Alex Mason arrives in COD Mobile (China) as a F2P Character

Season 13 Winter War of Call to Duty Mobile has really appealed to most players of the COD Mobile fraternity. Although players all over the globe are grinding to the fullest potential to get their hands on all the prizes which Season 13 has to bring, players in China are still doing the same.

Season 1 of COD Mobile China kicked off on the 25th of December 2020. Since then, players, especially from the Global version of the game have been going nuts over the Battle Pass and rewards which the Chinese counterpart of the game has to offer. Today we will be talking about yet another F2P character which the Chinese version has to offer for its players.

Alex Mason arrives in COD Mobile (China) –

Like we had mentioned before, COD Mobile China is going all out to increase the popularity of the game and attract more and more players. One of those tactics is to include a lot of freebies in the game.

Likewise, in a very recent update, we have confirmation that the Chinese version of COD Mobile will be featuring an Alex Mason character in the game. What’s exciting is that this character will be available for free to all the players of China.

You read that right. The Chinese version of COD Mobile will be getting the Alex Mason character for free via the Daily Login rewards event. All players have to do to get the character is to log into the game daily for 7 days.

Also, the Chinese version of COD Mobile has gotten some other exclusive features like New HP System, Self-revive, Nunchucks, and JAAY (Jay Chou) character. Make sure to check all of them out.

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