Top 10 Best Brawlers for Bounty ‘Dry Season’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Star is among the most successful online games in the smartphone gaming industry for its innovative characteristics and exciting incredibly fast fights. It is a competitive multiplayer and a third-person character shooter game whereby gamers must fight out against other people online or versus AI enemies to win prizes and level up.

The game has many gameplay modes which gamers could take part in, ranked and unranked, to win prizes which will assist them to further access characters along with their spectacular abilities Such characters are identified as Brawlers in the game hence the name.

Each Brawler is distinctive and has unique skills which can be beneficial in much more than one competitive mode. Recognizing how your skills function and how they influence various modes will give you an advantage and help you win more fighting with many other competitive enemies or AI adversaries.


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Best Brawlers for Bounty ‘Dry Season’ in Brawl Stars:

For those of you who don’t know, the Dry Season Map has almost no cover whatsoever with just a few slender obstacles existing only at the edges and back of the map. The center seems to have the lowest possible protection, with only four tiles encircling the star. The map is diagonally symmetrical.

Find below the list of some of the best brawlers which are best suited for Bounty in Dry Season.

  • 1. SPIKE



Spike is a Legendary Brawler with relatively low health that focuses on engaging with clumped-up opponents.  His strike erupts upon impact and throws spikes throughout all angles, that deal destruction to opponents they come in contact with. His Super chucks a prickly projectile, decelerating and handling serious harm to opponents captured within the region of impact.

His Gadget, Popping Pincushion, swiftly blasts waves of spikes throughout all directions around Spike. His first Star Power, Fertilize, enables him to regenerate himself over time apparently while he’s in the circumference of his Super. His second Star Power, Curveball, tends to cause the spikes fired out through his main attack to curve in a circular fashion.

The above-mentioned characteristics make Spike a brilliant choice in this cover-less map.

  • 2. PIPER

piperPiper’s Super Poppin’ could be used to influence the map to one’s benefit by demolishing the covers wherein the adversaries would’ve been cowering behind. Piper’s Star Power Ambush renders her a fatal hero in Dry Season because she can cover up in bushes and Ambush her foes in open areas because she can incorporate her super-high range without giving up her location to the attackers. Piper might be the last deciding Brawler that manages to win the match for their squad with her skills

Because of her exceptionally high range, she is very well suited for the Dry Season map where a range of attack is one of the most crucial factors.

  • 3. TICK


He has moderate health but high damage possibilities, and attacks by tossing three-time bombs which blow up after just a delay or if an object is well within their blast zone

When Tick attacks, he throws a huge shell over obstacles, which divides into 3 mines scattered over a broad radius. When a target is near a mine, it explodes and suffers significant damage. If not, after 2 seconds, it will blast. The mines take a while until touching down, and his reload pace is excruciatingly slow; even so, the destruction of all three mines together would be enormous. The expansion of the mines tends to increase the further away in time they are tossed.

In a map like Dry Season, where there is hardly any cover, Tick can prove to be very devastating. Despite his slow reload speed, his exceptionally high damage more than compensates for it.


dynamikeHe has moderate health however an elevated damage outcome. He strikes by hurling sticks of dynamite which blow up and deal massive damage in a small area. His dynamites deal relatively high damage and tossing them accurately at regions where enemies assemble around a great deal, which in Dry Season is not tricky to determine, will help take out several opponents with help of the team members.

With his Dyna-Jump Star Power, Dynamike could indeed evade tough circumstances whilst also tossing explosive sticks at his position and fleeing that current position using Dyna-Jump, having left behind annoyed opponents who would’ve been dealt a serious blow to their health.

His explosive attacks and escaping techniques make him very beneficial in the Dry Season map. Since the map lacks cover, you are bound to get hit or even surrounded by enemies. When faced with such situations, you can count on Dynamike to get you out safely.

  • 5. BROCK


He has tiny levels of health but fires missiles at a very fairly long-range that blow up, dealing fairly increased destruction in a smaller area. Brock’s assault is a comprehensive projectile with a radius of 1 tile on the impact that deals great damage. Brock’s powerful long strike enables him to swiftly annihilate several other Brawlers without coming under attack often as long as he remains well behind allied Brawlers and leverages walls well due to his comparatively low health.

His Super is beneficial for smashing bushes on maps to help avoid foes from traversing without tracking. He could also use his Super to blow walls that opponent Brawlers are trying to hide behind. The effect of rocket fuel can be catastrophic.

His long-ranged missile attacks are really helpful in Dry Season map. Also, because of a lack of cover, explosive damage dealt by his missiles can give you an edge over other brawlers on that map.

  • 6. POCO

POCOPoco could even serve as a support to recover teammates as they propel in towards the opponent. Having among one of the greatest quantities of the health of the Bounty Brawlers, he could really siphon a whole lot of harm, becoming a tank once his heal is fully ready.

His attacks are unexpectedly a lot scarier in Bounty because gamers are not as well-built, and he could be used as an intimidating front-line assailant when his Screeching Solo Star Power is fitted. Since Poco can hardly be missed, a greater emphasis should be placed on strafing and approaching the enemy.

  • 7. BYRON


His capacity to cure his team members and harm foes, combined with his long-range shots, fast projectile speed, and broad projectile spacing, makes him one of the most efficient brawlers for this mode. With any of these dynamics, he is capable of keeping his team members intact while scraping away the opposition team, not to mention that his main attack is simpler to strike than Piper’s, deals more destruction than Brock’s, and has a reasonably quick reload speed.

Furthermore, his Super, easily loaded (9 hits on an enemy or 3 projectiles hit), can even be tossed over the walls to restore his team-mates and destroy the enemies behind him.

  • 8. BO

top 10 best brawlers for heist turnaroundBo does have a great deal of value with his attack, being eligible to strafe left/right to end up making his arrows run right or spread out. His Circling Eagle Star Power further enhances view in bushes, which again is beneficial in maps like Dry Season.

Bo’s Super could be used to better control a massive area, identify enemy Brawlers in bushes, blow walls, deal serious harm, or push back enemy Brawlers. His Snare a Bear Star Power can immobilize opponents, providing your team an opportunity to fight and overthrow them.

  • 9. 8 BIT

8-bit8-BIT is a highly underappreciated brawler in this mode. Even though 8-BIT does have a very sluggish travel speed, 8-BIT is eligible to supply a great deal of support for his team members by continuing to increase their damage from within his turret, enabling them to deal a lot of damage to their opponents, that further allows them to gain influence.

Consequently, he is able to compensate for his slow mobility with his Plugged in Star Power, coupled with his Cheat Cartridge Gadget, 8-BIT is an outstanding brawler for this mode.

  • 10. Mr. P

Mr P

Mr. P could provide a great deal of value only once he receives his Super, as it will hatch an unlimited number of porters till the home base is decimated, which will compel opponents to use their strikes on them, particularly while he has his Revolving Door Star Power, where even the porters respawn at an even quicker rate.

He also has decent range, which enables him to assault opponents securely at a distance away. His range would become very fatal to opponent Brawlers while he has the Handle With Care Star Power, as this tends to increase the spectrum of the suitcase.

Well, this was our compilation of some of the best brawlers for the Bounty Mode in Dry Season Map. Hope you find these brawlers helpful and advantageous.

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