How to find Dungeons in Minecraft

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What exactly are dungeons?

Dungeons are organically forming regions that may be discovered deep underground in the Overworld, and they are a source of entertainment.

In most cases, they are formed of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone, and their sizes range from 5×5 blocks to 7×7 blocks to 5×7 blocks.

Whenever players approach a dungeon inside a 16-block radius of a monster spawner, they will be greeted by zombies, skeletons, or spiders, depending on the kind of monster they summon.

A fresh monster would emerge approximately every 25 seconds on average, but it might spawn as often as once every 10 seconds.

On top of that, you’ll discover up to two treasure chests in each dungeon – it’s uncommon to encounter a dungeon that doesn’t have a treasure chest, but it does happen sometimes.

How to find Dungeons in Minecraft

Finding a dungeon in Minecraft for the very first moment results in a number of concerns.

Visitors could see a treasure or two, but there appears to be an unending amount of creatures approaching your way.

We’ve put up this Minecraft Dungeons Guide to make it easier for you to discover the dungeons and pilfer the wealth.

In this part, we would explain to you the specific approach in which you may continue if you desire to locate Dungeons in Minecraft.

  • Method 1: Exploring

Even though there is no certain method to locate dungeons, there are a few features to keep an eye out for and sounds to hear for while exploring in the wilderness or mining deep beneath.

It’s possible to see dungeons even if you’re above ground. Check the sidewalls of deep ravines for any mossy stones or strange openings.

If you’re in a desert environment, look for just about any depressions within sand which approximate the scale of a dungeon – one could be underneath the surface.

For a dungeon to genuinely spawn, the flooring must be solid. The roof also should be solid, however, blocks like sand and gravel are also permitted.

Then the walls must have at least 1 opening or more. If all those circumstances are satisfied, there is a potential for the dungeon to spawn in the area.

Mobs create noise, particularly when there is a number packed together in a confined space.

When digging underground, observe for repeated zombie groans, bone creaks, or spider hisses. If you listen closely, you may discover a dungeon just waiting to be looted.

One of the finest strategies for locating dungeons is investigating organically existing caverns.

Remember to bring lots of candles, a weapon, and some Armor with you, since you will surely certainly face some enemies. Listen for mobs and watch out for any mossy cobblestone.

One of the greatest giveaways while hunting for a dungeon in the Overworld is the noise.

The mob spawner implies there are far more mobs than normal in the little space, and lots of noise is made by them.

When hunting subterranean, tracking loud crowd sounds might be a clue.

Sand biomes are a good place to look for dungeons since they occasionally spawn near the surface.

It was noted earlier that the ceiling simply has to be sturdy, but the blocks may be sand or gravel that falls. If a cave formed in the desert, a caved in-ground might be a giveaway

  • Method 2: Third-party websites

To Locate Dungeons in Minecraft simply, you may look towards third-party plugins, like

As soon as you’ve loaded the site, all you have to do is enter your seed, and it will produce a map of your universe, complete with possible dungeon spawn points.

Ideally, you already realise the advantages of keeping a dungeon as an important endeavour, but how could one quickly identify dungeons?

There are several approaches, but they all rely on chance for the time being. Third-party extensions are an option if you don’t want to look with the hassle of looking for a dungeon. Uses your world seed to look at a globe map which you can navigate with just that information.

Once you’ve inserted your seed, a map of your world should appear, showing where possible dungeon spawning may be found.

To retrieve your world seed, join your world, access your settings and on the game tab, scroll to the bottom till you find “Seed”.

For every planet, this chunk base seed map would tell you the locations of possible dungeon spawning as well as other items like slime chunks, subaerial obelisks, and fortresses.

This is by far the most convenient method of discovering the locations of important landmarks in your virtual environment.

Providing you with the essential information may seem like we’re giving you an unfair advantage, but that’s not the case at all.

The best way to find dungeons is if you’re too lazy to scour the whole map for them.

Likewise, users could indeed check online for seeds that are assessed to have mazes near the area.

One may use these predefined seeds for learning how to detect dungeons, therefore they have a better time discovering them on their map.

Minecraft dungeon spawn rate

Dungeons automatically emerge in Minecraft, even though “generate structures” is switched off.

