COD Mobile Overkill perk release date | Is it even coming?

Call of Duty Mobile has gotten one of the most mainstream, FPS games on the mobile platform since the hour of its release. The realistic graphics, relentless and fast-paced gameplay, and an assortment of maps have consistently kept the players entertained. COD Mobile has had in excess of 148 Million downloads to date.

COD Mobile is in its twelfth season and the game just keeps improving and better with each new season. Players are really content with the new characters, night modes, weapons, skins which Season 12 has conveyed close by it.

The Going Dark Theme has genuinely engaged the players. Players the entire route over the world are discovered beating to upgrade their weapons past what many would consider conceivable and appear at the Legendary Tier.

.50 gs akimbo loadout

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COD Mobile Overkill perk:

For those uninformed, Overkill has been quite a popular perk across many COD titles. It would work a similar route in COD Mobile, as it has in different passages of the first-person shooter franchise.

The utility of the perk is basic. It permits players to equip two primary weapons. One of those weapons replaces the secondary weapon. Attachment restrictions still apply, and players can’t utilize two of the same weapons.

COD Mobile players have been teased with the addition of the Overkill perk for a long while. Ever since Season 8, the Overkill perk was put in the game for players to just gape at without any way of unlocking it. The perk was removed completely from the game in the Season 11 Anniversary Update.

Overkill perk delayed till balance
Source: Bravo Six Call of Duty News

The reason why this was done is that the Devs still don’t think that the weapons in the game have been balanced enough to allow players to run around with 2 primary weapons equipped.

Though players have been driving the Devs nuts, asking about the Overkill perk and its release, we believe that the perk won’t be made available to the players until Activision is happy with the balancing of the weapons.

The Overkill perk is quite a renowned perk in other COD titles. It has always been a fan-favorite. After all, who wouldn’t like to hold an AR as well as a Sniper? COD Mobile has always tried to implement content from the mainstream COD titles to make the gameplay experience more relatable.

So, we believe that, if once COD Mobile has planned to introduce the Overkill perk and for that matter, teased us with it, then they are sure to bring it in one of the upcoming seasons.

According to our opinion, Season 12 has been an absolute rollercoaster. We think the omission of the Overkill perk for Season 12 was actually the right decision. This is because we have got severely overpowered weapons like the Fennec Akimbo, .50 GS Akimbo. Now imagine players running around with a fennec akimbo along with the most efficient AR/SMG. It sure would make them invincible.

The fact that they removed it completely only shows that the balancing of weapons is going to take longer than we thought. It doesn’t mean that the Overkill perk won’t come ever.  COD Mobile won’t disappoint. They will surely find a way to add the Overkill perk.

All we can do now is focus on unlocking other rewards and grinding to help our teams win in the Knights Divided event.


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