(2023) Top 18 Adventure games Nintendo Switch

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:31 pm

Since the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid home and portable device, you may play it wherever it is convenient for you. This makes it ideal for discovering new gaming worlds in the most cutting-edge adventure games. Discover new planets, travel through jungles, and explore the depths of the numerous diverse worlds at your disposal.

The Nintendo Switch has been blessed with amazing, beautiful adventures since its launch, including some from Nintendo themselves and other fantastic ports that brought classic adventures to mobile devices for the first time.

Take Skyrim on the bus and kill dragons on the way to school, or put on a green tunic and save the princess in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

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If you have a free evening and yet want to feel the wind in your hair virtually, there is always time for a few minor excursions. No matter how much time you have, Switch is the ideal platform for some little independent excursions. Here is our list of the Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch. So, let’s get started.

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo Switch

  • 1. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Legends of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by Nintendo is undoubtedly the company’s greatest game in the series. The narrative of Link, who has awoken in the kingdom of Hyrule and now needs to figure out how to rescue it, is continued. Around the vast realm, he has to run, climb, swim, battle, cook, clean shrines, and do many other things.

The non-linear gameplay in Breath of the Wild encourages players to freely explore the environment as they embark on an epic journey across Hyrule. The link may spend several hours engaging in a seemingly unlimited array of activities while exploring aesthetically appealing destinations.

The game redefined and rejuvenated the Zelda formula, leading players to a spectacular and unforgettable experience. It did this with a fascinating storyline, famous villains, and outstanding game design.

  • 2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


When it was published more than ten years ago, Skyrim reinvented the open-world adventure genre and is a classic for a reason. Despite the decline of the memes, the game has endured owing to a number of excellent ports throughout the years.

This version of Skyrim has improved visuals over the original and features special Nintendo stuff, such as Link-inspired gear. This could be the finest this epic journey has ever been because it is also the only portable version of Skyrim.

  • 3. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario

Normally, removing a series like The Legend of Zelda from a list of the best adventure games would drastically hurt Nintendo’s position at the top because they have two of gaming’s most storied properties.

Mario’s most ambitious journey since Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii is Super Mario Odyssey. With Odyssey’s capture system, Nintendo resumed its pattern of fundamentally altering the gameplay of the most recent Mario game.

One of the finest games in the venerable Super Mario series was produced as a consequence of the capture feature, which provided players with amazing gameplay variation.

  • 4. Hollow Knight

Hollow knight

A nameless Knight is followed through the interconnecting halls of the Hallownest in the action-adventure Metroidvania known as Hollow Knight. By fighting bugs and diseased insects, players must gradually put together the protagonist’s tale and learn more about the surrounding environment.

Players may explore farther and document more of the map as the Knight’s strength increases.

Due to the devastating boss battles concealed in its several caves, Hollow Knight is regarded as one of the most challenging games on the Switch. It can be challenging to hold down a button while trying to heal, especially when you’re being attacked by merciless foes.

However, because players are able to gradually but certainly discover more about the mythology surrounding the ancient towns, the difficulty is more gratifying than frustrating.

  • 5. A Short Hike

A short hike

A Short Hike is a whimsical journey you can finish in one sitting if you really want to, but I promise you won’t. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You play as a penguin that only wants to climb a mountain but encounters many intriguing characters and objects along the way in a game with a cute pixelated graphic style reminiscent of early DS games.

The text just further brings the setting to life while the music and graphics give it so much personality. It’s a fully packed game with a lot to learn from every exploration path in such a little environment.

  • 6. Okami HD

Okami HD

The two main characteristics of Okami are that it is the finest Zelda-style adventure and one of the undervalued games of all time.

The Japanese mythology is shown in an aesthetic manner in place of Hyrule in Capcom’s game. The adventure game by Clover Studio had a Metacritic score of 93 when it was originally launched, but it struggled with sales and was initially seen as a commercial disaster.

Thankfully, the label of “commercial failure” can now be dropped from the game since, after multiple re-releases over the past fifteen years, it has now achieved the market success it has long deserved.

  • 7. Night In The Woods

Night in the woods

Night in the Woods, a 2D adventure platformer created by Infinite Fall, is set in the tranquil town of Possum Springs. Mae Borowski, the main character, is forced to face her past while attempting to reestablish relationships with friends and family who have all changed while she was away at college.

Night in the Woods never gets bored because of its abundance of minigames, intelligent conversation, and hidden locations to explore; in fact, the village always seems to be changing.

By setting out on a sentimental, frequently emotional expedition into both the protagonist’s history and the town’s enigmatic woodlands, players must discover the reason for these changes.

  • 8. TOEM


TOEM is a charming little book that, if you hurry, you can finish in an afternoon, similar to A Short Hike. Being a photography title with a lot of heart, it does a lot differently. You visit a number of little locales with your camera, offer assistance to those in need, and unravel some mysteries as you go.

The photography offers a unique perspective on exploring, and the varied locales have a wonderful variation. It also has lovely music and some laid-back images, making it a terrific way to unwind.

