How to give Robux to a friend without a group

Players of Roblox, an online gaming platform, may either create their games from scratch or play those created by other users.

Robux is the game’s virtual money and may be used to purchase items like avatars and powerups.

The ideal situation would allow you to easily distribute your Robux fortune to your pals with the touch of a button.

However, neither the real world nor your Roblox creations are without flaws.

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There are a few hoops you may need to jump through before you can give your pals and Robux.

You have the option of donating or gifting the Robux to the recipient. However, it’s not simple to hand out Robux to your pals.

This article details the many options available for sending Robux to a friend outside of a group and explains how to contribute Robux from your account.

How to give Robux to a friend without a group

Since there are no direct means for doing so, you cannot give or transfer Robux to your pals.

Nonetheless, we have a solution that allows you to provide Robux to your pals outside of a group.

Method 1: Offering Robux through donations

The use of a contribution T-shirt or any other article of apparel is by far the most common and well-liked method of donating Robux to your pals.

This approach requires your buddy to design a piece of apparel and offer it for sale.

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To do so, you’ll need to buy the item and provide some Robux as payment. To do this, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Have your buddy design a clothing item

Start by having your buddy design a clothing item they may sell for a charitable cause.

To make things for the charity shop, your buddy must first join the Builder’s Club.

By paying the monthly fee of $4.99 for a Premium Membership, one may become a part of the Builder’s Club.

Seller membership in the Builder’s Club is required, although buyer membership is not.

  • Step 2: Ask your buddy to set a price for the item

The next step is for your buddy to set a price for the donated clothing item and add it to the online store.

  • Step 3: Have your friend write down the item’s name

If your buddy is donating clothes, have them write down the item’s name.

  • Step 4: Proceed to your Roblox account and log in.

  • Step 5: On the upper horizontal bar, choose Avatar Shop.

  • Step 6: Enter the name of the item as described by your buddy

You should now enter the name of the donated clothing item as it was described to you by your buddy.

  • Step 7: Locate the item and select it

Once you’ve located the item you’re looking for, tap on it.

  • Step 8: Choose Buy With R$

Choose Buy With R$ from the drop-down menu that appears. Every sale will incur a 30% market tax.

The Robux you spent on the item will be given to the seller, in this case, your buddy, when you have completed the transaction.

Method 2: Donating Robux by Selling a Game Pass.

This method can be carried out exclusively on a PC.

Donating Robux that you currently have in your account may be accomplished via the purchase and subsequent sale of a Game Pass.

You’ll need two Roblox accounts—yours and a friend’s—to pull this off. Here is the procedure to follow.

The user must then open Roblox on their friend’s account and log in.

  • Step 1: Choose the New tab.

  • Step 2: Select Manage My Games from the Create menu

You may access Manage My Games by selecting it from the Create menu.

Beneath Manage My Games, you’ll see a catalog of all the games you’ve made.

Roblox makes a pre-made game for every new user, so if you’ve never made a game before, that’s the one you’ll see.

  • Step 3: Choose the game, then select the gear icon that appears

To make a new game pass, choose the game, then select the gear icon that appears.

  • Step 4: Download a picture for the Game Pass

One cannot make a Game Pass without an accompanying picture.

You may get it quickly and conveniently from Avatar Shop by downloading it.

You shouldn’t have any trouble picking out a picture from the Catalog to use as your Game Pass wallpaper.

  • Step 5: Return to Game Pass and upload it there

To use a downloaded picture, you must return to Create Game Pass and upload it there.

You may type a detailed description in the description box provided underneath, however, this is optional.

  • Step 6: Just hit the preview button.

  • Step 7: To confirm your upload, click the green button.

The prompt “Game Pass successfully created” will show up on the screen.

  • Step 8: Tap on the gear icon for the new game

Access the drop-down menu by tapping on the settings icon for the new game.

  • Step 9: Choose Configure.

Once the Game Pass has been uploaded, it may be made available for purchase.

You may accomplish this by selecting Configure from the drop-down menu that appears when you select the three-dot button on the Game Pass page.

  • Step 10: Choose the Sales option from the list of available choices

To begin, choose “Sales” from the list of available choices on the left menu.

  • Step 11: Turn on the ‘Item for Sale’ option.

  • Step 12: Input the desired donation amount

Just type your desired donation amount into the box. Roblox retains 30% of the transaction price, while 70% goes to the buyer.

  • Step 13: Tap on the Save option to activate the Game Pass

After entering your payment information, be sure to hit the Save option so that the Game Pass can be activated.

  • Step 14: Copy the URL to the selling Game Pass page

Next, you should copy the URL to the selling Game Pass page and send it to the person to whom you like to gift Robux.

Given that you are the one donating, you should put in the effort.

  • Step 15: Sign in to your Roblox Account

To send Robux to a friend, you must first sign onto the Roblox account you want to utilize.

  • Step 16: Enter the link to the discounted Game Pass you copied

After signing in, enter the link to the discounted Game Pass you copied earlier.

  • Step 17: Tap on the Buy button

When you’re ready, go ahead and choose the Buy button.

  • Step 18: Confirm your purchase by clicking the Buy Now button

The next step is to confirm your purchase by clicking the Buy Now button.

Donating Robux to another player is instantaneous, and they will get the funds from your Roblox account immediately after you complete the selling Game Pass purchase.

However, the aforementioned strategy does not instantly produce Robux.

The “Pending Sales” phase in Roblox lasts for three days and allows players to send money to one another.

Method 3: Buy a Robux Gift Card for your friend

You have the option of purchasing a Robux gift card for your buddy to give to them as a present.

This is the procedure for doing so:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the website where you may purchase Gift Cards.

  • Step 2: Make your selection from the available products.

  • Step 3: Fill the Robux gift card with the desired amount

You will be able to fill the Gift Card with just about any quantity of credits that you want to be provided to your buddy.

Your friend needs to have an existing Builders Club account for this.

  • Step 4: Add a personalized note for your friend

Add your own special touch to the card by writing a cheery note inside.

  • Step 5: To buy, select the Click To Purchase option below

At this moment, the only payment methods accepted for Gift Cards are credit and debit cards.

  • Step 6: Print the gift card or download and save it.

You may either print the Gift Card or download and save it as a PDF.

Gift cards in PDF format will be mailed to the purchaser’s billing email address.

This may be printed, downloaded, or sent via email to the intended recipient.

Even if the recipient does not have a Roblox account, they may still buy a gift card and enjoy the benefits of giving the game to a friend.

Robux gift cards may be purchased with real money if you don’t want to bother with the other options or don’t have access to a debit or prepaid card.

Brick-and-mortar retailers throughout the globe stock physical gift cards for their customers.

How to give Robux to a friend without a group

You may get a card near you by going to one of these businesses to pick one up:

  • 7-Eleven

  • Amazon
  • Walgreens

  • Target

  • Best Buy

  • Walmart

  • CVS Pharmacy

When you choose to get a physical card, the receiver will still require your assistance to make use of the gift card you have given them.

Donations may be processed much more quickly with the use of digital cards.

Gift cards in various amounts may be purchased online or at stores like GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

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