(2023) Fix: Xbox Series X Overheating

One of the most powerful game consoles available is the Xbox Series X. Thanks to its very own AMD RDNA 2 graphics processing unit, the next-generation gaming console can run all the demanding video game titles at 4K Ultra HD quality without any hitches.

But the Xbox Series X might occasionally overheat, just like any other gadget with intricate electric circuitry.

You should prepare for some heat if you’ve been playing your most intensive games on the console for an excessive length of time. At the same time, you should consider it a warning indicator if your console frequently overheats.

When you don’t understand why your console is acting strangely, it is much more aggravating. So, should you be concerned if your Xbox Series X is becoming too hot? No, not always. Knowing how to correct it or stop it from occurring is all that is required. Here is our guide on Fix: Xbox Series X keeps overheating.

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Why does Xbox Series X keep overheating


Short Answer: Xbox Series X may overheat most frequently for one of two reasons: either its positioning prevents it from getting enough ambient air to cool itself, or the fan is clogged with dust, damaged, or both. This may be resolved by using bottled air to clean the fan and moving it somewhere with better airflow.

You should prepare for some heat if you’ve been playing your most intensive games on the console for an excessive length of time. At the same time, you should consider it a warning indicator if your console frequently overheats.

To keep your Xbox Series X operating at peak levels, it has various heat-dissipating components. For instance, the Xbox Series X top panel features a big cooling fan behind a mesh-like structure.

This cooling fan’s main job is to exhaust hot air that has come into touch with the console’s internal parts while maintaining ventilation to regulate the temperature.

It can be irritating when your Xbox Series X overheats since it might lead to a number of problems. For instance, an overheated Xbox series can abruptly freeze when you’re playing (that can be a real bummer).

What, then, is causing your Xbox Series X to get too hot? Your console warms up when excess heat isn’t properly dispersed in the device, to put it simply. It may happen as a result of:

Exhaust grills or side panels that are blocked

One of the aspects that console developers take into consideration is airflow. Every piece of equipment has the means to release the heat it produces. The Xbox will overheat if this outlet is clogged by dust or other debris, which prevents heat from escaping from the device.

Thermal paste Problems

A compound that is grey called thermal paste is used to remove heat from processors. This material might make your console overheat if it isn’t evenly distributed throughout the CPU. Even though this is considerably less common, it could be the problem.

If you’re playing an online opponent, overheating might make your game lag or stutter, which can cost you the game. Eventually, the system could malfunction.

Fix: Xbox Series X keeps overheating]

Even though it might be annoying, an overheated Xbox Series X is not a reason for concern because you can usually remedy the problem. Knowing what to do in these circumstances is the first step in everything. Here are some options if your console is heating up too much:

  • Method 1: Clean the Console

We have noted that dust particles obstructing the airflow might be the cause of your Xbox’s overheating. Once these particles have accumulated in the console, they may lower the fan’s effectiveness, leading to heating problems.

So it stands to reason that removing the dust from the gadget should be one of your first steps in finding a solution.

It’s simple to frequently clean your Xbox to get rid of any dust that might be a hassle later on using some canned air (available on Amazon). In order to keep the item clean when not in use, you may also cover it with a towel.

Protecting the console will be essential to avoiding problems in this situation if you live in an area that is very dusty or if you have several dogs whose hair is always in the air.

  • Method 2: Put your gaming device in a room with good ventilation

Your gadgets will constantly produce heat and become warm no matter where you put them. However, it’s always preferable to position your Xbox Series X where it can receive consistent airflow.

It is thus recommended that you place your Xbox Series X adjacent to a fan, which will continuously blow air in its direction as you play the console.

Either that or you install or set up the gadget on high platforms, away from any potential heat-generating objects like other devices. For instance, you may raise your console off the ground by using a wall mount from Amazon!

Even better, if you have access to an air conditioner, you can use it to cool down your gaming console while you play it as the temperature rises, especially in the summer.

  • Method 3: Install Xbox in vertical mode

Although the console may be positioned both vertically and horizontally, it is obvious that the vertical position is how the console was intended to be used. Simply said, the horizontal positioning is odd. In order to obtain the optimum airflow, we do suggest using the console vertically.

If you’re short on room, you may position it horizontally, but if that’s the case, be sure to clean it frequently.

  • Method 4: Leave your console off for a while

Regular players may attest to how simple it is to lose control of your game. Some people can play video games for hours or even days without stopping. Not only is this terrible for your health, but it’s also bad for the health of your console.

If you use your Xbox Series X for a long period without giving it a chance to rest, its parts will have to work harder than they should, which ultimately leads to overheating. Furthermore, the interior parts may also be impacted.

You should get in the habit of taking frequent pauses and allowing your console to rest to avoid overheating. However, if you want to play for a long time, you should install an external cooling fan to keep the Xbox Series X cool while you play.

  • Method 5: Take away the side panel

You may take off the side panel from your Xbox Series X if it starts to grow warm so that more air can enter the device. To hasten the cooling process after removing the side panel, you can also use a tiny fan.

This ought to reduce console heat. If you use this technique, be aware that taking out the side panel can make it look less appealing. If you place a lot of importance on that element, you should only attempt this if you have no other choice and the box is really hot.

Although there is no assurance that this approach will be successful, there is no harm in trying.

  • Method 6: Do Not Place On Carpet

The console shouldn’t be set down on the carpet since doing so will impede ventilation. Additionally, whatever is on your carpet will be pushed into your console, which might cause issues in the future.

Make sure the console is on a smooth, spotless surface, and don’t forget to clean the surface it is on when you clean the console itself. It should be possible to use a table or shelf.

  • Method 7: Don’t Place Your Console in Direct Sunlight

Sometimes sunshine is the only thing that causes your console to become too warm. The sun’s rays will heat up your Xbox Series X if you set it where it can be exposed to the sun’s rays. You should keep your Xbox away from areas where it could be exposed to sunlight because of this.

That’s it with our today’s article on Fix: Xbox Series X keeps overheating. Do try all the sections and tell us your favorite. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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