Fix: Minecraft mending not working

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Why is Minecraft Mending not working

Mending relies heavily on the successful enchantments of your gear. So, if by any chance, if you have not successfully enchanted the item or you have not equipped the relevant item in your main hand, then mending won’t work in Minecraft.

There might be some other underlying issues as to why Minecraft mending not working. Stick to the end of the article to find out the fixes for the Mending not working issue.

Fix: Minecraft mending not working

It is possible to enhance the functionality of your gear with enchantments, special bonuses, and status effects.

To assist the player survive the harsh and hazardous environment of Minecraft’s harsh and dangerous, they may be added to weapons, armor, and equipment.

It is possible to use the Anvil to add additional enchantments to books that you already acquired from fishing, plundering, or by using conventional books to be magically enhanced.

Actions such as these are critical when you contemplate the myriad important items you’ve spent weeks grinding for or the major weapons you’ve maxed up as mob killing machines.

Certain enchantments, including Mending, restore the item you currently carried that requires the heal when players accomplish actions that offer the experience.

Nevertheless, there are prerequisites you must satisfy before you can begin fixing your items while you’re out and about, and you may run into issues when trying to enchant your item so that it remains durable and useful.

Follow the methods given below to fix Minecraft mending not working issue.

Method 1: Ensure your Mending equipment is properly equipped

Make sure you have the Mending enchantment equipped in your main hand or off, or in one of your armor slots, so that the random mending chances on any item with lowered durability may occur.

Just putting the item in your inventory doesn’t qualify for the status effect to work.

While mining coal or grinding XP Farms, experience orbs are dropped, so be careful to have your desired item nearby when you produce the buff so the experience registers and has the potential to affect any piece of gear or tool.

Using a pickaxe blessed with Mending while mining will immediately restore durability points.

Method 2: Check the items you are using mending on

Because Mending is incompatible with Infinity, your Mending enchantment is likely to be ignored if the object already has one.

Your chosen item’s healing can be exceedingly sluggish or non-existent if you have a certain set of weapons and armor equipped and the enchantment provides random healing.

Method 3: Try disabling other items

Disable all other items in your inventory so that all of your mending XP goes toward fixing the one thing you’ve selected as a top priority.

Method 4: Report the issue

If the enchant doesn’t appear to be functioning even after that, you might submit a bug to the developers and advise them of this issue after you’ve done all efforts to guarantee the problem does not lie with your enchantment progress, weapon of choice or XP gain.

What is Mending Minecraft?

The Mending enchantment repairs your equipped tools, weapons, and armor using XP (experience).

Every moment you acquire experience by slaying monsters or mining-specific items, the experience obtained would immediately be utilized to restore any broken tools, weapons, or armor that you have equipped (and are enchanted with Mending) (and are enchanted with Mending).


1. Why is my mending pickaxe not functioning?

If you could slay anything and switch to the pickaxe in your hot bar before you scoop up the experience, this would assess the pickaxe for mending.

Please remember that if all of your armor is charmed with mending, it would also be included. If there are many qualifying items needing mending, one will be picked at random.

2. Why is mending not functioning on my elytra?

You have to gather experience for Mending to restore the item, it doesn’t simply magically mend items. And if you have additional armor or stored items with Mending, even though they’re not broken, the experience could not flow to the elytra whenever you would like it to.

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