How to find a Dragon in Minecraft

Minecraft‘s success has had a tremendous influence on the multi-player video game sector.

In today’s violent and dreadful world, a game about making and discovering would be more tempting than my loftiest dreams.

This has evolved over time to become a timeless classic with several fresh additions. When in Creative mode, you have a limitless number of materials at your disposal, allowing you to accomplish anything.

You’ll be able to travel to other worlds and discover new areas in Survival mode.

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You may erect a fortress or stockpile ammo to fend against a monster invasion.

Rather of trying to manage everything on your own while you’re away, delegate as much as possible.

You may compete against your buddies on a single server or even on your own planet while playing with friends.

More material was added on a regular basis as the game developed. Users of Minecraft have the ability to modify and customise the game in many ways.

This game is compatible with a broad number of devices and platforms. The PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, the PC, the smartphone, the iPad and the Raspberry Pi are just a few examples of popular gaming platforms that may help you solve your problem

Minecraft lets you interact with and even alter a terabyte-sized universe. The following are merely a few instances of ecological phenomena; they are far from comprehensive.

Minecraft players, rejoice! We’ve prepared a list of  15 amazing games like Minecraft for you that are popular among elementary school pupils.

Minecraft Ender Dragon Ender Dragon

Do you want to kill one of the most fearsome animals in all of Minecraft? The Ender dragon signifies the end of the game and killing it means you’ve pretty much beaten Minecraft.

However, you still will have tonnes of things to accomplish. Even so, this video will show you how to travel to the very end and find the dragon.

Getting to the End and finding the Dragon isn’t as easy as making a Nether portal in your basement and hopping back and forth.

It’s a trip you have to take, with a lot of stages along the road and a lot of materials.

More significantly, it’s a commitment. Once you pass the barrier between the Overworld and the End, there is no going back.

The only way to leave is to either fight the ender dragon or to die and be returned back to the last spot you slept, at the loss of all you were carrying. Whether or whether you believe the danger is worth it, the choice is a huge one

How to find the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Apply the instructions listed below to find and defeat the ender dragon in Minecraft and finish your game.

  • Step 1: Fight Endermen in the Overworld.

Users would need at least 16 ender pearls and 20 is even safer. Try to wear a pumpkin when accomplishing this or concealing under a building that has a roof 2 blocks tall.

Look at their feet when striking rather than their eyes.

Don’t attempt to shoot them with a bow and arrow; they’ll merely teleport away.

  • Step 2. Go over to the Nether and destroy several blazes.

Users would need their blaze rods to change into blaze powder and merge them with ender pearls. This would provide your eyes of ender to locate the end portal.

  • Step 3: Preparing for heading to the End.

One ought to have a diamond Armor and a diamond sword, as the End is full of peril.

Take prepared meal, a bow, pills of repair and regeneration, obsidian, a pumpkin, candles, a diamond pickaxe, eyeballs of ender, and a bed.

Users would need to travel to the Nether and acquire blazing rods to brew potions which offer you a higher chance of surviving.

  • Step 4: Throw the eyeballs of ender

Throw the eyeballs of ender into the air piece by piece.

Pursue them till they fall to the ground. When they fall, they have a one-in-five risk of shattering, so bring extras. When the pearls start flying low to the earth, you know you’ve reached a fortified position.

  • Step 5: Start digging in a spiral staircase configuration.

This will enable you to remain in the same region while yet digging downhill securely.

When you see stone blocks, you are in the proper position. Remember that certain blocks are monster spawners which implies that they might generate a silverfish once broken.

  • Step 6: Kill the silverfish and remove the spawner.

In the final chamber, you’ll discover it loaded with silverfish and a spawner cranking them out.

Attempt to murder them in a single hit, because else they might sprout more from the walls. You may also pillar up two blocks and strike them from there.

Keep a container of lava to destroy the silverfish. A flint and steel would also work.

  • Step 7: Insert ender eyes in each slot within the blocks.

Users would need 12 to fill all of them. Be cautious not to tumble into the lava. Right-click with the eyeballs in your hand to insert them into the slots.

