Warzone’s DMR 14 Nerf patch to arrive in Next Update

Season One for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone is in full swing. With a wealth of new content arriving in both titles, the metagame for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has been a hotly debated topic amongst the COD fraternity

The integration of the entire arsenal of Black Ops Cold War weapons has modified a relatively stable metagame for Warzone.

Warzone’s DMR 14 Nerf is in the works!

The MAC-10 and DMR 14 have instantaneously become two of the strongest and most efficient weapons that can be used when dropping into Verdansk or Rebirth Island and taking into consideration their outstanding performances on the frontlines, players articulating their dissatisfaction hasn’t come as a surprise.

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The DMR 14 has well and truly taken over Warzone as the ‘must-pick’ gun of choice. Since the latest balancing update has been passed, virtually all matches are ruled by the DMR.

Because of its semi-automatic nature and high per bullet damage, it can deal an exceptional level of damage in a matter of seconds, making it a truly outstanding weapon of Season One.

The DMR 14 combined with the Mac 10 has become such an overpowered combo that nearly all players find it necessary to use it in Warzone if they wish to have a chance at getting a victory. This got quite frustrating. So, a lot of players took to Reddit to express their concerns regarding the balancing of weapons in-game.

Earlier today, a new update went live for all the platforms. We were expecting the required nerf for the current meta, but it looks, the update didn’t touch the damage profile or anything. And as of now, we have no official announcement regarding any potential nerfs in the future. Expect patch updates after the holidays.

While nerfing may not seem practical to some players, they believe buffing more weapons from Black Ops Cold War would make more sense.

However, we believe a serious balancing update is much required for players to enjoy the game and not use meta weapons forcefully. We speculate that if the Devs are working on a nerf patch, then it will arrive only after the Holidays. So, we might probably find some serious nerfs and balancing in the following week.

Until then, make sure to grab on to a Mac 10 and DMR 14 if you don’t wish to get booped by enemies in the blink of an eye and rage quite later.

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