(2023) Minecraft PS5 Edition Release Date, Workaround & more

Minecraft has been released on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and mobile. With Sony’s PlayStation 5’s latest announcement, a question emerges. Will Minecraft be released on the PlayStation 5?

It was Markus “Notch” Persson who first came up with the idea for Minecraft, a sandbox computer game. This is maintained by Mojang Studio. People may wonder what a sandbox game is. It refers to games that contain a gameplay element that gives the player considerable creative flexibility to complete tasks with the ultimate goal in mind.

Over the last decade, Mojang, the game’s creators, has kept the game running strong with their full support. But what has gotten players stirred, is the fact that Minecraft might be available on PS5.

Is Minecraft on PS5? 

Short Answer: There is no Minecraft PS5 edition as of January 2023. Microsoft seems to push Minecraft PS5 launch to lure more fans to its new Xbox Series S/X. But, there is a workaround to play Minecraft on PS5.

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Microsoft is the owner of Minecraft. The same corporation that owns the Xbox gaming systems. Everyone is aware of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox’s market competition. As a result, of the Xbox Series X serving as the PlayStation 5’s main rival, Microsoft may be able to play their cards to their advantage.

Although there is no Minecraft PS5 edition, you could enjoy it on your PS5 system. The PlayStation 4 version is functional with the PS5, and it is available for purchase and download through the PlayStation shop.

This would work in the same manner as it did on the PS4 (more or less). If you wish, you could even utilize PSVR.

Minecraft has surpassed Tetris, a game that was released decades ago, as the world’s best-selling game in its ten-year existence.

Given this success, Microsoft may delay the launch of Minecraft on the PlayStation 5 in order to lure more gamers to its Series X.

That being stated, there is no need to be concerned. Minecraft is a very prominent game.

As a result, it is reasonable to assume that the Minecraft PS5 edition will be released on the PlayStation 5 at some point.

Is Minecraft on PS4? 

Yes, Minecraft is on PS4. The PlayStation 4 edition was initially advertised as a debut game; however, it was ultimately postponed. In December 2019, the PlayStation 4 copy of Minecraft was upgraded and became part of the Bedrock edition, enabling cross-platform play for players with a free Xbox Live subscription.

Minecraft cross-play is now available on the PlayStation 4. Sony, the last holdout on the block-platform-agnostic builder’s aspirations, has ultimately consented to whatever conditions were required.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is now available on PS4, allowing PC, Xbox One, Switch, mobile, and PlayStation 4 lovers to interact altogether like the huge wonderful family they are.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is now available on PS4 — as a free update if you already buy the game – and the multi-platform edition now features unified code across all versions.

This implies that cross-play is now available across all platforms, but that also implies that PS4 would get patches at the same time as all platforms, as well as the Minecraft Marketplace and its variety of worlds, skins, and minigames.

Minecraft PS5 Release Date

Minecraft Legends, the Minecraft PS5 edition releases on April 18, 2023.

Minecraft is an extremely prominent game that players across all platforms wait for. So, it is quite certain that we will be seeing a PS5 release of Minecraft soon. However, with really no word of the game or video, we don’t have much to go on this time.

The issue stems from the fact that Microsoft owns Minecraft and, rise in the success may delay releasing a PS5 Edition in order to persuade players to move to the new Xbox Series X.

That really shouldn’t concern you too much, since Minecraft will undoubtedly be available on the PS5. We have no confirmation on an official date as of now.

Because of backward compatibility, you can still boot up the PS4 Edition and play Minecraft on your next-generation system.

Minecraft has surpassed Tetris, a game that was released decades ago, as the world’s best-selling game in its ten-year existence.

Given this success, Microsoft may delay the launch of Minecraft on the PlayStation 5 in order to lure more gamers to its Series X & S.

Although there is currently no Minecraft PS5 edition, you may download it on your PS5 system.

The PlayStation 4 edition is compatible with the PS5, and it is available for purchase and download through the PlayStation shop.

It will work in the same manner as it did on the PS4 (more or less). If you wish, you can even utilize PSVR.

How to Play Minecraft on PS5 (Workaround)

Fortunately, there is a workaround if Microsoft delays Minecraft’s debut on PlayStation 5. You may still play your PlayStation 4 Minecraft CD on your new system due to backward compatibility.

Nevertheless, for those who do not already possess a version of the game, it is just a question of time.

