Multiple users are reporting COD Mobile Peacekeeper Bugs

It has been one year since Call of Duty Mobile was launched. The game has had over 100 Million Downloads since its debut. It is one of the fastest-growing games on the mobile platform. The realistic visuals, the multitude of modes and maps, and the fast-paced gameplay have caught the interest of quite a several gamers.

Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile kicked off on the 22nd of December. And ever since then, it has had its fair share of bugs and glitches. Today we will be addressing one of the numerous such glitches which have been causing a lot of frustration to the players in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Peacekeeper Bug:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are sure you guys will agree when we say that experiencing bugs and glitches while playing, especially during clutch moments can be classified as one of the most frustrating things in the world.

peacekeeper glitch cod mobile
Source: Apache YT @ApacheYT13

Well, the all-new Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Rifle has become a victim of one such glitch. Numerous players from across the globe have encountered a bug while using the Peacekeeper wherein, the gun gets disintegrated into parts and each individual part starts floating in the air around the gun.

While sprinting, parts of the gun go missing and the players can actually see through the weapon. Now, that is something which is simply unacceptable while playing matches especially Ranked or Competitive.

Players have also come across this bug with other weapons like the ICR-1, RUS-79U, Arctic-50, etc. It is about time COD Mobile focused on taking care of annoying bugs like this instead of focusing on dropping content bombs every season.

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