How to buy Minecraft with a Gift Card

Lego-inspired role-playing game Minecraft lets you create and build your own worlds from the ground up.

Your avatar was first tasked with constructing walls to protect oneself from vermin, but as the game progressed, it came to address a wider variety of issues.

This has developed through time into a timeless classic with a lot of unique characteristics. It’s possible to design whatever you want when in Creative mode since you have infinite resources at your disposal. You’ll be able to travel to other worlds and discover new planets in Survival mode.

Prepare for a monster onslaught by building a fortress or stockpiling weapons.

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Players of the popular sandbox game may now sing with joy! A list of 15 amazing games like Minecraft that are popular with elementary school students has been compiled for you.

Throughout the course of the game, new material was constantly being added. Players of Minecraft have a wide range of customization possibilities.

A wide range of devices and platforms are compatible with this game. Popular gaming consoles include the PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, smartphone, iPad, and Raspberry Pi.

There is a Terabyte universe in Minecraft that you can interact with and even modify. The following is not a complete list of ecological phenomena.

In this article, we will be talking about how players can buy Minecraft with a gift card. Stick to the end of the article to know all about buying Minecraft with gift cards.

How to buy Minecraft with a Gift Card

Do you aspire to develop and construct the most amazing 8-bit creations? You can do whatever you want in Minecraft!

Over the past several years, this construction game has smashed records and gained a devoted following across generations.

You may start playing the game nearly immediately after purchasing a Mojang Minecraft Gift Card.

We have developed a step-by-step explanation for you to understand how it operates.

  • Step 1: Register a Mojang Account

  • Step 2: Tap Sign up in the top right corner.

Users are finally brought to the site in which visitors set up their Mojang account before they purchase the game

  • Step 3: Insert your username and password.

  • Step 4: Access the email confirmation

  • Step 5: Click on the link in the Mojang email

If you possess a gift card or code, proceed straight to the “Creating Your Minecraft Game Profile” page after clicking the “Redeem Gift Code or Prepaid Card” option.

Alternatively, see “Buying Minecraft Online” for instructions.

Use the Minecraft Gift Card via Mojang

  • Step 1: Log in to your Minecraft account

  • Step 2: Choose the choice to redeem a code;

  • Step 3: Select Minecraft: Java Edition;

  • Step 4: Enter the code and tap Redeem;

  • Step 5: Pursue additional directions and install the game;

  • Step 6: Users would have acquired the game under no time.

How to buy Minecraft Java Edition with a Gift Card

A Minecraft prepaid gift card is available for purchase. You may buy these prepaid gift cards from the Microsoft shop, GameStop, Target, BestBuy, 7–11, and Walmart.

Prepaid gift cards may be purchased at most sites where gift cards can be purchased for others.

Redeem your Windows Gift Card through the Microsoft Store

Users may also buy Minecraft via Microsoft’s online store. You’ll need a Windows Gift Card for this, not a Minecraft Gift Card. This is how you use a Windows Gift Card to purchase Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Log in to your Minecraft account

  • Step 2: Choose the Minecraft version which you would want to have;

  • Step 3: Tap Buy and, if required, sign in to your Microsoft account;

  • Step 4: Select Redeem a gift voucher as the payment option;

  • Step 5: Enter the code of your Windows Gift Card here;

The order is now ready for completion. Just follow through and you will be able to redeem your windows gift card through the Microsoft Store.

How can I redeem a Minecraft gift card?

  • Step 1: Go off to

  • Step 2: Insert the 25-digit script in the “Enter Code” box.

  • Step 3: Login in using the Microsoft Accoun

Login in using the Microsoft Account using which you would really want to utilize the item.

  • Step 4: Complete the on-screen instructions to download the item.

To install the item, navigate to My games and apps or My library on the platform you use to play Minecraft.


1. How to buy Minecraft with a visa Gift Card?

  • Ensure you possess adequate cash to purchase the minecraft, and have it Activated.
  • Visit and create an account right now.
  • Once you’ve reached, click on PURCHASE. To use the method, just click the button below.
  • Type out the form

Complete up the form until you arrive to [CHOOSE PAYMENT METHOD] Insert the CVC code after selecting [VISA] (The 3-digit number on the back on the gift card.)

2. How to buy Minecraft with Apple Gift Card?

Launch iTunes. If you are not already logged in, log in using your Apple ID.

Select Account > Redeem from the menu toolbar of your screen or the front of the iTunes application. Log in using your Apple ID and password.

To collect your gift card using the camera on your computer, click Use Camera. Bear in mind that you must follow the on-screen instructions in order to get the redemption code.

If you are in specific countries or areas, or if you have an older card, you may need to manually input the card number in the box next to “You may also enter your code manually,” and then follow the directions. When finished, click Redeem.

If you possess an App Store & iTunes Gift Card or an Apple Music Gift Card, input the 16-digit code on the back of the ticket, that begins with X.

If you possess a promo or content coupon, input it from the card’s back.

3. Could I utilize a prepaid card for Minecraft?

Prepaid Minecraft Cards If you have bought a Minecraft: Java Edition prepaid card at a retail location, you may retrieve your code by accessing and selecting REDEEM JAVA EDITION. You’ll be asked to log in or create a Microsoft account.

4. Is it possible to use Minecraft gift cards?

Sign in to your Mojang Studios profile which you possess Minecraft on. Tap the “Redeem Gift Code or Prepaid Card” option beneath “Redeem Gift Code or Prepaid Card”. Select “Minecraft Realms” underneath “Redeem other products”.

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