13 Hard Games Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is well known for a wide range of things, yet the phrase “challenging games” does not frequently appear on that list. It also seems logical that their primary characteristics would be on the accessible side given that their business appeals to the entire family.

Gaming behemoth Nintendo is known for being a family-friendly business that creates and releases a tonne of vibrant games that players of all ages and abilities may enjoy.

Due to the fact that its platforms have previously included games like Battletoads and the Mega Man series, the business has also developed a reputation for creating games that are infamously challenging.

Fortunately, Nintendo changed its mind about the Switch device. Suddenly, the platform was saturated with third-party content, and that diversity came with a number of titles that eventually had gamers rage-quit on the machine.

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Here is our list of 13 Hard games Nintendo switch. So, let’s get started.

13 Hard games Nintendo Switch

  • 1. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

Hard games Nintendo switch

Initially created on the Wii U in 2014, DK and the company released it for the Switch in 2018. Funny enough, the evaluations were overwhelmingly favorable, save for those that complained about the challenge. Well, leave the tropical island that has been overrun by icy Snowmads if you can’t handle the cold.

  • 2. Super Mario Maker 2

Hard games Nintendo switch

This platformer offers players a tonne of customization options so they can design their own Mario levels and share them online, putting both their creativity and platforming and puzzle-solving abilities to the test. With some of the impossibly difficult designs users have submitted to Super Mario Maker 2, even devoted series fans may struggle.

Some of the hardest courses available online can pack the screen with innumerable obstacles and demand pixel-perfect gaming and timing. Players may always push themselves to make the next nearly impossible invention even after they master the game’s most difficult courses.

  • 3. Thumper

Hard games Nintendo switch

Thumper’s creators at Drool described it as a “rhythm violence game” when asked to characterize their creation, which was fantastic because rhythm games are now too rare.

Thumper is an equal parts Sonic platformer and Beat Saber that was first released in 2016 and then adapted to the Switch. Fans haven’t let Drool’s smash hit’s relentless speed stop them from spreading the word about it.

  • 4. Ikaruga

Hard games Nintendo switch

Ikaruga has been re-released on several systems, including the Switch, even though it first came out in 2001. Players in this shoot-em-up game command the titular ship, which can change color to deflect either the oncoming black or white bullets, but not both at once.

Ikaruga’s fans are already aware of how challenging the game can become when the screen fills with black and white bullets because it is such a well-known arcade title.

In order to withstand the assault in this classic, players must have great synchronization and split-second reflexes, and coordination is necessary to conquer the two-player co-op mode.

  • 5. Darkest Dungeon

Hard games Nintendo switch

Darkest Dungeon, a gothic roguelike RPG, offers you a violent, captivating adventure that is frequently filled with strategy and defeat. Avoid becoming overly connected to any one character because permadeath exists in the 2016 title by Red Hook Studio that was later ported to the Switch in 2018.

And yet, it has a cult following that loves it fiercely. There is even a sequel if you decide that Darkest Dungeon satisfies your masochistic desire.

  • 6. Celeste

Hard games Nintendo switch

Due to its demanding platforming gameplay, adorable pixel art aesthetic, and capacity to address important subjects like mental health, this challenging game has garnered a lot of attention. Celeste provides a variety of gameplay options, continuing the tradition of other endearing retro-hard platformers.

The game offers plenty of obstacles for players searching for them, despite having an assist mode available to make the game and its character-driven tale more accessible to everyone.

Regardless of how they choose to engage with the narrative, players will take control of Madeline as she battles Celeste Mountain and her own demons, creating a complex narrative experience that belies the gameplay’s apparent simplicity.

  • 7. Dark Souls Remastered

Hard games Nintendo switch

The Dark Souls series dominates the world of challenging video games, and the phrase “huge difficulties” has come to be associated with it. The first game in the trilogy was given a remastered release in 2018 on the Switch, introducing the classic title to a brand-new audience.

The primary character of the game is an undead person who players control as they explore the realm of Lordran, engage in combat with difficult foes, and eliminate brutal monsters.

Wizards and warriors alike will encounter challenging difficulties in Dark Souls, despite the open nature of character creation and growth allowing players to tailor their approach to battle.

  • 8. Cuphead

Hard games Nintendo switch

It is startling to consider that something imitating good old Mickey Mouse in 2017 (and ported to the Switch in 2019) could ever be about murdering sentient vegetables to settle your gambling debt with the devil. Rubber hose animation was popularised in the 1920s and is primarily associated with old Disney cartoons by the public consciousness.

With that mental picture in mind, Cuphead, the smash success from Studio MDHR, is mostly a series of boss fights with a few side-scrolling segments thrown in for spice. The controls are straightforward, which is a blessing in a game that doesn’t hold back on anything.

  • 9. Into The Breach

Into the breach

The Switch’s challenging titles frequently include fast-paced gameplay that calls for players to plan their actions carefully and respond quickly. However, Into The Breach is a much slower tactical game that requires players to plan ahead and take their time since mistakes may be disastrous.

Players command a number of mechs in each level as they battle the menacing animals in a future conflict between people in mechs and huge monsters that threaten humanity’s very survival.

As a result of the difficulty curve’s rather steep slope and the need to carefully plan their actions and limited weapons in order to save civilians from the monsters, players may need to attempt several times before succeeding in saving the planet.

  • 10. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight, which debuted in 2017 and was later ported to the Switch, is the Dark Souls of platforming games. A vast, maze-like open environment filled with insectoid enemies wearing armor that will brutally attack you at every turn.

A limited saving system that allows you to specialize your character’s skills and a high cost of death, which means that each time you die, you must battle a shadowy version of yourself to reclaim your lost possessions and skills.

  • 11. TumbleSeed


This distinct roguelike from the early days of the Switch’s existence immediately rose to the top as a prime illustration of the possibilities for challenging gaming on the device. In the game TumbleSeed, users control a horizontal bar that moves a seed up a slope that is full of holes and other obstacles.

As the screen scrolls up the mountain, players must tilt the bar back and forth to maneuver the seed past obstacles. The randomly generated mountain in the game soon fills up with intricate patterns of holes and creatures that players must avoid, making for a very challenging encounter.

  • 12. Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy, the forerunner of the contemporary “maybe we should play something simpler” platformer, is nasty, slimy, and kind of a dig at Mario.

Meat Boy, which was first launched in 2010, with its billion saw blades and the unpleasant number of splatter animations has endured the test of time and was just remastered for the Switch. If you enjoy games with squelchy heroes, Super Meat Boy Forever was released on the Switch.

  • 13. Hades


Hades is arguably the most endearing rogue-like to ever exist, yet it’s hardly surprising that a game about escaping hell is challenging. Zagreus, the Hade’s son who is imprisoned, encounters a slightly different variation of potential torture on each journey around the underworld lair.

Additionally, the majority, if not all, of the late-game awards are hidden behind difficult trials that each need an increasing amount of ability from you to complete, which is comparable to everything else released in 2020.

That’s all for today’s article on the 13 Hard games Nintendo switch.  Do check out all the sections and know you should know which one is the best for you. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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