They are made out of cobblestone and include 0-2 chests, including a monster spawner.

The proportions of spawners are 50 % likelihood for zombie spawners, 25 %for skeleton spawners, and 25 %for cave spider spawners.

The Spawner is usually positioned in the heart of the dungeon and would endlessly spawn monsters until demolished or the entire area is lighted up.

Occasionally, dungeons may emerge in strange locations. For example, a cave could have more than one dungeon adjacent to it, and you might potentially have interconnected dungeons.

Since the criteria are somewhat flexible, the possibilities are limitless. When you happen across a rare treasure, be sure to capture it, since you may never see it again.

Java Edition Versus Bedrock Edition of Dungeons

The dungeons that are produced in Minecraft’s Java and Bedrock editions have little difference. The general structure stays virtually unchanged.

In reality, the only distinction between the 2 variants is the principles by which they develop spontaneously.

There seem to be no variations in the materials that emerge in the boxes. Even the likelihood of a certain item spawning is unchanged.

In the Java edition, dungeons can spawn at any height close to caverns.

In the Bedrock edition, dungeons would be constructed as subterranean buildings above sea level.

That is about it for the variations in the development between the two different variants.

Dungeons Structure Minecraft

Dungeons are tiny chambers consisting of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone that include a creature spawner and up to 2 chests. Discovering a dungeon without a chest is unusual yet doable.

Furthermore, there is indeed a rare probability of a dungeon being located without a spawner. Sometimes, a dungeon creates with its chests in such a manner as to produce a double chest.

Dungeons spawn with either a zombie (50 % probability), skeleton (25 % chance), or spider (25 % chance) spawner.

The spawner is usually in the middle of the dungeon chamber, with chests situated surrounding the walls of the room (big chests may link with the short side against the wall)

A quarter of the floor’s blocks are cobblestone, while a quarter is mossy cobblestone.

How to stop mobs from spawning?

There are two methods to prevent mobs from growing in a dungeon. You may either shatter the monster spawner with a pickaxe or, if one desires to save the monster spawner for later usage, one could arrange torches around it.

Monster spawners may be shattered with any instrument — including your bare hands — but won’t provide XP if not destroyed with a pickaxe.

The spawning of monsters may be halted by lighting torches on all four corners of the monster spawning machine.

Adding extra torches may be necessary if creatures persist in coming.

How to prep for Finding Dungeons Minecraft

The mobs and the monster spawner may be quite deadly in dungeons, so you’ll want to equip yourself with the right equipment. Here’s a checklist of stuff one must have in their backpack while venturing out to look for dungeons.

  • Torches

When looking for dungeons, you’ll need torches to illuminate your way through mineshafts and natural tunnels. Once you’ve entered the dungeon, torches will come in handy for keeping an eye on the various mobs.

  • Weapons

To deal with the newly created mobs in the dungeon, you’ll require either a blade or a bow and arrow, or perhaps both.

If you employ a bow and arrow, you could fire through a one-block hole to slay creatures whilst they’re powerless to attack you. Bring an iron, gold, or diamond sword at the very least.

  • Armor

Mobs may be dealt with by wearing any sort of Armor.

  • Pickaxe

If there isn’t a physical opening in the dungeon’s wall, you’ll require a pickaxe to go through.

The monster spawner may be destroyed with a pickaxe as well. Carry a pickaxe, preferably one made of iron, gold, or diamond.

Dungeon Mobs and Loot

Once you do uncover a dungeon, make sure you’re willing to step inside. Dungeons would feature a mob spawner.

Zombies will occupy half of all dungeons, with spiders and dungeons spawning in the other half.

The mobs do not have to appear within the dungeon necessarily, and you might very well observe some mobs wandering the cave the dungeon links to.

Nevertheless, given sufficient time, the spawner would flood the dungeon with mobs till they can no longer fit.

You’ll find riches if you murder the locals. 2 treasure chests store your prizes for finishing the dungeon, each with excellent gear that you’ll be hard-pressed to locate somewhere else.

That is all there is to know about how to find Dungeons in Minecraft. Be sure to follow the methods and suggestions mentioned above to locate dungeons in your world in Minecraft with ease.

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