Fix: Minecraft not loading in PS4 Without Deleting

Last updated on August 17th, 2022 at 12:43 pm

With hundreds of games releasing every now and then it is very difficult for developers to make an evergreen game. This goal was achieved by Mojang when they first released Minecraft in 2011. Since its release, Minecraft has sold over 150 million copies which makes it one of the best games ever.

In Minecraft players have to explore a randomly generated 3d world and have to make the best out of everything around them to beat the game. Players can mine different kinds of raw materials and craft various objects such as tools and weapons in the game.

The whole objective of Minecraft is to Survive. However, the way to beat Minecraft is by defeating the Ender Dragon. Players can do various things in between and can also complete some in-game side quests before taking on the Ender Dragon.

Minecraft also allows its players to showcase their creativity by constructing various Monuments and Structures. Players can make their own homes, villages, forts, various farms, and many other things.

The Developers of Minecraft have made the game available for every platform. You can play Minecraft on your PC, Play Stations, Xbox, and even on your mobile phones. Minecraft also has an in-game store, in which players can buy various Skins for their Characters. Although sometimes the store does not work because of various bugs on the server.

There are some games for Android and ios that are similar to Minecraft and dedicated Minecraft Players love a challenge. If you are one of them you should check out these top 15 games like Minecraft for Android and ios.

Minecraft is available to play in Play Stations. Minecraft Bedrock was released on PS4 in December 2019. You can get Minecraft for your PS4 either digitally through the Play Station Store or by purchasing the physical copy. But sometimes Minecraft does not load on PS4 and it gets very frustrating for players when this happens.


How to fix Minecraft Not Loading in Play Station 4

Sometimes Minecraft PS4 gets stuck on the loading screen or the Red Mojang Screen and then the players have to wait for it. This is very annoying for the players as nothing is more tedious than looking at a loading screen. In this article, we are going to find out how to Fix Minecraft not loading on PS4.

  • Step 1: Restart the Game

If this is your first time facing the problem you can try to resolve it in the most traditional way. To do this you will have to select the Minecraft Application and then will have to press the options button. After that select the “Close Application” option.

This will successfully close Minecraft on your PS4. You should also carefully remove the disc if you have the Physical Copy of Minecraft.

  • Step 2: Reboot your PS4

If restarting the game does not solve the issue you can try rebooting your PS4. You can simply turn off your PS4, remember to turn it off, and do not put it on Rest Mode as it will not close your ps4 properly.

After shutting down your PS4 you will have to disconnect the Power Chord. After disconnecting the Power Chord you will have to wait for a minute or two before restarting your PS4. Turn your PS4 back on after two minutes. This shall solve your Minecraft stuck on Loading Screen problem.

  • Step 3: Make sure that Play Station Minecraft is updated

If the problem persists you should check if there are any updates for your Minecraft. Sometimes a version of a game has many bugs on it which makes it difficult for the players to enjoy the game and so the developers release several updates which can resolve the issues.

  • Step 4: Disconnect from the Internet

Sometimes your internet connection is the main problem that stops your games from opening. Try disconnecting your Play Station from the Internet and then open your Minecraft again. This way Minecraft Offline can load without any trouble. However, if the problem still remains then the issue might be something else.

  • Step 5: PS4 System Software is Up to Date

Make sure that your System Software is updated as PS4 causes a lot of problems when the update is not done. The reason behind your Minecraft being stuck on the loading screen can be your System Software. So make sure you have the up to Date System  Software for your PS4.

You can update your System Software by going to the settings on the Play Station home screen and then selecting the System Update Software. Once the update is done you will have to restart your Play Station once again and check if Minecraft is working or not.

These steps will resolve your issues without deleting your game.

If your Minecraft PS4 Multiplayer is not working you should check out the guide below.

Minecraft stuck on the loading screen on Play Station 4

Minecraft is one of the most successful games and is very popular among Gamers. But sometimes it also causes certain problems to its players. One of those problems is the never-ending Minecraft loading screen. It is very annoying for players, especially when their friends are waiting for them on the server.

However, we can solve this issue with some very simple steps.

