Top 10 Best Brawlers for Showdown ‘Island Invasion’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is known for its action-packed top-down hero shooter feature that is probably one of the best mobile games you can find currently. With loads of features like several unlockable and playable characters called Brawlers, different game modes with custom maps that change regularly, and amazing rewards to be earned from the Trophy Road and Brawl Pass.

In Brawl Stars, every playable Brawler has unique abilities that help the players win matches. These abilities come in handy on different modes and different maps. Knowing how to use these abilities of the brawlers will help you win many matches ahead.

Today, in this article, we will discuss Showdown Mode with the Island Invasion map and see which are the 10 best brawlers that you can use in this mode-map combination.

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Top 10 Best Brawlers for Showdown ‘Island Invasion’

In the Showdown event, there are 10 players that can play in Solo mode or Duo mode. We will move ahead with the Solo mode. The objective of the game is to knock out all of your opponents and be the last brawler standing. When a player is defeated or when a crate is opened, some power cubes will be dropped, these cubes increase the brawler’s health by 400 and increase attack damage by 10% upon collecting them for the duration of the match but does not affect Gadgets and Star Powers. As the match progresses, deadly poison gas blows in from the edges of the arena, forcing all brawlers into a progressively smaller area.

The Island Invasion is a community map for the Showdown event. The map is shaped into a circular island with four points stretching out of the center ring. The outskirts of the map contain a thick strip of bushes leaving ambushes to be common occurrences. The center is more confined in bushes than the outer ring. It has more walls than the outer ring. Unlike other Showdown maps, the poison gas comes earlier on the water areas.

Now let us take a look at the top 10 best brawlers for Showdown ‘Island Invasion.’

  • 1. SHELLY –shelly

Being a close-range brawler, bush camping is a good strategy for Shelly. Her Super can be devastating to unwary enemies, and her Fast Forward Gadget can help her to get closer or further away from enemies. Both of Shelly’s Star Powers are helpful: Shell Shock slows down enemies that might otherwise escape from Shelly, while Band-Aid heals Shelly by a considerable amount.

  • 2. BULL – bull

Although Bull can be easily pressured by long-range brawlers, bush camping is an effective strategy. If you can sneak up on an opponent, Bull’s ridiculously high damage at close-range lets him get the kills easily. He can also both charge at long-ranged brawler and take away the long-ranged advantage their opponent had.

  • 3. EL PRIMO –el primo

El Primo’s Super, which launches him a fairly long distance for a devastating attack, allows him to join into a pre-existing fight, or chase down players that think they can escape. He can pressure enemies easily but works better alone than in a team because he will constantly be chasing down other people due to his close-range attacks. El Primo is also a good brawler to bush-camp with, due to his powerful close-range attack. Any mid or long-ranged brawlers who can sneak up on him will have virtually no chance of survival unless they can use a Super or Gadget to get out of El Primo’s range.

  • 4. PAM –pam

With high health and damage, especially at close range, as well as a wide attack spread at long range, Pam is excellent at defeating enemies quickly, controlling an area, or sweeping bushes. Her healing station provided by her Super will give her additional survivability, making her very hard to be taken out – not only healing her but acting as a barricade with limited health, too. Her Mama’s Hug Star Power gives her an advantage that few other brawlers have: the ability to heal while attacking. You can also use her Mama’s Squeeze Star Power very strategically too. For example, if someone is cornered in a small space, you can put your station on one side of the wall and your opponent would be forced to come out.

  • 5. SPIKE –spike

When he hits a target, Spike can deal really high damage to a single target. Even if he misses, the 6 spikes will burst out and might hit a target, giving him the ability to pressure enemies. Also, his Super can slow down enemies, as well as heal him if he has his Fertilize Star Power. His Curveball Star Power makes it even easier to hit a target.

  • 6. ROSA –rosa

Rosa’s Super allows her to take 70% less damage while rushing a brawler so she can get close to do high amounts of damage without risking a large amount of health. Since Rosa has one of the shortest attack ranges in the game, she benefits from bush camping to ambush brawlers. She can also discourage bush camping with her Unfriendly Bushes Gadget, especially in maps like Island Invasion with lots of bishes.

  • 7. BO –bo

With good health, damage, and utility, Bo can ensure damage from his Super by using it on a key chokepoint, dealing high damage to or even defeating enemies. His Circling Eagle Star Power is really useful on bushy maps like Island Invasion, allowing him to pressure commonly played tanks.

  • 8. BROCK –Brock

Brock has high damage from both his main attack and Super. His long range also means that he can either attack enemies from a long distance or quickly defeat enemies up close despite his low health. Both Gadgets help Brock; Rocket Laces can be used to escape nasty situations by jumping over walls, and Rocket Fuel can even fend off high-health brawlers.

  • 9. BEA –bea

Although Bea struggles to break down power cube boxes, she can defeat enemies very effectively due to her long-range and supercharged shot – which Bea can make harder to avoid using her Super or her Honey Molasses Gadget.

  • 10. MAX –max

Max can utilize her high mobility and her Super to run away from tough situations when necessary. She is also able to deal a lot of damage to enemies as she has good damage, four ammo, and Run N’ Gun Star Power to allow her to reload even aster. Her Star Power, Super Charged, gives her an ability rather similar to Darryl – automatically charging her Super.

Well, here is the list of the best 10 brawlers that you can use in the Showdown ‘Island Invasion’ event. Make sure to read the characteristics of each mentioned brawler carefully before selecting them for the map.

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