How to get Gems in Tower Defense Simulator: Roblox

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Tower Defense Simulator offers a wealth of goods for you to collect in your inventory. Some of these items, such as the Gems, are, unfortunately, unavailable from the Shop. Here is our guide on How to get Gems in Tower Defense Simulator: Roblox. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to get Gems in Tower Defense Simulator: Roblox

Gems are one of the most important resources to obtain in the Tower Defense Simulator. Gems are necessary to roll for new lineages and elements, both of which have a substantial impact on the strength of your character.

Completing daily activities, participating in the Arena, AFK farming, redeeming coupons, and purchasing spins with Robux are all methods for obtaining spins in Tower Defense Simulator; further information on each of these methods is provided below.

1. Daily Quest

When you accomplish a daily task in Tower Defense Simulator, you will be rewarded with gems. The bulk of daily assignments are simple and can be completed quickly. You may see all of your current daily chores by pressing L and selecting [DAILY MISSION].

After finishing a daily job, reopen the window and click ‘CLAIM.’ The advantages will be distributed to you later. At the bottom of the daily quests window, you can see when your daily assignments are refreshed. When the daily quests reset, you’ll be given a new list of daily objectives to accomplish, giving you the opportunity to win extra spins.

If you complete all of your daily assignments on a given day, you will get around 15-20 Gems.

2. AFK Farming

You will receive two gems for every hour you play online in Tower Defense Simulator. Because of the passive rewards, many players indulge in what is known as AFK farming, which is the practice of keeping the game open overnight while your character assaults training logs.

For every hour you are AFK farming, you will gain two free gems as well as EXP for your character. You’ll need an auto-clicker application that will click for you when you’re at the AFK farm.

If you do not use an auto-clicker or another technique to keep your character active, you will be disconnected after around 30 minutes, which means you will not be creating the two jewels per hour. Using the AFK farming strategy is an excellent way to ensure that you get some spins and EXP when you’re sleeping.

3. Code Redeeming

Redeeming codes is a quick and simple way to gain a huge number of spins. The producers of Tower Defense Simulator provide vouchers that may be redeemed by gamers. When redeeming coupons, the gem is almost always included among the prizes.

To redeem a code, go to the game selection menu in Tower Defense Simulator and choose Edit. Codes may be entered in the top-right corner of the Edit page and redeemed by clicking the YouTube icon next to the box.

When the developers’ YouTube channel hits new milestones or major enhancements are completed, additional Tower Defense Simulator tickets are usually issued.


1. How do you get gems in Tower Defense Simulator

You will be rewarded with spins if you complete a daily job in Tower Defense Simulator. The majority of everyday tasks are easy and can be accomplished quickly. By clicking L and choosing, you may see all of your current daily chores.

For every hour you play online in Tower Defense Simulator, you will get two diamonds. Because of the passive benefits, many players engage in AFK farming, which is the practice of leaving the game open overnight while your character attacks training logs.

Redeeming codes is a quick and easy approach to get a large number of free spins. Tower Defense Simulator’s creators provide coupons that may be redeemed by players. When redeeming coupons, the gift nearly always includes a diamond.

Robux, Roblox’s premium money, may also be used to purchase gems. To purchase gems using Robux, go to the edit page in the game selection menu. Click the recharge icon in the top left corner, next to the number of gems you have. Then you may choose between buying 15, 30, or 60 gems.

That’s all for today’s article on How to get Gems in Tower Defense Simulator: Roblox. Do check out all the sections and let us know how this guide was helpful for you while playing the game. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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