  • Step 1: Press some Buttons

This might be an absurd way to tackle your problem but you can get past the loading screen by pressing some buttons on your Dualshock controller. For this, you will have to press the R1, L1, R2, L2, options button and the touchpad altogether.

This will help you get past the loading screen on Minecraft PS4.

  • Step 2: Close the Game

If the step mentioned above fails to work you should close your Minecraft Application completely from the options menu and wait for some time and then open the game again. This may or may not solve your problem but it is worth giving a try.

  • Step 3: Shut Down your Play Station

You should Shut Down your Play Station 4 if the problem persists. You should turn off your Play Station completely.

  • Step 4: Remove the power source

After shutting your Play Station down you will have to disconnect it from the main power source. After disconnecting wait for one minute and then open your Play Station again, this shall reboot your system completely.

  • Step 5: Check your Network Connectivity

Minecraft online needs a good internet connection to load and maybe you are stuck on the loading screen. Check if your internet is running smoothly and if not then disconnect your PS4 and try playing Minecraft Offline.

  • Step 6: Check for Minecraft Updates

Check your Minecraft Application for possible Updates as it might be possible that your game is stuck on the loading screen as it has not been updated.

  • Step 7: Check for System Software Updates

Another reason behind your Minecraft not getting past the loading screen can be outdated System Software. Check your System for System Software Updates and update it to the latest version.

Follow these steps and your Minecraft will start working just fine.


How to fix Minecraft PS4 Realms Not Working

Minecraft Realms are personal servers that players purchase to play with their friends. It is your personal server and only people that you invite can play in it. If your Realms are not working properly then follow these steps

  • Step 1: Open your settings

The first step is to go to your Minecraft Play Station settings. After opening the settings many you will have to select the “Profile” option.

  • Step 2: Sign Out from Microsoft Account

Once you have reached the profile option, sign out from your Microsoft Account.

  • Step 3: Sign back in

After successfully signing out from your Microsoft Account go back to the main menu and Sign back in.

  • Step 4: Check your Microsoft Account

If the above steps do not work you should check if your Microsoft Account is set to Child Mode. Make sure that your account is not on Child Mode in order to play Minecraft Realms.


Minecraft PS4 Multiplayer Not Working

ut these easy steps that will make your Minecraft Multiplayer work again

  • Step 1: Good Internet Connectivity

Make sure that you have a strong internet connection as a strong internet connection is required to play Minecraft online Multiplayer. Try using a different Internet Source with a better speed in order to play Minecraft Multiplayer.

  • Step 2: Make sure you are logged in

Minecraft requires a  player to be logged in to their Microsoft Account while playing Minecraft Multiplayer. Make sure that you have logged in to your account before starting the Multiplayer.


Minecraft PS4 Skins Not Loading

Minecraft allows its players to use custom skins for their characters. Skins can be purchased from the online Minecraft Store. Players sometimes face a problem with the skins as sometimes the skins do not load and then they are stuck with the basic skin for their character. Try these steps to fix your problem

  • Step 1: Good Internet Connection

Sometimes the skins do not load as the internet connection is not good enough. If this is the case you can try a faster connection and then check your Minecraft Skins.

  • Step 2: Restart your Game

Restarting your Minecraft will possibly fix this problem. Close the Minecraft Application properly and then open it again after a few minutes. Keep the first step in mind while doing this and it shall load all your Minecraft Skins.


Play Station 4 Minecraft Servers Not Working

As we all know Minecraft offers an online mode for its players. You can make your own server or hop into your friend’s server. If you are having any difficulty in doing so you should try the following

  • Step 1: Make sure you are Online

It is important that you are logged in to your Microsoft account in order to play on a server. A  good internet connection is also required to play on a server so it is vital to be connected to a fast internet connection.

  • Step 2: Check if the server is Down for Maintenance

Check whether the servers are Down for Maintenace. If yes, then you will have to wait for it to be back online.

  • Step 3: Shut Down your Game

You can fix the server problem by also shutting down your game and then opening it again. This shall make your Game work normally.

These steps will make your Minecraft Server work again and you will be able to play with your friends without any problem. You can also check this article for fixing Minecraft Authentication Servers. Now go on and try these steps and hop onto the online Multiplayer with your friends.

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