Heartbeat Sensor expected to arrive soon in COD Mobile

Season 13  of Call of Duty Mobile has been an absolute rollercoaster. While it was liked by most players, for others, it did not feel as if it made par with the benchmark set by the Season 12 update.

Nevertheless, players all across the globe are grinding to the best of their abilities to unlock all the characters, weapons, and other such rewards that Season 13 has to offer. That being said let’s get into today’s article without any delay.

Heartbeat Sensor expected to arrive soon in COD Mobile

As we all know that before the release of Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile, we had gotten a test server to test for bugs and glitches. In that test server build, many players had noticed the Heartbeat Sensor in the list of tactical equipment.

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The Heartbeat sensor is an attachment that is attached to either the gun or worn on the wrist. The Heartbeat sensor is a device that uses the electromagnetic field created by the heart to pinpoint the location of enemy personnel. Friendlies appear as green dots whereas enemies appear as red dots.

The Heartbeat sensor is a game-changing scouting tool which most of the players are looking forward to being released into the game. Since it wasn’t released this Season, many players started asking Activision the reason behind that.

cod mobile heartbeat senser tactical equipment

We now have confirmed reports saying that Heartbeat Sensor is under development and will be arriving soon in one of the future updates.

We can hardly keep calm to try the heartbeat sensor in the new updates. We are sure it is going to change the gameplay as we know it and highly likely become the new meta! So, stay frosty until it is released and until then, keep grinding.

Happy Holidays!

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