How to Play Prison Life in Roblox

Roblox is an online gaming platform that has roughly a million and increasing mini-video games within it. These are specifically made with the assistance of Roblox players themselves, and a good portion of them are incredibly imaginative as well as quite entertaining to try out.

Because of Roblox’s superb stage creator, you can experience video games of various kinds and avoid all of the remarkable imaginations that you’d like to avoid in an internet game. This includes a plethora of options for anyone who is interested in gratifying themselves.

Everyone has various gaming preferences, which is why Roblox provides something for everyone. Fighting is one of the most popular genres since players of all ages appreciate the thrill of battle. There are a number of titles in this genre, many of which push you to put your skills to the test by fighting animals, other players, and a variety of other things.

Today, we will be talking about a very popular title ‘Prison Life’. We got you covered and here is our guide on ‘How to Play Prison Life in Roblox’


How to Play Prison Life in Roblox

Prison Life is a famous jail lifestyle roleplay game established a few years ago by Aesthetical. The game attracts thousands of users every day and has been played by millions of people so far. In Prison Existence, you will have an extremely difficult life with many hurdles in your way. The game is engrossing and stunning.

How to escape the prison

How to play Prison Life in Roblox

Inmates’ primary objective is to get out of jail. A convict can escape jail in a variety of methods, including utilizing a keycard. When a convict escapes, they become a criminal and must remain on that team until they are apprehended or manually swap teams. You can Reset your character to respawn in the Warehouse to save time walking, but make sure you see a system message declaring that you are now on the criminal’s team, or a banner proclaiming “You’ve escaped the jail.” Don’t be caught!”, since if these do not appear, resetting will just rebirth you in jail.


How to play as a guard


Do not kill criminals randomly while using a weapon. You will be renowned in a terrible manner, just as the guard said about not camping. Furthermore, because you and the criminals are officially on the same team, killing them is equivalent to treason. Guards can use different weapons to scare or capture prisoners. They can use guns like sniper rifles, FAL, M4A1, and many others. You will have a lot of fun while you play as a guard.

You can play as a criminal or guard as per your preference. The game is also a good place to socialize and make new friends, You can make a lot out of this and the game is a joy to play.

With that, we conclude our guide on How to play Prison Life in Roblox. Do play the game and use our friendly guide to learn it. Till next time, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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