(7 Ways) Fix: Roblox Voice Chat not Working in 2023

There aren’t many stories like Roblox‘s to be discovered. Roblox is expected to have been downloaded by more than 500 million individuals by the year 2023, according to projections. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Roblox is very popular among youngsters.

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In recent years, Roblox’s popularity has been steadily on the increase. To begin playing games, all you need to do is create a Roblox account, which is free.

Many notable Roblox games, the chance to personalize your avatar, and more are all included in the package.

To begin playing for free, you must first download the app for iOS or Android devices, or play it on a computer. For Xbox One users, Roblox may be entertaining as well. You’ll need to establish an account once you’ve installed or logged in to the program.

To get started, you’ll need to create an avatar, which you can do by clicking here. Robux, the platform’s virtual currency, may be used to purchase in-game products and avatar improvements in lieu of real money.

Gaming with friends on a Friday night (or any night) is usually enjoyable, but it may be difficult when you aren’t all in the same spot at the same time, as is the case in this scenario.

Using Roblox, for example, may be a lot of fun while participating in a virtual meeting.

Roblox has a wide range of games, including the famous battle royale types, ranging from murder investigations and jail escape to treasure-seeking.

Roblox’s voice chat

Voice chat is now accessible in Roblox, which was previously unavailable.

Spatial Voice is an in-game feature that allows players to communicate with one another in an audible manner.

When the squad was originally disclosed in February, they said that they were prioritizing safety.

It is possible that the introduction of this feature may not be welcomed by everyone; nonetheless, it is only available to individuals above the age of 13.

Additionally, if you have had a negative experience with it, you can report abuse and have it deactivated.

Roblox voice chat error icon

Roblox voice chat has been the buzz of the town since it was first made available to the general public. However, there have been some troubles lately relating to the voice chat system on Roblox.

An unusually large number of users have reported seeing a red sign/symbol directly next to their microphone icon.

The difficulty is that it is not merely a coincidence or a malfunction in the system. Users have reported that their in-game voice chat function has been rendered defective and has stopped working since they first saw this red indicator.

Users’ Roblox voice chats are not functioning, and this post will explain how to resolve the problem.

Why is my Roblox VC not working

Short Answer: Roblox VC is not working because you failed age verfication, there is an issue with the app version or the device, your PC firewall is causing the issue, or y0ur system is outdated.

There could be other reasons as well. Here, we have mentioned all the possible reasons along with the ways to fix the issue. So, if you wish to fix the problem, proceed with the next part of this post.

Fix: Roblox Voice Chat not working

Method 1: Examine Your Privacy Preferences

Some manufacturers’ default settings for your system may cause the Roblox chat to vanish. If this is the case, you may experience the Roblox chat disappearance problem.

Some users have discovered that the contact settings are set to No one by default, which they believe is incorrect. Check your privacy settings to see whether you have this option.

Consequently, I urge that you alter the selection to Everyone. It is possible to resolve the Roblox problem by altering this configuration.

You will need to launch the Settings App and then go to the Privacy area in order to verify this.

As a result, you will have to change the No one choice to Everyone option for all the alternatives. Now determine whether or not this has resolved your issue.

Method 2: Upgrade Internet Explorer

Check to see whether you have the most recent version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer.

Check that you have the most up-to-date version of Internet Explorer when you download Roblox in order to be able to use the system effectively.

If you are using an older version of Roblox, your play may be stopped, causing you to experience difficulties such as Roblox chat disappearing.

Method 3: Deactivate the Antivirus

There is a risk that the third-party antivirus product will pose a threat to the data and programs that you intend to run.

As a result, your antivirus protection causes conflicts with the other software that you have installed on your computer.

It will prohibit the applications from being able to run. It is necessary to deactivate the antivirus application in order to resolve the problem.

For the time being, disable your antivirus software in order to give a quick and simple solution to the Roblox Voice Chat not functioning problem. Check to see whether the problem has been resolved as a result of your actions.

Method 4: Verify the Firewall Configuration

It is possible that your internet security software may cause problems with the applications that access the internet.

As a result, it is possible that you will need to make some adjustments to the firewall settings in order to ensure that the applications are not interrupted by the firewall.

Method 5: Make sure the microphones are working properly

Perform a thorough inspection of your microphones before entering the game. When playing Roblox, you may have the Roblox chat vanished problem from time to time.

Consequently, I would urge that you look into if there is an issue with the microphones. You may have this problem if your microphone is somehow malfunctioning or damaged.

This may seem to be a ridiculous suggestion, yet many people discover that the issue is with their microphones.

Method 6: Verify your age

Finally, for our last solution, we urge that you go into your account and double-check the information you provided when you first set up your account.

If it is determined that you are younger than 13 years old based on the information you provided, you will be denied access to some elements inside the game.

For the majority of people, this will cover the complete voice chat function. The concept behind this, on the other hand, is sound.

Its purpose is to safeguard younger people and ensure that they do not come into touch with anything that they should not be exposed to.

To be sure, if your reported age is less than 13, you will just have to wait till your age reaches 14 in order to be able to use these services.

If you are having trouble verifying yourself, make sure to check our dedicated article to help you fix the issues.

MUST CHECK: Fix: Roblox Voice Chat Verification not Working

Method 7: Uninstall and Reinstall the app

  • Step 1: Go to the Start Menu

In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, select the start button or the Cortana search box.

Another option is to press the Windows key on your keyboard while simultaneously pressing the S key.

  • Step 2: Search for “Programs and features”

Search for “Programs and features” in the search box, and then select the Programs and Features button which emerges at the front of your search results list.

Scroll down till you see Roblox at the bottom of the window that appears.

  • Step 3: Delete the software from that location

  • Step 4: Remove the Roblox folder from your computer

If you are experiencing an especially persistent difficulty, it may be beneficial to completely erase the Roblox folder after uninstalling it to ensure that there are no faulty or outdated data left over after the installation.

This may be accomplished by following the methods outlined below:

  • Step 5: Go to File explorer

Right-click on the start button and choose Explore or File Explorer from the drop-down menu.

Navigate to the following folder: C: Users(Your Windows Username)(Your Windows Username)

  • Step 6: Remove the Roblox folder from your AppDataLocal directory


That is all there is to know about how to fix the Roblox voice chat not working issue. Make sure you follow the methods mentioned in the above segments to get your issue resolved at the earliest.

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