How much data does Xbox cloud gaming use

Microsoft has made remote game streaming for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate available on Android smartphones. The mobile-first release expands Xbox One’s mission to deliver the gaming ecosystem to devices of all shapes and sizes by bringing full-featured Xbox One games outside of the living room.

The technology, once known by the codename Project xCloud, is now a part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, broadening its appeal beyond its Xbox and PC-centric origins.

Microsoft’s cloud data centers are used by Xbox Game Pass for remote streaming, where server blades execute your game in the background before sending it to your phone with very low latency.

That has predetermined internet needs through WiFi and cellular data to guarantee fluid gaming when you’re not near your console. What you need to know about the internet requirements for Xbox cloud gaming has been compiled here.

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Here is our guide on How much data does Xbox cloud gaming use.

How much data does Xbox cloud gaming use?

Short Answer: Xbox Live can consume a lot of data, but this will vary from session to session and depend on how you use it. The usage will typically range from 50MB to 150MB per hour, but if you use multiple applications simultaneously or use in-party chat while gaming, it can quickly increase.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live program is well-liked by console and PC users alike. The major draw is the premium Gold edition, which is available for monthly or yearly membership payments and provides access to and conversation in online multiplayer as well as discounts on many games.

Games are putting more and more demands on system resources, including data and graphics, which might slow down your connection.

Xbox Live requires between 50MB and 150MB of data per hour on average, depending on the game. Whether or whether several applications are being utilized at once will depend on the resources each game requires.

Because it is totally dependent on what is running on it, it is impossible to pinpoint exactly how much data Xbox Live consumes. The average consumption fluctuates between 50MB and 150MB each hour, but it may also be as little as 10MB or as much as 200 MB. The platform you’re using—whether it’s a PC, an Xbox 360, an Xbox One, or the more recent Series X—will also have an impact on this statistic.

While a high-speed Ethernet connection is advised for optimum performance during Xbox Live sessions, Wi-Fi or cellular data may also be used successfully. Your situation will determine which of these two kinds of relationships you make. As long as you have the required speed and coverage, you may utilize any of them for Xbox Live.

Xbox Live recommends a minimum download speed of 4Mb/s, but if you’re playing online or a game that requires a lot of resources, you should aim for a higher speed. This will stop the service from stuttering and disconnecting at inopportune moments.

Additionally, you shouldn’t utilize a restricted or cap connection. Regardless of whether you’re using Wi-Fi or cellular connection, Xbox Live uses a lot of bandwidth. There are a few things you might do to troubleshoot if you’re having connection problems:

Ensure that the service can be supported by your Internet speed. Use just the specified streaming provider at any given moment.

Verify that you are not downloading anything that is using all of your Internet bandwidth. Attempt to log in more often throughout the day. The majority of Xbox Live users log in at night, which may slow the service, particularly with MMOs.

How much data are the most played Xbox games using?

More data will be used by certain games than others. For instance, Fortnite needs around 100MB per hour whereas Minecraft only uses about 40MB. Sea of Thieves and Call of Duty: WWII are the well-known games with the least amount of data use.

On the opposite end of the scale, games like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Destiny 2 are the biggest data hogs on the Xbox. MMOs often need a large amount of data, particularly if they have very high visual quality.

Which Data Plan is ideal for Xbox Cloud Gaming?

An unlimited data plan is the most suitable kind for Xbox Live. It is best to avoid utilizing a restricted or capped data capacity since Xbox Live makes it simple to go over it. Your cellular network operator may charge you outrageous fees as a consequence of your excessive data use.

MMO games may easily use up to 1GB of data every hour, which you might not notice right away. Aim for providers with extensive service regions and choose as much speed as you can.

How does Xbox cloud gaming work?

Your device connects to a distant cloud server to use Xbox Cloud Gaming. It seems as if you are playing the game natively on your device since this server manages the game and handles your inputs in real-time. At least, that is the concept.

Obviously, input latency has physical restrictions. Your internet speed and the distance from your home to the closest server will both have an impact on how effectively it works for you. Microsoft recommends a minimum of 7 to 10 Mbps, however, faster connections would provide the best performance.

The specific directions for a game depend on the platform you’re using. Open the Xbox Game Pass app on Android and press Play on games that are supported.

Open the Safari browser on an Apple device, go to, login, and choose a game. To play in a browser on Windows, go to, or you may download the Xbox app and play there.

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