(2023) Top 36 Underrated Roblox Games

Roblox is a global gaming platform that offers millions of games that may be played directly on the site. Each of these games is available in the Roblox games collection. All that is necessary is for the player to click on the game that he or she wants to play.

What’s more, Roblox gives other users the ability to develop and share their own games. This means that gamers may use this platform to check out games produced by other players in order to find unique games.

As already mentioned above, there are millions of games that are currently listed on Roblox. Furthermore, the platform is still active with countless players still playing all of the games while other players are enjoying creating newer and newer games on the platform. Players can play different games such as simulator games, tycoon games, or even car games on Roblox.

Players may overlook some of the hidden gems that are all featured on Roblox since there are so many games to select from. There’s also no way to uncover such amazing undervalued games on your own. This is why we will be highlighting some of the most underappreciated Roblox games available today. Here is a list of the Top 36 Underrated Roblox games that you can enjoy.

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Top 36 Underrated Roblox games

  • 36. Declined Environment

Declined Environment

This game is based around a haunted ADS Research Facility that conceals some unpalatable truths and mysteries that you, the player, must learn as a photojournalist on assignment.

  • 35. Monsters of Etheria

Monsters of Etheria

Some of the most exquisite video game graphics may be found in Monsters of Etheria, a Roblox game. It is exquisitely rendered, and all of the game’s characters and settings drive the player into a frenzy of want to explore the lovely country of Etheria.

  • 34. The Mirror

The Mirrors

The player’s character must turn out the lights and look in a mirror until strange things begin to happen in the single-player psychological horror game “The Mirror” for Roblox.

  • 33. Horror Portals

Horror Portals

The current settings for the jump-scare-heavy game Horror Portals include a birthday celebration, a carnival, and a hospital. There are 13 different possible outcomes in this game. If you dare, try to check them all out.

  • 32. Scary Elevator

Scary Elevators

Perhaps elevator fear is something we can all relate to. Who knows what lies on each floor for you. The Roblox game Scary Elevator takes use of just that bleak condition by stopping the player at random levels where he would encounter terrifying circumstances.

There won’t be any hugs and gifts there, as you might have predicted, because the majority of the situations feature enemies attempting to murder the player’s character.

  • 31. Your Bizarre Adventure

Your Bizarre Adventure

Along with Project JoJo, Your Bizarre Adventure is undoubtedly the finest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure game available on the Roblox platform. It takes set in Italy and essentially follows the Golden Wind arc of the manga (and anime).

The variety of unlocked Stands and fighting techniques in Your Bizarre Adventure provide players many different ways to approach battle.

  • 30. Revenge Kaisen

Revenge Kaisen

A Roblox simulation game called Jujutsu Kaisen Domains is inspired on the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. The game is similar to Japanese anime games in that there are several objectives to do for experience points and money, as well as numerous attributes that add to the character’s overall growth.

  • 29. Psycho Infinity

Pyscho Infinity

The well-known Roblox game Mob Infinity has been transformed into an anime called Psycho Infinity. It is certain to keep players captivated because to its slick user interface, sharp graphic design, and abundance of missions and abilities to employ. The long-term growth mechanism provides enticing, deserving rewards.

  • 28. Downfall


Players may assume the role of Survey Corps in this Attack on Titan anime combat game as they battle to purge the city of the titular Titans who invade continuously. The gameplay is unlike most other Roblox games in that it features a lot of aerial, quick-fire fighting.

The UI is straightforward and centred on battle, so it will take some getting accustomed to for inexperienced players. In order to defeat Titans, the game is best played jointly, which is especially beneficial for inexperienced players who may still be learning the concepts.

  • 27. Impulse


In this sci-fi fast-paced shooter, take your FPS shooting to outer space. Impulse is a really underestimated game that everyone should play because it has some outstanding refinement in both its presentation and animations.

Battle it out with your buddies with blasters and other space weaponry in a future sci-fi atmosphere. Use enjoyable movement tools, such as a double jump. Enjoy the fast-paced, high-flying gameplay that makes Quake III come to mind.

  • 26. Notoriety


Notoriety will have you leading a life of crime by combining gameplay that is comparable to Payday 2 and horde mode games. You’ll take on missions in this Roblox FPS heist where your objective is to steal as much money as you can while carrying off outstanding clandestine operations.

To pull off heists in a variety of circumstances, collaborate with your buddies. Fight swarms of more and more difficult police forces. Use a wide variety of tools and techniques.

  • 25. Military Combat Tycoon

Top 36 Underrated Roblox Games

This FPS game is unique from others. You will need to accomplish a lot more than just murder in Military Combat Tycoon if you want to triumph. Your goal is to construct the largest base possible so that you may completely outnumber your rivals with your magnificent military fleet.

Amass kills to expand your base. Utilize tools like helicopters, tanks, and boats. Fight in hulking, vehicle-required maps in colossal groupings.

  • 24. Alone Battle Royale

Top 36 Underrated Roblox Games

If you enjoy shooters, you might be interested in Alone Battle Royale, one of the numerous shooting games Roblox has to offer.