To enjoy Minecraft on your PS5, make sure your system is up to date with the newest software.

Sony is also quick to point out that certain capabilities present on the PS4 may be missing owing to backward compatibility not always transferring full functions.

One could enjoy Minecraft on the PS5 in one of many ways. Follow the steps given below to play Minecraft on your PS5:

  • Step 1: Insert a PlayStation 4 game disc

Since the PS5 has no dedicated version of Minecraft as of now, insert a PS4 Minecraft disk. Because of the backward compatibility of PS5 towards the PS4, this should work.

  • Step 2: Transfer a digital copy

Via Wi-Fi data transfer, transmit a digital copy of the game from your PS4 to your PS5.

  • Step 3: Install Minecraft on your PS5

Download the PS4 game and install it on your PS5. You can play Minecraft on your PS5 using any of these methods.

Since the PS5 is backward compatible with PS4 software, all physical and digital software would function on the next-generation system.

Provided you use the same PSN account on PS5, you would have access to all of your PS4 PlayStation Store transactions.

This incorporates PlayStation Plus games, but you must have a current membership in order to play them.

PS4 games will perform better on PS5 thanks to a “boost” option, although this may create compatibility problems and may not apply to all titles.

You should also make absolutely sure that your PS4 titles are loaded on the PS5’s SSD.

Sony has said that PlayStation VR would be completely backward compatible with the PS5, which means that you would be capable to use your existing headgear with the next-generation system.

Because the PlayStation 5 is backward compatible with PS4 content, you will be able to play PSVR games on the PS5 – if you own them digitally or physically.

Because the new HD Camera is incompatible with the PS5, you’ll need to use a free PS Camera adapter to connect your current PS4 camera to the PS5.


1. Can I play Minecraft on PS5?

The game itself is currently under development for the PS5, however, it is feasible to play it on your current system, PS4. You don’t have to purchase or download the PlayStation 4 version for the PS5, since it’s fully compatible. The game will function just as it did on the PS4. In addition, you may also utilize PSVR, if you’d want.

2. Is Minecraft for PS5 coming out?

It is unclear what the consequence is. Microsoft has the copyright to Minecraft. The very same corporate entity that possesses the Xbox gaming systems. Minecraft is a much-anticipated game for PC, Xbox, and mobile gamers.

Based on what I have seen, it seems certain that we will see a PlayStation 5 version of Minecraft shortly. However, this time, without any information on the game or video, we have very little to go on.

The PS5 edition of Minecraft has been probably delayed to boost the sales of the Xbox counterparts. It is quite obvious that Microsoft would play to their strengths and that is exactly what is happening here.

3. Is a membership cost, such as an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, required to play online?

PlayStation Plus is needed to participate in online multiplayer on the PlayStation platforms. A free Microsoft profile is optional but suggested for players to get the most out of this variant of Minecraft.

4. Will the downloadable content I own in the current edition of Minecraft carry over to the next version?

There is a lot of downloadable content already available in Minecraft: PS4 Edition, which will be easily transferred to the next version of Minecraft.

Although you won’t be able to utilize some of the material on the new version, you will still be able to use that content on your PS4.

5. Is there going to be a PS5 update for Minecraft?

Minecraft console versions are heritage games. We have been thinking about this for some time, and we have taken the decision to offer a more generalized Minecraft experience for players.

The latest edition of the game is called the Bedrock Edition. In the interest of playing the same game with friends, regardless of the platform you use, it is very possible that this new feature was influenced to some degree by the push for cross-play gaming and the opportunity to play the same game with friends on other consoles.

6. What exactly is the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft?

Bedrock is the Windows version of Minecraft and applies to any existing non-Java edition of the game.

  • Multi-Platform – Users could really enjoy Bedrock Editions on Minecraft console, mobile, and PC
  • Marketplace – Add-Ons or Skin packs can be bought from the marketplace to alter your game mechanics
  • Cross-Play — Bedrock users may play online against any other Bedrock player.
  • Runs smoothly — Bedrock Edition does not need powerful computers or devices to operate and will often run faster than Java Edition.

7. What distinguishes the Bedrock version from the previous versions of Minecraft?

Minecraft provides a consistent experience for players across all platforms that utilize the Bedrock foundation.

One may cross-play with friends regardless of device, play multiplayer mini-games, and personalize your gameplay with community items accessible via the in-game Minecraft Marketplace/Minecraft Store.

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