How to see Roblox Recent Players List

When you click on the Roblox Logo or “Home” on the Main Menu Bar, you are sent to the Roblox Homescreen page. You can access your Feed, Friends, Recently Played, Favorites, Friend Activity, and Blog News from this page. You can also change your currencies, settings, and search engine options from here.

This page is composed of a few different components. The tab navigation bar may be seen on the other side of the screen page (top left, three lines). You may access your profile, messages, friends, avatar, inventory, and much more with its assistance.

However, the moment might be so enjoyable when you join a server or game to participate in it that you could forget the name of a player you have played with. Here is our guide on How to see Roblox recent players list.

How to see Roblox recent players list

Short Answer: The persons you’ve recently played with cannot be visited or messaged through any page or feature on the website. You won’t be able to view a list of the individuals you enjoyed spending time with if you unintentionally or hastily quit a game.

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Additionally, until you play with them once again, you won’t be able to add them to your friends list. Don’t give up however; we’re going to attempt a couple strategies that can help you connect with the gamer you’re looking for sooner than you think.

Your username is shown in the upper left corner of the page. When you alter your avatar, your avatar’s image is updated.

The majority of your friends are shown in alphabetical order on your friends list. It informs you whether your pals are playing a game or just browsing the website. The two separate icons used to represent it are green for in-game and blue for website.

There is a 200 friend limit, so unfriend any individuals you don’t want to be friends with before adding your new friend. Click on a user’s avatar and choose the “Unfriend” option next to the “Chat” option to “unfriend” them.

You may post snippets about what you’re doing right now in The Feed. The status bar is located at the bottom of the page. Enter your activity and click Share. All of your friends will see a copy of your status in their own feeds.

The list of my feeds is located underneath the Current Status bar. You may see all of the status changes and group yells from your pals in your friends list here. This enables you to stay in touch with your friends and be aware of their activities. It displays a list of the games some of your friends played, similar to your Continue.

  • Method 1: Use the “Find Friends” tool

You may contact pals using the data on your mobile phone by utilising the Find Friends feature. The feature analyses your data and matches you with gamers or friends who are somehow related to you through other sources. Even if it could be a long shot, you should at least attempt it.

  • Method 2: Try entering their username

Today is your fortunate day if you know the users’ usernames. Find the player’s username in the “People” category on the Roblox homescreen page.

When you do, click on their avatar and choose “Add Friend” from the menu that appears. Each of you will be able to talk. Of course, this is the ideal situation when trying to find a person you just played with, but other people are less fortunate.

  • Method 3: Return to the game you were playing with that user

Consider returning to the game you were enjoying. Rejoin the server and search the area for the player you’re looking for. Although it doesn’t always work, this is one approach to try.

  • Method 4: On your Xbox, look for recent players

Finding others in a game is as simple as it gets if you use an Xbox. Simply go to friends and then choose “Recently played” from the Xbox’s main menu.

You may see all of the Gamertags of the players you have interacted with there. However, it can be difficult to locate the individual person if you played with several other people. We understand; nonetheless, there isn’t a feature in the game that lets us locate recently active people.

  • Method 5: Try sending friend request to players in game

You must give someone a Friend Request in order to be friends with them on Roblox. They may choose to accept or reject based on their criteria.

If you are approved, you may ask that person to join your current playing session, talk with them, send them messages (based on their privacy settings), and invite them to Group Chats.

Unless you have more than 150 friends, you don’t simply ignore your pals. Spend some time with your pals. Instead of friending everyone you see, it is preferable to establish friends with those you feel comfortable playing and interacting often.

It was replaced by Followers in February 2015, and everyone’s friends were changed to Followers. Roblox is considering changing the name of Pals to Best Friends and limiting users to 900 friends. You may follow them, but they have an infinite number of followers.

Your Friendship Badge will still be there on your profile even if all of your friends are deleted.

By clicking on a user’s profile and selecting the “Message” button next to the “Unfriend” button on their profile, you may send them a message. However, you can open the dropdown menu and choose the “Message” option.

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