How to Get Pixelmon on Nintendo Switch (Workarounds)

Minecraft, a sandbox video game akin to a digital Lego world, offers a realm of unlimited creativity and adventure. Initially focused on building and survival, the game has evolved to encompass a variety of themes, attracting a diverse audience. In Creative mode, players enjoy unlimited resources for building, while Survival mode offers exploration and defense against monsters.

This evolution has cemented Minecraft as a versatile and enduring classic, widely popular among younger gamers. The game’s expansive universe allows for continuous updates and customizations, making it available on multiple platforms including PlayStation, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, smartphones, and more.

Today’s focus is on a specific query: Can you play Pixelmon, a popular Minecraft mod, on the Nintendo Switch? This article dives into the possibilities and options for enjoying Pixelmon on this popular gaming console. Let’s explore.

Can you play Pixelmon on Switch?

Unfortunately, Pixelmon cannot be played on the Nintendo Switch. The primary reason is that the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft does not support the installation of mods. However, it’s worth noting that players can use a variety of add-ons.

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Can you play Pixelmon on Switch

Understanding Mods and Add-ons

Mods often seamlessly integrate into the existing Minecraft universe. In certain cases, mods may require world generation, necessitating the resetting of chunks to experience all the changes.

The flexibility of Minecraft mods allows players to mix and match to their liking.

To add new mods to an existing mod pack, players typically drop the mod’s jar file into the mods folder. After launching Minecraft, these new mods should be available for use.

Safety and Security Concerns

While most mod packs are safe, it’s crucial to download them from reputable sources. Mods from unreliable websites may contain harmful viruses that could damage your device or compromise sensitive information.

Exploring Alternatives

While direct installation is off the table, the Minecraft world on Switch still holds many adventures:

  • Embrace Bedrock Edition Add-Ons: Explore the official marketplace for Pokémon-inspired content, including creature capture and training features.
  • Pixelmon on PC: Access to a PC with Minecraft Java Edition opens the world of Pixelmon. Install the mod, join a multiplayer server, and immerse yourself in Pokémon adventures within Minecraft.
  • Beyond Pixelmon: Explore other Minecraft-like games that offer similar experiences. Check out our list of games perfect for elementary school children, including Pokémon Go and Terraria.

Installing Add-ons on Nintendo Switch

While mods are not supported, there are ways to install add-ons to Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch. The process involves transferring files to and from the Switch’s SD card.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Backup Minecraft Savefile: Use a save manager (e.g., Checkpoint) to backup your Minecraft savefile.
  2. Locate Minecraft: Open Checkpoint from the Homebrew Menu and locate Minecraft under the desired User Profile.
  3. Backup Save File: Back up the save file using the left trigger.
  4. Access Files on SD Card: Either insert the SD Card into a computer or use FTP homebrew like NXMTP.
  5. Find and Modify the Backup: The path usually is sd:/switch/Checkpoint/saves/0x0100D71004694000 Minecraft/YourSaveName.
  6. Save and Modify Files on Computer: Backup and modify files in the \sgames/com.mojang directory.
  7. Restore Save File: Use Checkpoint to restore the modified save file.
  8. Launch Game: Open Minecraft to access your custom files.

Important Note

Always keep a backup. Restoring saves without a complete backup can result in loss of worlds and Xbox Live connectivity.


Mods like Pixelmon are not natively supported on consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. However, add-ons provide an alternative way to customize the Minecraft experience on these platforms. For the full mod experience, Minecraft Java Edition on PC remains the ideal platform.

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