How to make an Obsidian Generator: Minecraft

Because of Minecraft‘s immense popularity, web-based online multiplayer revenue has gone through the sky.

Considering how uncivilised and vicious the world has become, it’s impossible to envision any other form of game attracting today’s participants.

This has become a timeless classic with its own unique features throughout the course of time. Whatever your imagination can make up is at your reach when in Creative mode.

In Survival mode, you may go to several planets.

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A monster invasion may be halted by constructing a castle or accumulating a big arsenal of weaponry.

Delegating as much as possible will allow you to make the most of your time away from the workplace.

A single server or even your own planet might be your lone opponent while playing with friends.

As the game developed, new material was continuously being added. There is a plethora of game options available to those that play Minecraft.

This game may be played on a variety of mobile devices and operating systems. The PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and the Raspberry Pi, as well as popular PCs like the iPhone and Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy and iPad, may be able to help you with your difficulty.

Over a terabyte-sized planet is yours to explore and customise in Minecraft. There are many more examples in nature, as you can see.

The sandbox genre fans among you will be delighted. For your convenience, we’ve prepared a list of the greatest 15 amazing games like Minecraft for elementary school children.

Obsidian Minecraft

Obsidian Generator 2Obsidian’s primary usage is as a very effective blast-resistant building material, apart from the construction of portals.

It is recognized by practically all Minecraft players that obsidian is about 200 times harder than any other, except the unmineable bedrock.

It is also impervious to the assaults of any naturally formed hostile mob, even exploding creepers. Indeed, the only monster that can crack obsidian is the player-created Wither.

Whilst the Minecraft group has come up with thousands of solutions to farm/generate obsidian either proactively or AFK (away from keyboard), 1 famous concept has mechanized the process utilising Redstone and pistons to selectively regulate water flow.

This enables obsidian to be mined in a relatively secure and regulated method than perhaps letting it fall into lava within a cave or mineshaft underneath.

How to make an Obsidian Generator

  • Step 1: Create the required hole

Make a three-block-wide and one-block-deep hole for the excavation. Surround this hole with non-flammable blocks such as earth, cobblestone, iron, andesite, etc.

  • Step 2: Use Water Buckets

Employ water buckets to produce a water flow that enters the 1×3 hole. Make absolutely sure it really doesn’t flow over the non-flammable blocks or somewhere else.

  • Step 3: Apply the Piston Blocks

Put 3 piston blocks facing inside on top of the non-flammable blocks on the side opposing the water flow.

Then, behind each piston, set up a pair of Redstone repeaters and connect them with Redstone dust.

Put a stone button block on the opposite side, then connect it to the repeaters with a Redstone chain.

Between the water and the pistons, add a fourth piston to the trench. Also, make certain that the piston is pointing inward.

  • Step 4: Use the Redstone torch

Obsidian Generator 2Use a Redstone torch to activate the piston and place an additional block of space in front of it when it is expanded.

Run Redstone dust from the Redstone burner to the front of the generator and install a connecting lever.

  • Step 5: Channelize the Lava

Make an enclosure above the fourth piston at the trench’s terminus, leaving a block of free space.

This should enable lava to be put on the piston safely, so make sure this cage is likewise non-flammable. Fill the area with lava from a bucket.

Fill the trench between both the water and the pistons with Redstone dust.

If the outer lever is used properly, that should build obsidian blocks over the places in the trench where players have down placed the component when they activate it.

Try flipping the lever back to enable safe harvesting of the obsidian blocks after the lava has stopped flowing.

Before mining, pushing the stone button should employ the pistons to remove the lava reigning over the blocks.

After that, all that’s left is to gather the obsidian and replenish the trench’s Redstone dust. Minecraft players may rinse and repeat this process at their leisure.

How to make an Obsidian Farm in Minecraft

  • Step 1: Gather required materials

Users require 1 bucket of water for every obsidian block you hope to create, at least 1 bucket of water, and Roughly 50 fireproof blocks of your choosing.

A great deal of flat terrain since the water holder just has to be one block deep, while the lava one needs to be two

  • Step 2: Construct Water Holder

As long as there is water in it, this should function in virtually any volume. One block tall would do. We recommend building it two stories high so that you may have a cobblestone floor.

  • Step 3: Construct Lava Holder

It has to be immediately close to the water holder, with just one row of blocks between the two.

Additionally, it must be a block lower than the water holder in order to ensure that the water is initially exposed to the lava.

We added a level in between lava and water holders on the lava side so that the water does have a place to go the lava holder has to be two blocks deep so the lava has a taller wall around it.

To create six obsidians, build a lava holder that is three blocks wide and two blocks long, leaving six blocks between each bucket of lava.

Then, set a bucket of lava in each of the six blocks to make the six obsidians.

  • Step 4: Use the generator

Remove one of the bricks dividing the water from the step to begin using it. If done properly, the fluid would move over the lava, converting it into obsidian. We hope it works for you.

That is all there is to know about the obsidian generator in Minecraft. Follow the steps and methods mentioned above to get your automatic obsidian generator and Obsidian Farm in Minecraft.

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