wi-Fi extension or powerline adapter you are using is slowing down your internet.

The success of powerline adapters depends on the caliber of the electrical wiring in your home, and Wi-Fi extenders aren’t usually placed properly. Any of these might result in latency problems.

  • Method 9: Close any open applications or games

If you completed our first step, restarting your Xbox, you are finished with this step. If not, please continue by shutting down any open applications or games.

Think of your Xbox’s internet connection as an artery in your body. Sorry for the strange comparison, but the more games and apps you have open are like blockages in your arteries.

Your ability to stream cloud games is hampered by those obstacles. If the quality of your cloud gaming is important to you, do this one.

  • Method 10: Update Xbox software to lessen lag when playing online games

This is a significant point that is sometimes overlooked: Microsoft is great at giving your Xbox software upgrades that enhance its functionality. Please update the software on your Xbox if you want to be able to decrease latency when playing games in the cloud!

Microsoft has been actively enhancing the performance of its cloud gaming, and cutting down on user lag is a top priority. If you haven’t updated your Xbox software, you might be experiencing more lag.

  • Method 11: Use the Proper Data Center

Where a game is hosted has a significant impact on how quickly it responds to your input. Therefore, the amount of latency you encounter might be significantly influenced by the data center you choose.

The selection of data centers is often automated, however, availability varies by provider. This indicates that by moving to a provider more suited to your area, you might be able to lower your latency.

  • Method 12: Disable any VPNs or ad blockers

The Xbox cloud gaming app’s streaming speed may suffer from the use of VPNs and ad blockers. The speed at which you may play games will always be capped by your VPN connection.

We recognize that utilizing a VPN might be a wise decision, particularly given privacy concerns. Unfortunately, utilizing a VPN adds additional reliance that may slow down Xbox cloud gaming if there are any issues or speed restrictions.

  • Method 13: Invest in a better internet connection

For those that do, you might want to consider improving your internet connection as not everyone has access to fast download speeds through their ISP (Internet Service Provider).

It goes without saying that a download speed difference between a 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps connection will exist.

That’s it with our today’s article on Fix: Xbox cloud gaming lagging. Do try all the sections and tell us your favorite. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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