Fix: Xbox Series S fan always on

This tutorial will examine the reasons why your Xbox Series S has fans on after being turned off. After hitting “Turn off console” or the power button on the console, you might have observed that the fan on your Xbox Series S is still running. There is a legitimate explanation for this.

This is due to the fact that even though you have turned off your console, it is not totally shut down and is instead by default in standby mode. But this is advantageous since even with the Xbox turned off and in this mode, games can still be downloaded and updated.

However, there is a method to entirely turn off your Xbox Series S, stopping the fan from running even while the console is off.

Here is our article on Fix: Xbox Series S fan always on. So, let’s get started.

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Why is my Xbox Series S fan always on

Xbox Series S fan always on

Short Answer: Xbox Series S fan is always on because it is intended to operate both while the Xbox is turned on and when it is in standby mode. This helps prevent overheating and damage to the internal console parts. If your fan wasn’t working, your console’s components may overheat and sustain catastrophic damage or lose a lot of life.

The Xbox Series S is not truly off, which is why the fan is still spinning after you switch it off. As we have noted, it is more of an idle or sleep mode, allowing your console to instantly visit your Xbox home page or download, update, and continue games.

This is fantastic since it can be really annoying to want to play a game and then have to wait for it to update or install.

Fix: Xbox Series S fan always on

Yes, there is a setting that you can alter that will totally turn off your Xbox without the need to go into the Settings to do a full shutdown each time if you do not want the fan to continue spinning and remain in an inactive condition.

  • Method 1: Turn off the Xbox Series S fan

By hitting the Xbox button on your controller, you may access Settings. Select Settings from your Profile icon by going there. When you are in settings, choose the General tab. then go to Sleep mode and restart.

When you press “Turn off console,” your Xbox Series Swill go down entirely since you have switched Sleep Mode to Energy Saver.

  • Method 2: Turn off Xbox Series S completely

The methods to completely shut down your Xbox Series S are described below, and doing so will stop the fan from spinning when you switch your Xbox off.

Press the Xbox button on your controller to access settings. Select Settings from your profile icon by going there. Go to the General menu once in settings, then choose Sleep mode & startup. Select the button to perform a full shutdown when it becomes available.

The Xbox Series S fan will stop spinning as soon as you push the SHUTDOWN button, and your system will then shut down entirely.

  • Method 3: Unplug the socket

Turning off your Xbox Series S fan at the outlet or removing it from the wall are the best ways to stop it from running when you aren’t using it. By doing this, you can make sure that the console never turns on and that the fans never turn on.

This is one of the greatest solutions if you find the sound to be distracting or bothersome while you are not using the console. Turning off the Instant-On feature on your console is another option, though.

  • Method 4: Disable Xbox’s Instant-On mode

In essence, your console will boot up instantaneously when you return to it using the Instant On setting. This implies that you may return to your game at any time without having to restart the console from scratch.

The fans on your console will probably turn on when it is in standby mode if Instant-On mode is activated. You must disable instant-on mode if you want your console to completely go down when you turn it off. Follow these instructions to do this:

Open your Xbox Dashboard and go to the settings section. Open General and choose Power Mode & Start-up. Switch the Instant-On setting to Power Saving.

  • Method 5: Check your Xbox for overheating

Place your Xbox in a well-ventilated environment to prevent it from overheating and having the fans working at maximum capacity. For instance, if your console is placed in a drawer or TV stand or on the carpet, it may soon overheat.

Your console will have trouble running your games if your fan stops functioning as a result of a defect. You can have performance difficulties when the system overheats, and finally, the console will shut off. To stop further harm to the internal components, the console will shut down if it reaches a specified temperature.

Send your console in for repair right away if you suspect that the fan is not operating properly.

  • Method 6: Clean up the Xbox cooling fan

One of the simplest methods to minimize Xbox fan noise is to clean the cooling fan. If the console is dusty, the fan has a harder time cooling the CPU. Unfortunately, the fan will have to work harder as more dust enters the console. As a result, maintenance is essential.

We suggest that you clean your cooling fans on a regular basis, especially if your house is messy. You may do that by utilizing a microfiber cloth, compressed air, or an electric duster. A microfiber cloth is required to clean the Xbox’s surface. Drag the cloth in a single direction to avoid forcing dust into the ports and dust grates.

That’s it with our today’s article on Fix: Xbox Series S fan always on. Do try all the sections and tell us your favorite. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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