  • 9. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and Wills

Another game that was essential in reviving the Metroidvania genre is Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Ori and the Blind Forest’s predecessor was greatly improved upon by Moon Studios, notably with the addition of side missions and open-world gameplay.

Additionally, the game managed to outdo Blind Forest’s outstanding graphic direction, garnering Moon Studios a nomination for the Golden Joystick’s Best Visual Design award. Unfortunately, like many other 2020 candidates, the game fell short of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II.

  • 10. Firewatch


Campo Santo created the mystery and adventure game Firewatch. It centers on Henry, a fire lookout who relies solely on a walkie-talkie for communication. He is dragged into a forest in Wyoming, where he learns that the environment is full of mysteries.

The decisions the player takes are crucial to Firewatch. Each choice has an impact on the story and, eventually, how the game is resolved. It’s a completely immersive experience that will have players smiling (and maybe sobbing) all the way through because of the outstanding dialogue and breathtakingly stunning visuals.

  • 11. Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch

With this incredible emotional trip through a world in desperate need of color, truly paint the town crimson. Discover what it means to be an artist and how to handle adult expectations using smart mechanics that keep the world open to new possibilities.

  • 12. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch

It’s reasonable to argue that the 2001 launch of the Luigi’s Mansion franchise wasn’t the best. Players were eager to discover what Mario and Zelda games would be launching on Nintendo’s newest platform, the GameCube, which was about to be released.

Instead, they received neither; Luigi’s Mansion was the launch title that received the most attention. This naturally disappointed Nintendo enthusiasts, but the high caliber of the game quickly put them to sleep. The third entry in the series upheld the franchise’s strong track record and won Best Family Game at The Game Awards.

  • 13. 80 Days

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch

Players in 80 Days must navigate 150 cities as the valet Passepartout during their epic journey across the globe. This Inkle-created game offers players countless exploration options. The player must explore the intriguing stories of each place while also making important choices regarding their course of travel.

As Monsieur Phileas Fogg’s valet, players are responsible for maintaining Monsieur Phileas Fogg’s cash, baggage, and mode of transportation as well as making sure he stays healthy.

The strategy game is entertaining, and the protagonist is constantly faced with difficulties in the steampunk-inspired setting. There are constantly fresh pathways, Easter eggs, trinkets, and secret conversations to find, so each game is ever the same.

  • 14. Road 96

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch

In this amazing narrative exploration adventure, travel through a unique universe while attempting to reach the border and flee the present political climate. You play as a randomly selected adolescent in Road 96, and you have to attempt to traverse the continent several times.

But a tonne of options, things will happen, and interesting people will stand in your way. There are never two identical journeys, and in the following runs, the choices made by your past characters may have an impact on the world you later discover.

  • 15. Bayonetta 2

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch

The Bayonetta series, directed by Devil May Cry franchise creator Hideki Kamiya, has established itself as a mainstay of the hack and slash subgenre. With the release of Bayonetta 2, one of the most highly praised hack-and-slash action adventures ever, PlatinumGames was able to expand upon the first Bayonetta.

The series, which is now a Nintendo exclusive, is going to get its third installment; an official teaser for the game was revealed in 2017, but there hasn’t been much information released since then.

  • 16. Florence

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch

Mountains created the independent adventure game Florence. The protagonist of the game is Florence Yeoh, a typical 20-something going about her mundane daily activities including commuting, working, looking through social media, and attempting to sleep.

When she meets cellist Krish, who finally disrupts this pattern and transforms Florence, everything changes.

Six chapters make up Florence and Krish’s heartfelt love story, each of which focuses on a different aspect of their union. Surprisingly, there aren’t many languages in the game; instead, Florence’s tale is told through straightforward yet lovely images and movement.

It’s a simple game with puzzles that players may complete to assist the likable protagonist in understanding her feelings and ideas. The action takes place in a well-made universe with a distinctive graphical style.

  • 17. INSIDE

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch

INSIDE, another spooky, atmospheric game, was published on the Nintendo Switch in 2018 to acclaim from all quarters. The game’s creator, Playdead, also worked on the 2010 video game Limbo.

One of the best-reviewed games on the Nintendo Switch is INSIDE, which received a stellar Metacritic rating of 91.

Along with a stellar Metascore, INSIDE garnered a slew of accolades upon its debut, including the Best Independent Game prize from the Game Critics Awards and the Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction prize from the D.I.C.E. Awards.

  • 18. Overboard!

Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch

Developer Inkle’s novel interpretation of the whodunit tale is found in Overboard! In this instance, the player is the one who murdered a traveler on the SS Hook and now needs to figure out how to get away with it.

Although a single run only lasts for roughly 30 minutes, the game is intended to be replayed so that players may improve upon their errors and ultimately execute the ideal crime.

Even the most experienced players will find the short and snappy Switch game to be full of riddles and turns that are wonderfully surprising. It may occasionally be exciting, especially when players must choose the proper falsehoods, withhold vital information, or accuse other NPCs who won’t readily confess.

That’s all for today’s article on the Top 18 adventure games Nintendo switch.  Do check out all the sections and know you should know which one is the best for you. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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