How to Summon Pokemon in Pixelmon: Minecraft

Minecraft is a Lego-style role-playing video game that lets you to create and explore your own universe.

As the game expanded beyond its original concentrate on creating block-based fortifications against monsters, a variety of other aspects were introduced.

This has evolved into another favorite over time, due to a broad range of unusual qualities. While in Creative mode, there are no restrictions on the number of resources accessible to you.

To locate new life forms and occupy new planets, you may utilize the game’s Survival mode to search the cosmos.

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As an alternate option, occasionally you may create a fortress and store weaponry to fend off an oncoming monster invasion

With time as the game evolved, additional features and capabilities were included. There are various techniques to customize Minecraft.

It’s possible to play this game on a vast variety of various platforms and devices. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC are only a few of the most popular gaming platforms.

This is a tremendous development for the Minecraft community. If you’re wanting for more games that elementary school pupils adore, have a look at our compilation of 15 amazing games like Minecraft

Even though it looks to be a simple premise, at first sight, it may be the basis for a game with practically unlimited versions.

This blocky universe has evolved and stretched during the previous decade to reach its current state. This game’s appearance, feel, and usefulness may all be tweaked in a variety of ways.

Pixelmon Minecraft

Pixelmon is an incredibly popular mod for Minecraft. Users might take out their Pokémon exploits in an arbitrarily produced environment that comprises monsters from all the various generations.

Assemble your unique perfect team and take on NPC trainers from throughout the globe.

Users could actually let their imaginations stream into stunning creations with the added complexity and cleverness of Minecraft.

Minecraft on its own has been developed to enable its players to extend their imagination, increase their crafting abilities, and let their players’ inventiveness run loose.

Consequently, Pixelmon was born, and it integrated the world of Pokémon into Minecraft.

In a word, Pixelmon is a modification in Minecraft that contains several playable commands that enable users to manage their PokéWorld.

In Pixelmon, you may capture, acquire, and fight nearly any Pokémon you choose! Hence, you need to grasp how to spawn various sorts of Pokémon.

And, luckily for you, this article will teach you everything you need to spawn your normal Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon, Boss Pokémon, and sometimes even Legendaries!

How to Summon Pokémon in Pixelmon: Minecraft

  • Step 1: Check whether your world accepts cheat codes

So, enjoying Pixelmon is entertaining solely if you are gaming on any of the devices mentioned. Nevertheless, Pixelmon mod is accessible for all devices.

Users have to input a cheat code, to generate their Pokémon. Though the system is compliant with cheat codes you have to explicitly accept it.

  • Step 2: Traverse to establish a new world window.

  • Step 3: Tap upon that ‘More world options’.

In the window that displays next, you would be able to choose between permitting cheat codes. Leave it on and go back to your world.

  • Step 4: Utilizing the cheat code

Finally, that you would have authorized the cheat codes on your Pixelmon planet. Press ‘/’(slash). This puts up a window where you may input your cheats.

This is the key component of spawning Pokemon in Pixelmon. You have to go on input the cheat code for spawning a new Pokémon.

Code: /pokespawn ‘Name of any Pokémon’

For illustration, if you require a Pikachu to be generated, use ‘/pokespwan Pikachu’. Nevertheless, committing a spelling error in the title of your Pokémon would not produce one.

Then go battle off with the Pokémon you generate on Pixelmon and enjoy your fun on whichever device you want to.

Please ensure that Cheat codes are made accessible for Minecraft exclusively on Xbox One, Mac, PC, and Nintendo switch.

Command: pokespawn

/pokespawn <Pokémon | random> [arguments]: This command may conceive in a Pokémon of the player’s choosing, or an arbitrary Pokémon if “random” is supplied instead of a Pokémon’s name. All inputs are in the style of a Pokémon spec.

How do you spawn a certain Pokémon?

In the well-known Pokémon games beyond Minecraft, users frequently wander out on bushes and thick grass to randomly meet wild Pokémon.

Likewise, gamers may also face bouts with various trainers to level up their Pokémon and grow stronger.

Here in Pixelmon, you may employ a multitude of instructions that would enable you to generate a Pokémon on a given biome.

All you have to do is execute the command “/pokespawn” and input the chosen Pokémon to summon. You may also indicate the level of the Pokémon which you wish to spawn.

Say, for instance, users would like a Level 20 Pikachu directly on their location, enter the command “/pokespawn pikachu lvl20”

Then a Pikachu will arrive instantly. You may catch it with your Pokéballs or battle it with a Pokémon which you have already captured. With this instruction, you may recall any normal Pokémon.

Shiny Pokémon are included in the Pixelmon mod. These sorts of Pokémon are an uncommon species of their ordinary counterparts.

You will quickly notice a Shiny Pokémon since they have a distinctive color.

With such an identical command, you may call a Shiny Pokémon. All users have to do is enter the word “s” in the sentence such as the following: “/pokespawn pikachu s lvl20”

How Do You Spawn A Legendary Pokémon In Pixelmon?

Besides the Boss Pokémon, you may also expect to target farming certain Legendaries.

These are exceedingly uncommon Pokémon with incredibly high basic stats! Experiencing these Pokemon is not the fastest thing to do. Though, you may attempt to command “/legendaryspawn” to check if a Legendary is around.

Legendaries have special needs at a time of day and biome. For example, Entei is a legendary that may bloom randomly on mountains, making them quite simple to spawn.

In comparison, Jirachi is an incredibly uncommon Legendary that could only be spawned on severe hills.


1. What would I require to spawn a Pokemon?

Firstly, users require to get their game setup proper to follow the spawning directions in this article.

It would be advisable to verify whether your Pixelmon version can accept cheats and commands.

As a clue, multiple settings are established on the latest Pixelmon server, enabling users to spawn different sorts of Pokémon of varying degrees.

2. How do you spawn boss Pokémon?

Aside from the standard Pokémon that you may spawn, Pixelmon makes the mod more entertaining by enabling players to meet Boss Pokémon.

The Boss Pokémon are rarer than the typical Pokémon that you may call on demand; consequently, anticipate that they are tougher and more ferocious in combat.

But prizes do come along the road! Boss Pokémon have been known to drop uncommon items when vanquished, so try your best when you fight one!

3. What is the command to heal a Pokemon?

/pokeheal [player]: This command will heal the specified player’s Pokémon, or the command user’s Pokémon if no player is specified.

4. Can You Find Legendary Pokemon In Minecraft Pixelmon

Legendary Pokémon are Pokémon that are marked by their rarity and their high basic stat totals.

They are particularly tough to collect due of their hard to identify, high levels, and poor capture rates. They are also assured to have a minimum of 3 perfect IVs when caught or spawned in.

Every 12.5 to 29.16 minutes, a Legendary Pokémon has a chance of spawning.

This probability of spawning is determined by a variety of criteria, including whether Legendary Pokémon can spawn in various biomes and spawn sites if the spawn spots are near enough to people, the quantity of terrain compatible with a Legendary Pokémon’s spawn location, and a basic proportion of the Legendary Pokémon spawn try succeeding.

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