How to Turn Off Autosave in Minecraft (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Short Answer – To turn off Autosave in Minecraft, you just have to go to the ‘File’ section and select ‘Options’. And lastly, uncheck the box next to the AutoSave OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

Markus “Notch” Persson has created a sandbox video game called Minecraft. This is maintained by Mojang Studio. Possibly people might inquire what a sandbox game is? It concerns games with a playable element that enables the user to perform tasks with a considerable degree of creative flexibility in mind.

Simply stated, games that allow you to give your ideas and creativity full reign. Several devices could play the game. Computers, smartphones, tablets, Pi, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii are all excellent ways to play Minecraft.

In Minecraft, you may explore, engage with and even alter a dynamically generated map of blocks measuring one cubic meter. In the environment, there are also trees, creatures, and items.

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In this article, we will be talking about how to turn off the Autosave feature in Minecraft. Stick to the end of the article to know more about the Autosave feature in Minecraft.

How to Turn Off Autosave in Minecraft

To turn off the Autosave feature in Minecraft follow the given steps:

  • Step 1: Head over to File

  • Step 2: Click on Options

  • Step 3: Save and uncheck

Save and uncheck the box next to AutoSave OneDrive and SharePoint Online files by default.

Regrettably, there is currently no way to deactivate it on the Switch edition. This could improve with patches or upgrades in the future.

In Switch Edition you ought to be able to deactivate Auto Save the very same way you do in PS4 Edition and Xbox One Edition. This is solely true for “Minecraft: Switch Edition.”

  • Step 1: Go over to your world selection and choose a world

  • Step 2: Don’t enter the world. Select More Options instead

  • Step 3: At the end, you will find an option “Disable autosave”

  • Step 4: Click on Disable Autosave

Minecraft servers are able to store world data repeatedly and continuously. By standard, Minecraft computers do it every 6000 ticks (5 minutes) and are excellent to save changes to the world when a restart or a server crash has occurred.

With Minecraft being such a vast game, it is essential for players to save their game often to prevent losing their success. On the other side, some players may choose not to save before starting on an endeavour, only to do so when things go awry.

In order to make sure players don’t lose a lot of work, Minecraft has an autosave function, which is installed automatically, regardless of whatever platform you’re using.

This protects gamers against such things as server failures, power interruptions, and so on. There are somewhat contradictory accounts of how often Minecraft autosaves but the consensus is that autosaving takes place quite often.

Between every few seconds and every five minutes, as a rough approximation. Irrespective of the precise time, you may be certain that autosaves are made often. In the case of any emergencies, you will only lose relatively little work.

How to turn on Autosave?

As stated previously, Minecraft autosaves by default, although certain older console versions may be disabled. It’s very easy if you still play one of those editions and wish to re-activate autosave.

Once you attempt to save your game, it must give a notification requesting if you’d like to restart autosave. Just click on Yes and the autosave feature of Minecraft will be up and running for you again.


1. Should I use it?

If you are dissatisfied with autosave, you have somewhat less choice.   A few payers have grown accustomed to replicating their world prior to actually beginning a new session. After which, if things go well, wonderful.

However, if things go wrong, they can only remove that edition of their reality and go back to a prior one. Maybe not perfect for everyone, however it may be your only choice if you dislike the autosaving feature.

2. How should I prevent Minecraft from saving and quitting?

You could hold Alt to free your mouse while you’re in full-screen mode, perform Alt+Tab to change the window, right-click Minecraft, and dismiss the window. Generate saves occasionally so you could try again if it saves. You could use Alt F4 but Minecraft could still save it if you’re not fast.

3. How can I leave the world without saving?

The method to accomplish this is to crash the game manually with F3 and c. It’s not going to preserve chunks! You may save without stopping by accessing the escape menu.

4. Do products Despawn in the end?

Items despawn five minutes after the chunk is loaded. So if you ended up dead, and transported back out of the nether, the timer would then start once you’re within chunk loading length of your items.

5. Does sleeping in Minecraft save the game?

If you lie down in a bed, it sets your spawn in normal saves however in the hardcore phase, it will save your world instead! When you die eventually in the game, you would be placed in the world, and the bed you slept in for the final time. So, everything that occurred will just be a dream.

6. Is Autosave necessary?

Well, honestly, I would much rather be happy with a manual saving option than an autosave alternative if you asked for my opinion. But sometimes an Autosave function may be useful too.

Particularly for server gaming sessions, since you cannot know how long a server might be down as your whole game progresses. Therefore, I think there are both advantages and losses to such a structure. You simply need to know which side weighs better.

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