Top 10 Best Brawlers for Siege ‘Nuts and Bolts’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a very popular mobile game that comes under the action-shooter genre. The game is developed by Supercell, who has also developed many popular mobile games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, and more.

The game is enjoyed by fans because it has so much to offer. No one can ever be bored with this game. There are several game modes, events, maps, that players can participate in. They can select their own characters called brawlers with which they will play the matches. Brawlers can be obtained from Trophy Road and Brawl Pass.

Since there are several modes that have different features, it can be favorable to use those brawlers that suit those modes and maps with respect to their attacks and Supers and Star Powers and Gadgets. Hene, we will discuss the Siege Event with Nuts and Bolts as the map and the top 10 best brawlers to use in this mode.

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Top 10 Best Brawlers for Siege ‘Nuts and Bolts’

Almost every mode in Brawl Stars is inspired by popular modes. Like Showdown mode is inspired by Battle Royale mode and Hot Zone is inspired by ‘Capture the Flag’ mode. But, Seige is a very unique mode in Brawl Stars.

Each team has its own semi-circle-shaped territory in which sits a robo-machine. The team which destroys the siege-machine of the enemy team first wins the match. But there is a catch too. The generates ‘bolts’ constantly, which can be used to spawn a giant robot called Siege-Bots. The spawned robot is programmed to destroy the enemy’s siege-machine.

At a particular time, whoever gets the more number of ‘bolts’ will be able to spawn the Siege-Bots from their side. And the number of ‘bolts’ also decides the damage power and HP of the Siege-Bots.

So, you have to make the Siege-Bots spawn in your favor and destroy the enemy’s siege-machine. Easy right?

Talking about the map, it is called Nuts and Bolts. There is a fair amount of cover on the map with a middle part free for open engagements.

Now that you know what Siege Event and ‘Nuts and Bolts’ map are, let us take a look at the top 10 best brawlers for Siege ‘Nuts and Bolts.’

  • 1. PAM –Pam

Pam’s healing station can be important for keeping your team in the match while pushing, and because Pam does the most damage in the game per attack, she is also excellent at playing defense against the enemy siege robot.

  • 2. FRANK –frank

With his Super, Frank can stun the enemy IKE turret and other enemy brawlers. Also, while on defense, Frank can stun the enemy siege robot. Although Franks is good for defending and attacking, try to aim your Super so it does not destroy walls on your side, as it will leave your IKE susceptible to damage from enemy attacks.

  • 3. TICK –tick

Tick is very useful because he is able to provide a lot of control to allow his team to collect bolts. he can help his team trap opponents with a lot of bolts. His Super can knock the robot back and also momentarily stun him. He also does quite a bit of damage during a team push and he can hit the IKE without entering the enemies’ zone.

  • 4. BIBI –Bibi

Bibi is very useful in both defense, offense, and collecting bolts. Her Super out-ranges the IKE turret and her main attack when her Home Run bar is charged can easily push away enemy robots so your team has more time to defeat it before it reaches your IKE turret. The attack can also be helpful to push away any opponent that tries to collect a bolt.

  • 5. PENNY –penny

Penny’s mortar is a good tool for damaging the IKE turret as the mortar’s range out-ranges the IKE turret, allowing it to attack from outside the IKE turret’s range. Both of Penny’s Star Powers are good too; Last Blast can do a number on both the IKE turret and enemies nearby while Balls of Fire can add extra damage to the IKE turret and nearby enemies. She should place her Super just barely outside of the IKE turret’s range.

  • 6. SPROUT –sprout

In a similar fashion to throwers, Sprout can be used for control while it and its team collect the bolts. Its Super is particularly useful during an enemy push as the robot will get blocked from reaching the IKE turret, giving Sprout and its team enough time to deal a good amount of damage to the robot.

  • 7. JACKY –jacky

Jacky’s Gadget Pneumatic Booster can be useful to secure bolts or takedown enemies carrying them. The area damage from her basic attack can also keep enemies from collecting bolts, and her Super can pull the enemy robot away from the IKE turret.

  • 8. MAX –max

Max can boost her and teammates’ speed with her Super to either rush in or retreat with the bolts; her Phase Shifter Gadget is also useful for the latter. Her Super is also useful for controlling an area and potentially leading the sieges.

  • 9. LOU –Lou

Lou can use his attack to freeze and keep enemies away from the bolts and to freeze the enemy robot from attacking the team IKE. He is extremely useful for making enemies slip on his Super, making it hard for the enemies to retreat with bolts.

  • 10. GALE –gale

Gale can use his Super, Gale Force, to keep enemies away from the bolts and pushing the enemy robot from attacking the team IKE. He can also use his Spring Ejector Gadget to jump at the enemy’s IKE turret without getting any damage.


GENE – He can use his Magic Hand Super to pull brawlers with bolts, pull brawlers into the range of the IKE turret, pull the enemy robot, or pull defending brawlers away from the robot.

BARLEY – Barely can out-range the IKE turret with his Last Call Super which can deal 10% to 12% of the health of the IKE turret to it. He is also very good at controlling the centre.

Well, here is the list of the top 10 best brawlers for the Siege ‘Nuts and Bolts’ event. Make sure to read each brawler’s characteristics before choosing them in your matches.

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