Top 10 Best Brawlers for Knockout ‘Split Difference’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is one of the most profitable online games in the mobile phone video games industry for its ground-breaking attributes and thrilling amazingly quick brawls. It is a competitive multiplayer and a third-person character shooting game wherein players have to compete online or against AI opponents to win awards and increase their levels.

Each Brawler is distinctive and has unique skills which can be beneficial in much more than one competitive mode. Recognizing how your skills to function and how they influence various modes will give you an advantage and help you win more fighting with many other competitive enemies or AI adversaries.

So, today we continue with our list of best brawlers for Knockout Split Difference. Let’s jump right in.

Top 10 Best Brawlers for Knockout ‘Split Difference’ in Brawl Stars:

The map is separated diagonally by a wall conglomeration. The edges have L-shaped railings with tiny bush pathways in-between. Lining the center walls are rope fences facing laterally. The map is symmetrical in diagonal terms.

  • 10. EDGAR


Edgar’s Star Powers, Hard Landing, and Fisticuffs function admirably with this mode. Hard Landing would also put an extra 1,000 damage to finish off opponents a lot faster and Fisticuffs can facilitate him with struggles and withstand attacks while trying to defy an opponent.

His Super enables him to bounce over his adversaries to devour them swiftly, and his Let’s Fly Gadget enables him to power his Super rapidly without doing counteracting. No matter, Edgar is exposed and powerful sharpshooters will target him even though he doesn’t have his Super.

  • 9. BROCK

BrockBrock seems to have a lower percentage of health but blasts rockets and missiles at a rather long range which erupt, inflicting reasonably high damage in a short radius. His Super fires a barrage of rockets in a large area. His first Gadget, Rocket Laces, enables him to fire at his feet, hurting neighboring opponents and setting up Brock into the air.

His second Gadget, Rocket Fuel, makes Brock’s next attack a more apocalyptic mega-rocket. His first Star Power, Incendiary, empowers his rockets to end up leaving a patch of fire that also deals injury over time in the area of impact. His second Star Power, Rocket No. Four increases Brock’s ammo capacity to 4.

  • 8. COLT

coltHis first Gadget, Speedloader, quickly stacks up 2 ammo in his ammo bar. His subsequent gadget, Silver Bullet, transforms his next assault into a single, two-projectile penetrating shot, that additionally obliterates the safeguard.

He has a rather small supply of health and has a more influential damage output. He disperses an overall total of 6 shots each assault, and those shots do have an incredibly extensive range. His Super is practically identical to his main assault; however, it shoots an extra long-range shot of twelve gunshots that can obliterate impediments and pierce through the entirety of the foes.

  • 7. TICK

tickOnce Tick incorporates his Super, he practically disengages his head, flinging it across the walls. After a small period, the head locates and pursues the nearest Brawler aggressor like an infrared scanning projectile

When it reaches the desired brawler, it blows up and devastates the walls and trees, which are nearby. That being said, if it is destroyed before it nears a target, this would blow up pre-emptively but can still ruin walls and shrubbery.

Top 5 Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars
Image Source: Supercell

His attack deals primarily severe damage which also has a fast-loading velocity as well as an enhanced unload speed. It blasts two parallel laser beams that bounce off walls and damage opponents severely. Via its super, it draws a supply drop from the air, which also enormously harms opponents and places a power-up behind it.

Upon picking the power-up, allied troops will obtain a damage jolt and also immensely greater health. Take Cover, his gadget generates three sandbags that prevent the absorption of fire. His first Star Power, Air Superiority, enables his Super to blow walls and deal more injury to opponents

  • 5. BARLEY

barleyBarley is a Rare Brawler who assaults by tossing a bottle of damaging fluid that encompasses a tiny region on the ground, dealing injury to opponents in that area over time. His Super fires five similar bottles that also cover a larger area and continue to exist for a longer period of time. He has rather low health but has a lot of damage potential.

His first Gadget, Sticky Syrup Mixer, helps to create a sticky puddle about himself, hindering adversaries down. His second Gadget, Herbal Tonic, throws bottles around himself and teammates that heal them if they stand on the puddles. His first Star Power, Medical Use, heals him slightly when he throws his bottle, but not with his Super.

  • 4. MORTIS
Image Source: Brawl Stars Wiki Fandom

Mortis leaps forth a small distance, inflicting low damage towards any aggressor Brawlers in his trajectory. Mortis cannot execute his strike without dashing unless he dashes toward a neighboring wall If Mortis dashes into a wall mid-dash, his dash would be ended prematurely. Theoretically, this attack is a melee attack, but the dash gives it a limited range.

  • 3. RICO

ricoHis attack and Super have distinctive bullets that can ricochet off of walls and maintain traveling. When handled appropriately, this capacity can enable Rico to knock out aggressor Brawlers without coming under attack personally. His Gadget, Multiball Launcher, rapidly blasts waves of bouncy bullets around himself in all directions.

His first Star Power, Super Bouncy, causes his bullets to travel quicker and do additional damage after bouncing. His second Star Power, Robo Retreat, allows him to move faster when his health falls below 40%.

  • 2. CROW

best brawlers for super city rampageCrow’s subsequent gadget, Slowing Toxin can expand the weakness of tainted rivals by endeavoring to make it even more muddled to escape for the most part by their horrendously sluggish movements, empowering Crow and his team individuals to destroy them till they get recuperated.

Despite his limited health Crow can create massive suitability for his team tallying back to his toxin repairman. This suppresses foes from recovering, yet Crow can utilize his Extra Toxic Star Power to reduce their belongings that unthinkably enhance the death pace of his crew.

  • 1. 8-BIT

8-bit8-BIT is a strongly misjudged brawler in this mode. Albeit 8-BIT has a very slow speed, 8-BIT is able to convey a great deal of support for his individuals from the team by consistently expanding their damage from inside his turret, working with them to inflict a gigantic measure of damage to their foes, which further empowers them to apply impact.

Along these lines, he is adequate to repay for his lazy movement with his Plugged in Star Power, joined with his Cheat Cartridge Gadget, 8-BIT is an excellent brawler for this mode.

This was our compiled list of some of the most efficient brawlers for Knockout in Split Difference map in Brawl Stars. Our team has personally tried out all the above-mentioned brawlers to bring you this list. So, we are quite positive that these brawlers will help you get an edge over enemies whilst playing knockout matches.

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