How to Fly with Elytra in Minecraft

You may create your own world in Minecraft, a role-playing computer game based on the Lego block.

In addition to your avatar creating blocks in self-defense against monsters, the game has expanded to contain a number of extra components as well.

After a period of time, this has developed into a classic with its own unique characteristics. When you’re in Creative mode, you’ve got entire control over your projects and an infinite amount of resources at your disposal. If you’re playing in Survival mode, you’ll be able to explore the galaxy.

You may create a fortress or stockpile weaponry to resist off a monster invasion.

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As the game grew, fresh content was regularly given to keep things interesting. Players in Minecraft who seek to alter their abilities have a plethora of options at their disposal.

As a result, this game may be enjoyed on a wide range of devices and platforms. The PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PC, smartphone, iPad, and Raspberry Pi are just a smattering of the numerous popular gaming platforms.

It’s a significant occasion for Minecrafters! These 15 amazing games like Minecraft, popular among primary school students, have been compiled for your convenience.

Minecraft’s Terabyte universe lets you interact with and even edit it. No attempt has been made to represent the whole array of ecological occurrences.

What is Elytra?

If you wish to find a method to glide across the sky without having to depend on playing entirely on creative mode, then there is an alternate approach.

The elytra is an exceptionally uncommon item that may let your fantasies of floating in survival mode actually happen should you be lucky enough to obtain it.

When exploring the End City, you may come across the Elytra, a kind of gliding device. There are no hacks or unique modes required to fly with it.

Contrary to popular belief, the Elytra is a grey cloak worn by players in place of their chest plate. A pair of wings appear when this grey cloak is fully extended.

Whilst Elytra may be harmed and worn down via use, users could restore it by utilizing some phantom membrane.

The phantom membrane is generated by the phantom mob or carried to gamers by their domesticated cat on rare instances.

People in vanilla Minecraft are unable to make the Elytra. Nevertheless, there are lots of customized versions of Minecraft that contain a craftable version of the Elytra.

In this essay, we will go over how precisely you may acquire an Elytra and how you can best utilize it to your benefit.

Acquiring the Elytra

  • Step 1: Employ an End Portal to get into the End.

  • Step 2: Destroy the Ender Dragon.

This should produce a little contraption with a peculiar, glittering block someplace beyond the main island.

  • Step 3: Fire an arrow through the block.

If the arrow doesn’t really trigger that, try tossing an ender pearl in the center block that is really a block of End Portal material.

Individuals would be transported back to a different variety of End, comprising of several distinct islands that have woodlands of purple plants termed chorus plants.

  • Step 4: Simply find an end city.

Spiral staircases lead to docks at the top of buildings known as “end cities,” which aren’t truly cities.

  • Step 5: Locate the structure.

Search for a ship-like structure, around 30 blocks from the pier. Enter this vessel.

  • Step 6: Enter the lower deck.

Lots of iron and diamonds will be found in a treasure chest.

Near the chest, check for an item frame housing a pair of wings. These are the elytra. Remove the item frame. If you wait for the elytra to fall, you may pick them up.

  • Step 7: Leave the end.

How to Fly with Elytra in Minecraft

Minecraft players may fly without entering into creative mode by utilizing the Elytra.

The 1.9 combat update introduced Elytras to Minecraft. Players may now construct lesson worlds to teach other players about the game’s latest features after the release of this update.

The Elytra is being used by Minecraft users to soar in the air. The player may glide for a longer period of time if they leap higher.

Follow the methods indicated below to fly with the Elytra in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Locate a high spot.

Fly with Elytra in Minecraft

You’ll require ladders or a number of blocks. Because you can descend them, ladders would be preferable.

  • Step 2: Leap off the ground

As already indicated, the elytra would engage if you leap while off the ground, allowing you to glide.

  • Step 3: Engage the wings

They are performing their job when the cape-like item’s wings expand as a beetle’s wings do.

Once you raise your height, the speed would drop for your flight but decreasing altitude would do the reverse.

  • Step 4: Dive up or down

As previously mentioned, your speed is heavily influenced by your ability to descend or ascend quickly, therefore maintaining momentum is critical while traveling at high speeds.

Keep this in mind for whichever direction you are gliding in.

Elytra will still have a velocity at a minimum of 7.2m/s making travel extremely easy while raising mentioned speed.

  • Step 5: Utilize firecracker Rockets

Using firecracker rockets in your hands might help you gain control and speed while flying faster.

  • Step 6: Fly with the Elytra

One of the most significant characteristics of the Elytra is utilization.

Every second of flight with that kind of a rare item would reduce the durability by one point, allowing you 7 minutes and 12 seconds of maximum flight sans repairs.

Fly with Elytra in Minecraft

Bear that in mind so that you deliberately perform repairs without outright damaging the item.

Look left to make a left turn; look right to make a right turn.

To get a temporary boost, you may raise your head, but if you do so for an extended period of time, you’ll hit a wall and begin to slide down much quicker.

Slowly but surely, look down. Looking down long enough can boost your momentum to where you can glance up quickly and fly considerably higher.

Uses of Elytra in Minecraft

As discussed previously, Elytra is a cape-like item which once worn may offer you the capacity to fly, at least so far as you don’t gain up too much velocity and trudge into an item too quickly.

If you travel with far too much velocity into an item whilst soaring, you will receive damage.

Even so, it may be an excellent item for going from A to B in a more expedient manner. Simply pressing the jump button while in the air activates the cape, granting you instant access to flight.


1. Where are Elytras found?

They are located in the end ship inside the end city.

2. What do you need to get elytra?

Access to the nether is more key than any particular thing.

3. In Minecraft, how can you repair a broken Elytra?

Users could restore the durability of two injured Elytra by using them, but this is a waste. Utilize phantom membrane from phantom creatures or just enchant your Elytra with Mending I.

It also is a great notion to enchant Elytra with Unbreaking III so that you could soar further without anxiety.

4. Is it possible to add color to elytra in the Minecraft world?


5. Can you use rockets while flying with Elytra?

Rockets would offer you a surge of momentum if your Elytra is enabled. With the rocket chosen, aim towards the sky and right-click to fly upward momentum.

6. How can I put designs on my elytra?

To alter the game’s color scheme, you’ll need to make a modification to the resource pack.

7. Why can’t I locate Elytra in my world?

Elytra would only appear in end ships. Elytra aren’t found in end cities, and end ships are the only places you’ll find a pair.

These ships will spawn around towns, however not every city will have an end ship nearby. Keep seeking and soon you will find them.

8. How to Produce rockets for Elytra in Minecraft?

After utilizing Elytra for a while, you may want to increase your speed, in which case you could take a stack of rockets with you at all times.

Kill creepers with a Looting III enchanted blade to get the gunpowder, and keep a lookout for stray merchants.

They’re going to trade emeralds for gunpowder. It’s better to build a huge mob platform that forces enemies into some kind of grinder in the absence of creeper mob spawners.

You will have a lot of garbage, but it can automate the process of acquiring gunpowder.

If you’ve had enough of rockets, you may also use Riptide to enchant a trident and fly through the rain without the need for any rockets.

The drawback is of course waiting for a downpour, and it loses its value in the nether or the end.

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