Top 10 Best Games like PES for Android/ iOS

FIFA may be the greatest game for consoles and PCs, but when it comes to mobile games, PES is certainly the leader. Pro Evolution Soccer or PES provides the best moving imagery in a bundle that doesn’t take so heavily on your resources and delivers excellent performance.

From controlling players on the pitch to running your team, you can feel the full feeling of football. You could engage with your friends on a worldwide level or online multiplayer battles.

So, today, in this article we will be bringing you a compilation of some of the best PES-like games which we feel are definitely underrated and worth a try.

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Top 10 Best Games like PES for Android/ iOS:

  • 1. Dream League Soccer

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In Dream League Soccer, you monitor your own team named Dream FC. But besides the manager mode, you do get to regulate your players during real matches. The gameplay is analogous to the FIFA career mode, but the players or club transfers are not available.

You should sign a certain number of coins for every player from the transfer market, depending on the player’s ability to sign up. You can pick up coins from games, matches, accomplishments, or watch publicity.

The Dream League Soccer 2018 will now save your cloud progress so that you can take your story from another device.

  • 2. FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer is one of Android’s most intense and functional mobile soccer games. B being the very authorized game FIFA Soccer features certified players of over 550 legitimate teams such as superstars from past and present. The game also features the last team option to help make your dream team competing for the best player cards and FUT coins with players globally.

FIFA Soccer also features Leagues, a truly social experience that allows you to join forces and strive for glory with friends and gamers around the globe.

  • 3. Real Football

Real Football is yet another smartphone football game that brags of a massive number of registered football teams and players, paired with stunning visuals. There is a broad array of gameplay modes on offer, like Exhibition matches, League, and International Cup modes.

Furthermore, in the training mode, you could always continue to practice your professional skills. In addition, a great deal of adaptability is available, which allows you to personalize your team kits, team building, improve stadiums and choose various strategies.

  • 4. Score! Hero

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Score! Hero is a wonderful and highly distinctive way to play soccer on your phone. The gameplay has a distinct approach, making it more enjoyable. Score! Hero is another one of those football games which will get you hooked instantaneously.

Users will find themselves playing this game for hours on end attempting to pass every other level or win a match. Most of the time the game is pretty easy. You begin by selecting a player and then guiding him through his career. You can also change leagues and aspire to join the national team. You will find victory in this game is a strategic puzzle style.

  • 5. Top Eleven 2018

Top Eleven is a video game that exclusively tends to focus on allowing you to be a professional football manager, enabling you to create your own ultimate dream squad. prominently featuring over 5000 elite players with much the same skills and traits as their real-life equivalents, you get to select the players and purchase them in the transfer window segment.

In the game, there’s a great simulation engine so you can handle a practical environment. Take on your Team’s strategy and training to be the best football manager in Top Eleven when dealing with wins, defeats, and injuries.

  • 6. Real World Soccer League

Real World Soccer League is one of the significantly greater football games on the Play Store which allows users to cherish the feel of the game on their smartphones. It’s one of the most intensive and addictive soccer games that offers seamless gameplay, plausible physics, and an awesome atmosphere.

You’ll pass by, sprint, and demonstrate your skills around adversaries. You can make your ultimate team and play with your favorite players against national soccer teams. Easy, smooth controls with mind-blowing sound effects and exciting activities are available in the Real-World Soccer League.

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  • 7. World Soccer League

World Soccer League provides a similar game experience to PES and FIFA, but at a significantly lesser footprint. Coming in at just 37MB, the game provides 60 international teams, 60 clubs, and a cumulative of 2000 players. A total of four modes are available: Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training for a magnificent shooting!

The World Soccer League also could save great pictures and enables you to share all your accomplishments with your friends. Although the game doesn’t really have registered players the gameplay mechanics along with the micro size of the game more than compensates for it.

  • 8. Football Strike


Another of the finest single-handed football games around here, Football Strike is a game massively popular amongst Android users out there. Not only that but the Editor’s Choice on the Play Store, the game brags of multiple online gameplay modes such as hitting the targets in a fast-paced, time-limited war for points in Shooting Race mode or take turns as both striker and goalkeeper in the one-on-one Free Kick mode.

With a straightforward, rapid gameplay experience, Football Strike by Miniclip is simple to follow and offers unending competitive league fun!

  • 9. Flick Shoot 2

Flick Shoot is an elevated football game, produced by MobileCraft, also recognized as “the most fun football game” on Play Store. Flick Shoot 2, the successor to Flick Shoot, is a physics-based football game that highlights a load of interesting game modes like Arcade, Tournament, One Ball, Multiplayer, Time Attack, Goal Post, Targets.

You can also play one match in Multiplayer or participate in the Online Tournament as the final challenge to legitimate customers everywhere. Flick Shoot 2 provides 3D graphics but the game is highlighted for its smooth and genuine animations in terms of curl shots, target maintenance, and ball physics.

  • 10. Ultimate Soccer – Football

Ultimate Soccer allows you to create a team with the finest footballers you need and motivates you to come up with the best offensive or defensive positions, premised on your play-style, and choose the best tactics for the team.

In addition, the game provides various modes, including a tournament in the League and the World Cup, to allow players to join with their team. Like real league football transfers, ultimate soccer can be purchased or sold as a transfer player.

Get fully prepared to shoot the ball to the rear of the nose tackle and start celebrating your favorite club or country’s series win in all of these amazing football games for Android. Be sure to try these games out, we sure hope you like them.

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