Jump into a server to run about in a free-for-all PVP fight, gathering supplies wherever you can find them, and trying to survive longer than everyone else. This is similar to many famous shooter games like Fortnite and PUBG.

  • 23. Quarantine-Z

Top 36 Underrated Roblox Games

A post-apocalyptic survival shooter game called Quarantine-Z is available. You must continue gathering supplies and other stuff in order to live, much as in many other zombie video games. Defeat zombies and other players simultaneously, or form alliances with them and cooperate to live.

In order to discover riches and other players more quickly, you may even drive automobiles throughout the enormous terrain. Despite being a paid-access game, if you have the extra robux, it’s worth the money.

  • 22. Body

Top 36 Underrated Roblox Games

The gruesome game A dead body is left in a closed hospital. With just a candle to guide you, you and up to four other players can search the map together for the presumed dead corpse that was left behind in the hopes of bringing it out and giving the individual a decent burial.

Be cautious while you seek since there are spirits lurking around every corner, which is why the hospital was abandoned in the first place. Do you possess the necessary skills to finish the game?

  • 21. Wings of Glory

Wings of Glory

With a game full of PVP dogfights, Wings of Glory goes to the air. There are several options available here, including teams of up to 16 players attempting to blast each other out of the sky.

There are more than 60 distinct aircraft types to select from, many of them are based on actual aircraft from various historical eras. Choose your favourite and test your air survival skills against the opposing side.

  • 20. Boost Vector

Boost Vector

The game to check out is Boost Vector if you enjoy both parkour and racing. Organize a group of pals or sign up for a server with other players and get ready to run.

This fast-paced parkour offers a variety of map options to keep your games interesting and is covered in speed ramps that will propel you through the course and enable really high leaps. Try out your abilities at various speeds to see if you can prevail.

  • 19. WTW?


WTW? has a party game vibe similar to Jackbox Games. Fill in the blanks or respond humorously to the question posed in each round, and when the timer goes off, compete against the responses offered by other players to garner the most votes and win the game.

If you find yourself in one of those rounds, there may be a catch in which you are not allowed to use particular letters in your response. It’s entertaining and simple to play when you only have a short amount of time.

  • 18. Incognito


In Incognito, which was inspired by Garry’s Mod’s Guess Who, you are divided into the police and the prisoner teams. The police are the hunters looking through the population strewn over the globe for the runaway inmates. In the meantime, the inmates are attempting to pass as citizens in an effort to elude the police.

You can transform into any of the nearby inhabitants if you’re a prisoner, and if you can behave like one of them convincingly enough, you’ll win the game. However, if a police officer finds out, you lose and must try again.

  • 17. Copyrighted Artists

Copyrighted Artists

Copyrighted Artists might pique your attention if you enjoy games like Pictionary. The game is played in rounds, and during each round, participants are given a random prompt to draw as well they can within the allotted time. After then, the images are scattered and mixed, and your task is to attempt to draw exactly like the last player.

  • 16. Assasin!


One of the most played games on Roblox is called Breaking Point, although it has a painfully basic gameplay. The first few times are enjoyable, and it could even be a little addictive, but it never lasts for very long. Come on, Assassin!

Essentially, Breaking Point has been improved upon in this game. Everyone is in it for himself rather than waiting around for players to battle one another.

  • 15. Outlaster


Outlaster is an adventure game based on the popular reality television show Survivor. A server of up to 50 players competes in teams or single battles to win the mini-game and avoid being voted out that round.

As the number of participants decreases, the stakes rise, making the aim of outlasting everyone else increasingly difficult to attain.

  • 14. The Untold

Top 14 Underrated Roblox games

Another fantastically underappreciated terrifying Roblox game, this one is focused on a lost buddy. While trying to find the lost companion, you fall missing as well and learn the reality of your surroundings. This game features several jump scares, top-notch visuals, and powerful themes like dread, mystery, and darkness.

  • 13. Bloodfest


Bloodfest is a fantastic zombie apocalypse-themed Roblox game in which you must battle your way through a horde of zombies in order to achieve your target. In this epic survival game, your only resources are a few weapons, some useful items, and some survival knowledge.

  • 12. Reticent


One of the underappreciated Roblox horror games is Reticent, which is sure to shock your mind. The subject of the game revolves upon surviving in a haunted house by whatever means necessary.

  • 11. Ballista

Underrated Roblox games

Being a knight is so much more fun than being a contemporary soldier with weaponry. Ballista uses the same gameplay mechanics as contemporary first-person shooters, but with swords and bows instead of guns. Two teams battle for goals that must be taken in order to win.

Users may test out classes like archers, at-arms, and swordsmen, which is the fun part. Each performs an important function, such as defensive, frontline, or ranged damage.

  • 10. Polybattle

Top 10 Underrated Roblox games

Polybattle is a military-style game in which you must acquire control locations while evading enemy attacks. Classes may be unlocked with money or through leveling up, and each class has unique powers. There are also several vehicles, including boats, trucks, tanks, and helicopters.

