Top 10 Best Brawlers for Knockout ‘Crimewater’ in Brawl Stars

Last updated on September 24th, 2021 at 11:25 am

Brawl Stars is now at a whole different stage with the all-new Knockout mode. The Team deathmatch–inspired Knockout mode really has tried to appeal to the action-seeking brawl stars players from all around the continent.

Vanquish the opposition team in a best of three Knockout round match! Be careful: defeated Brawlers stay out for the rest of every round.

Today we will be talking about yet another map of the Knockout mode. It is the Crimewater map and we will be making a compilation of some of the most efficient brawlers for the mentioned map.

Top 10 Best Brawlers for Knockout ‘Crimewater’ in Brawl Stars:

  • 10. GALE

galeGale with his Spring Ejector gadget could be profitable on this map. When it is used near the bushes just next to the water your squad can ambush the opponent Brawlers if the center gets besieged off. However, note, as soon as you land, the hostile Brawlers are more likely to hammer on you.

  • 9. BROCK

BrockHe does have a minimal percentage of health but starts firing rockets and missiles at a rather long range which erupt, inflicting reasonably high damage in a short radius. His Super fires a barrage of rockets in a large area. His first Gadget, Rocket Laces, enables him to fire at his feet, hurting neighboring opponents and setting up Brock into the air.

His second Gadget, Rocket Fuel, makes Brock’s next attack a more catastrophic mega-rocket. His first Star Power, Incendiary, empowers his rockets to end up leaving a patch of fire that also deals injury over time in the area of impact. His second Star Power, Rocket No. Four increases Brock’s ammo capacity to 4.

  • 8. BO

boBo can position his mines throughout the small gap between the lakes to make it much harder for the opponent to even get to your side. With his Circling Eagle Star Power as well, Bo and his team members could see through bushes easily, if making plans to ambush the aggressor Brawlers. Snare a Bear’s stuns will probably see even more use if Bo’s teammates use his Super Totem Gadget and land knockouts.

  • 7. SPROUT

sproutHe tosses a puck of seeds which really blows up whenever it comes into contact with an opponent. When it does not strike an opponent, it will move a few tiles further and ricochet off of walls before blowing up in a 1 tile circumference. The seed migrates farther when jumping off of walls. Sprout tosses its Super Seed to generate a hedge barrier that can obstruct both your enemies’ and your allies’ route. It helps to create a 5-block cross pattern from the core of the seed.

That being said, when there are nearby walls to where the seed was planted, the hedge will grow over to them and attach with the walls. As with any obstacle, this can be demolished by piercing Supers. These hedges can also be demolished on contact by Brawlers with spawn bubbles

  • 6. PIPER

piperPiper’s original damage is excessively a considerable amount, and her Super facilitates an exit course from professional killers and elite units. Piper’s Star Powers and Gadgets essentially raise their damage and survival abilities. Utilizing her Ambush Star Power will upgrade your damage by up to 800, endeavoring to inflict close to 3,000 damage, and her Snappy Sniping Star Power can likewise work with Piper to offer four decent shots one after another, inflicting over 8,000 damage to enemies.

  • 5. BELLE

belleBelle blasts a long-ranged assault that will ricochet from numerous opponents that are within 3 tiles of one another, till the targets are just too far away from each other or one is annihilated. Opponents could only ricochet one assault of each other at a time regardless if they get hit numerous times from separate incidents or not.

The bolts have a one-second delay of sticking to the target before they bounce, with consequent shots dealing half the damage of the original attack and no Super charge. There is an attack cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

  • 4. NANI

When Nani assaults, she blasts 3 small light orbs, one which moves in a linear fashion whilst two side missiles eventually split from the middle. The missiles merge again at the finish of her range, establishing a diamond-shaped route and dealing severe levels of damage if all orbs hit a single enemy.

She could even control the length the orbs will commute prior to actually crashing with each other by pulling the attack joystick much farther. If any light orb does not hit a target at the end of their range, they continue on their path for an additional 3 tiles, effectively increasing Nani’s attack range. Nani has a 0.5 seconds attack cooldown.

  • 3. 8-BIT

8-bit8-BIT is a heavily underappreciated brawler in this mode. Even if 8-BIT does have a very low velocity, 8-BIT can give its allies great support from the group by continuous amplification of their destruction from within its turret, thereby inflicting huge damage on their adversaries and making them more efficient.

Subsequently, he is sufficient to repay for his drowsy development with his Plugged in Star Power, grouped with his Cheat Cartridge Gadget, 8-BIT is an outstanding brawler for this mode.

  • 2. PENNY

top 10 brawlers for heist turnaroundPenny’s primary strike tries to shoot a medium-sized pouch of gold out of her blunderbuss. If it strikes, it will consequently squirt three clumps of golden coins behind the target in a cone-shaped region which commute for 4 tiles, puncturing adversaries and inflicting the same damage of that of the pouch for each clump of gold, which can double or perhaps even triple the damage as the attack. That being said, the pouch itself deals comparatively low destruction and has a delayed unload and reload speed

  • 1. BEA

beaBea releases a long-range bee which really inflicts moderate damage. If indeed the shot hits an opponent, her next attack will become supercharged and will do 175% additional damage, along with a yellow ammo bar. She only supercharges her attack when striking a player or a suitable entity in Boss Fight, Robo Rumble, or Super City Rampage.

Bea only has one ammo slot, but it doesn’t consume ammo to kick the ball in Brawl Ball. If Bea is conquered, the supercharge impact is lost and must be gained back. She cannot have 2 sequential supercharged strikes unless she has Insta Beaload.

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