When you’re done, a dark portal with stars should form where the lava was.

  • Step 8: Hop through the portal

Hop through the portal after you’ve rested in the end portal chamber to reset your spawn position.

This way, if users die they won’t have to travel all the way back. Take all of your gear, including armour, food, and weapons.

You’ll probably spawn on a tiny island or cave, and your only options will be to construct a bridge to the mainland or dig your way out on your own.

You may also check out the scenario beforehand and simply carry basic armour and equipment to obtain an understanding of the circumstance you’ll be in. Kill yourself after and return to the end portal.

When you arrive in the End, you could only go out by defeating the Ender dragon or getting killed.

  • Step 9: Slay the Ender Dragon.

Eliminate the crystals on the towers (these replenish the Ender dragon) by either firing at them or pillaring up and trying to kick it with a sword.

You’ll need to be an excellent aim or have powerful armour to defend yourself from the crystal explosions.

Attack the Ender dragon largely with your bow but bash it with your sword whenever it comes near.

The greatest damage is dealt by headshots.

  • Step 10: Take the Dragon Egg

Take the dragon egg home by placing a torch beneath the dragon egg and the stone it is resting on.

Smash the block and the egg would end up breaking for you to grab.

  • Step 11: Review the final poem.

This is a great portion of Minecraft that notifies you that you’ve very nearly completed the game. Don’t miss it by since you won’t see it again for a time.

Slaying the Ender Dragon

There are two sections to the Ender Dragon combat.

Part 1

The first stage includes bringing down bright End Crystals resting atop Obsidian towers. Some of them will be enclosed in metal cages.

Utilize your Dirt blocks to boost yourself up the towers.

From the dirt tower you create, you’ll be able to aim up and then into the End Crystal cage from the side.

Put your pointer on the upper end of the crystal and bash away.

The leftover End Crystals with really no cages may be smashed by bow and arrows.

Those crystals that are too hard to shoot may be eliminated by constructing Dirt block towers to gain an easier shot.

But bear in mind that if you are on top of the tower when the End Crystal is destroyed, you will receive a lot of damage. Try to be far from the tower when the End Crystal is destroyed.

Part 2

After all the End Crystals are smashed, the Ender Dragon will fly down, enabling you to leap and slash at its tail.

This should ultimately fly back up into the air, during which time you may fire arrows to hurt it.

The Ender Dragon would hurl fireballs at you while this is going on, so pay attention and dodge being hit.

The dragon also may fling you in the air, hence why you require buckets of water or Potions of Slow Falling with you.

How long the battle against the Ender Dragon takes is based on the gear you have. The better gear you have, the shorter the combat will be since you’ll be able to dole out more damage.

If you’re battling it for the first time, give it your best shot. Dodge the assaults (and the surrounding Endermen) to slay the dragon at your own leisure, since hurrying through might lead to foolish blunders and death.

Once the Ender Dragon dies, a portal would start opening, enabling you to leave the End.


1. How to get to the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

To access the Ender Dragon, you’ll have to locate a Stronghold on the overworld map. These are subterranean and may be discovered with an Eye of Ender.

Using the Eye should force it to soar up into the sky in the area of the Stronghold.

Keep following it and the eye may start to drift lower, which signifies you are near to the Stronghold and have to begin excavating.

Note that the Eye of Ender would shatter after utilizing it multiple times, so you’ll need to store your usage and make a bunch of them to properly locate the Stronghold.

Strongholds are vast stone mazes, so after you dig where the Eye directed you to, keep an eye out for Stone Bricks.

Once you arrive in the Stronghold, you’ll need to find the chamber containing the End Portal.

It may take a long to find the End Portal chamber. We suggest sealing off pathways you’ve previously gone or marking trails with torches as you go to prevent getting lost.

Once you find the End Portal area, you’ll need to fill in the portal boundary with 12 Eye of Enders to activate it. (Some of the slots may already contain Eyes, which means you’ll need significantly less.)

Jump inside the portal and proceed to the End to find the Ender Dragon once it’s up and running.

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