Two teams battle for possession of the bulk of the objectives. The gameplay features a broad set of tactical vehicles, classes, and atmospheric settings. Victory may be achieved via a combination of talent, strategy, and collaboration.

  • 9. Greenville

Top 10 Underrated Roblox games

Greenville is a role-playing game set in the town of Greenville, Wisconsin. You can work as a cop, an EMS worker, or in a variety of other professions. There are nearly 400 cars to choose from, some of which require game passes. You make money through driving or working.

Drive about the map in various vehicles to explore it! In addition, you may roleplay as a worker in one of the game’s numerous vocations. The roleplaying options are unlimited with suburban homes, a plethora of companies and occupations, automobiles ranging from the rustbucket to the sports car, and a landscape that reminds you of life outside of the city.

  • 8. Adventure Story

Adventure Story- Top 10 Underrated Roblox games

Unfortunately, this is no longer in production, but the current version is a fantastic adventure-style RPG card game. If you’ve had enough of Hexaria but still want those cards, I recommend this. There is a lighthearted narrative, but adventure-style games like this are becoming increasingly rare.

This is a turn-based multiplayer action-adventure game set in a cartoony universe full of intriguing and endearing characters. Players go throughout the world to gain strong skills in order to defeat the most terrible monsters with the assistance of their allies, all while gathering riches and precious relics along the way.

  • 7. Zombie Blitz

Top 10 Underrated Roblox games

A strange spacecraft crashes into a jungle. As the researchers of Blitz Research Inc. unravel its mystery, they will soon understand the terror it implies. Following a near-fatal accident, the survivors must find another route out of the facility. The narrative begins with a camera pan down to a novice on a mountain.

After a few seconds, a weird spaceship is spotted crashing to Earth, prompting the novice to hide their face before the ship hits. The camera pans to a wrecked spaceship in the middle of woodland. The sequence concludes with a return to the player’s point of view. In the Blitz Research Inc. Facility, the player is joined by Jack.

  • 6. Journey to the Sun

Top 10 Underrated Roblox Games

Journey to the Sun is a parkour/exploration Roblox game set in the Sun Domain, a high-altitude region adorned with floating islands, each with its own history. Initially, the player must collect Sacred Flames as the Angel’s Chosen in order to fuel the Dying Sun and keep the Dark One, Sid, at bay.

It’s a parkour game with a well-written plot and inexpensive game-pass pricing. Moreover, there’s also lovely music to go along with the gorgeous sights. You may also choose whether you want it for high-quality or low-quality devices.

  • 5. Recoil

Top 10 Underrated Roblox Games

Recoil is a first-person shooter game created by Bad Skeleton. There are several game modes, weapons, killstreaks, perks, and skins in the game. You may personalize your firearms with numerous attachments and camos, as well as stickers and charms. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed film.

Players are assigned to teams and play in several modes. New players will be pitted against bots until they earn enough experience. There is a limit that when a team reaches, they win the game. The game is super fun to play and is a must-try.

  • 4. Stop it! Slender

Top 10 Underrated Roblox Games

Stop it! Slender Is another underappreciated survival horror Roblox game. As the name implies, the game is greatly influenced by the other slim games. As a result, if you enjoy the Slender series, we strongly advise you to play this game.

The goal of the game is the same as it is in every previous Slender game, which requires the player to switch on all three generators as well as gather all eight papers. Moreover, while completing this task, the player must ensure that he entirely avoids Slender Man.

  • 3. Experience Gravity

Experience Gravity

Experience Gravity is a one-of-a-kind game that isn’t for everyone. This could be one of the reasons why it isn’t as popular and is considered one of the most underrated Roblox games. The game itself is a lot of fun to play, especially with other people.

You get to have fun with other gamers in space. There is nothing in the game that necessitates the player’s continual presence. It’s one of those games in which the player may do whatever he wants. So, if you’re searching for a peaceful game, be sure to check this one out.

  • 2. Dead Silence

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is one of the most terrifying Roblox games ever created. If you enjoy playing horror games, this should be one of the first games you play. The game is based primarily on the original Dead Silence. Many gamers were amazed at the game for a Roblox game.

Dead Silence may be played by up to three separate players. You are also allowed to play the game entirely on your own. Dead Silence was originally conceived as a horror film in 2007. The game centers mostly around two characters named Jamie Ashen and Lisa.

  • 1. Entry Point

Entry Point

Entry Point is a beautifully underappreciated game with enthralling gameplay. Without a question, the game contains some of the most remarkable tales that any Roblox game has to offer. This is only one of many outstanding features of this game.

The game mostly consists of a variety of various episodes. Each episode has a unique plot, which is part of what makes this game so enjoyable. Also, with all of the episodes that the player may choose from, each with its own plot, we’re not sure why this game is so underappreciated.

With this, we conclude our list of Top 36 Underrated Roblox Games. Do try all the games and comment on your favorite. Till next time, stay safe and follow us for more gaming coverage.

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