New COD Warzone bug lets you Teleport on the map

Call of Duty Warzone, since its release has become one of the most downloaded and played FPS Battle Royale games across various platforms. Players from all around the world aim to set different milestones in the game and play against each other.

However, Warzone has its fair share of bugs and glitches. Although the development team works diligently to patch any in-game glitches, new ones seem to appear randomly through player action. Today we will be talking about one such glitch in the game which has bamboozled quite a lot of players.

New COD Warzone bug –

Considering the scale of Verdansk, it is no mystery that fans are interested in any ability to travel long distances quickly. Although Call of Duty: Warzone’s Metro station provides the quickest form of transportation, one player could have unintentionally discovered anything faster.

We came across a glitch that allows players to teleport right across the map. You heard that right! The glitch spot is activated when a player walks by a small Verdansk gas station. As a player runs forward, turns and attempts to jump through a window attached to a nearby building. In this attempt, the game glitches, and suddenly the player can find himself somewhere far away.

A friend of mine accidentally found a new way of transportation around Verdansk from r/CODWarzone

As the graphics of the game gets rendered, players can see rocks and the outer shell of an aircraft hangar. It soon becomes apparent that the player is no longer at the small gas station he began and teleported almost 200 meters from his squad.

Well, other players tried to recreate this glitch at will but failed. However, we have gotten reports of such bugs occurring elsewhere, throughout the map. While a rare flaw, players can quickly traverse the map, avoid battle, and ambush opponents if they learn how to deliberately cause it. These bugs certainly have game-breaking possibilities.

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