How to make Villagers follow you in Minecraft

The ability to compel wandering villagers to follow you may only belong to sirens or horrifyingly attractive witches, but a Minecraft player would dearly want to learn how to do it.

When you cure a zombie, he may occasionally continue to act like one even after you give him a brain. Sometimes you might want a villager to assist you with your farm or engage in commerce with you, but they keep running away like wild cubs.

You can get these rebellious peasants to obey you, but it’s already a difficult challenge. To properly manage a prosperous farm, Minecraft gamers will need the assistance of the locals. However, what can be done when they keep eluding you?

They’ll appear to take special care to murder themselves. They won’t agree to switch careers. Overall, watching them may be a genuine misery. There is no denying, though, that you will require a consistent supply of them. Here is our guide on How to make villagers follow you.

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How to make villagers follow you

  • Method 1: By using Minecarts

Compared to utilizing a boat on a water route, employing minecarts is a quicker option. Players can save themselves the trouble of creating a passage for boats on the water.

As long as you can load the people onto the minecarts, building a railway is a quicker and more precise method of moving the residents. The main drawback is that it costs a lot of money to produce the materials, particularly rails and powered rails, as they require a lot of iron and gold ingots.

However, every item used in this technique is reusable, which is very useful if you also want to develop a rollercoaster for the game.

Five iron ingots are required, and they must be arranged in a specific way to prevent changing the final result. Five of the ingots from your inventory should be arranged in a U shape. The minecart offers advantages all by itself. It may be used on land and is quicker than a boat.

In this manner, you may persuade the people to follow you while the minecart moves.

  • Method 2: By using boats

There is a logical explanation for this, despite the fact that it could seem a little odd. If you construct a boat and place it close to the villagers, they appear to be much more inclined to follow you. The likelihood that they will immediately board the boat after you have done this is rather high.

After that, moving the boat to your desired location is all that is required. There is one thing, though, that you should be careful about when doing this. You will need to utilize some pistons when constructing the boat if you are on particularly rocky ground.

This will increase its height, enabling it to move to the desired location. We’ll confess that this approach of enticing locals is a touch sluggish, but it does the trick!

A boat may be ridden and controlled by right-clicking it once a villager has ridden it. On shore, boats can still be taken over. But they move very slowly.

Make a water path from your base to the village from where you will be carrying villagers as a general rule when transporting villagers by boat. The boat can float on water that way. So operating the boat on land will be more difficult than bringing the people inside your base.

  • Method 3: Creating zombie villagers from regular villagers

Villagers become zombie villagers when they are slain by zombies.

The hostile hordes known as zombie villagers will always look for a means to murder you. As a result, they pursue you around like other hostile mobs.

Fortunately, zombie villagers can be healed and turned back into regular villagers. This is accomplished with the aid of a Golden Apple and a Splash Potion of Weakness.

Consequently, you can transfer villagers by allowing them to be devoured by zombies first, at which point they will become zombie villagers. They can now continue to pursue you until you reach your base.

Once you are inside your base, lock the zombie villagers within a covered area to prevent them from perishing when daylight arrives and the sun shines on them. Then you may heal them and turn them back into regular villagers.

Given that it involves zombies, this might not be the safest approach to moving the villagers. However, it is the most entertaining and thrilling method because it also incorporates a lot of game aspects, including making golden apples and creating potions.

To avoid killing the zombie villagers with sunlight, you should create a roofed route so they may follow you even during the day. Alternatively, make sure the zombie villagers are only attracted at night.

Other than that, especially if your base is far away, let the zombie villagers grasp onto a random block or anything throwaway in your inventory to prevent them from despawning while you let them follow.

Once you know how treating a zombie is a rather simple process. Just carry out these actions. You must first prepare the Splash Potion of Weakness. Set traps for zombie villagers you stumble across. To prevent them from burning up, make sure they are also covered from the sun.

Give them a golden apple and the potion you just made after that. All that’s left to do is wait for them to return to their original villager form. It doesn’t need much time. After doing this, you may relocate them using one of the two methods mentioned above to where you need them.

  • Method 4: Using seeds

Using seeds is an additional technique for drawing villagers to your base. Every time seeds are dropped on the ground, villagers collect them, especially farmers and jobless people.

On order to finally plant the seeds in their farming plots, they preserve them. In order to properly entice people into your base, you can create a breadcrumb trail of seeds with no more than 3 blocks between each seed creature.

The biggest drawback of this approach is that occasionally when the route is disrupted, locals return to the hamlet.

  • Method 5: By funneling the villagers

Villagers can likewise be funneled to your base in this manner. To do this, create a road leading from the town to your base that locals cannot climb onto or use as a means of escape.

Additionally, the town itself needs to be surrounded by high enough walls or fences to prevent local residents from jumping over them. The residents you want to move can then locate new beds by first demolishing every bed in the community.

Make certain that there are empty beds in your base that people may use. The trail you laid out leading to your base will allow them to quickly make their way to their new beds.

The biggest drawback is that, if your base is too distant from the source village, occasionally the people will halt in the middle of their journey rather than proceed immediately to another bed. Furthermore, capturing the villages might take some time.

  • Method 6: Villagers in large numbers and boats

This advice will demonstrate how to accomplish it while reducing the likelihood that you will misplace any. There are several ways you might set this move up for success.

To prevent them from escaping, you may either construct a deep canal or a network of fences and gates. In general, we choose the canal approach since, let’s face it, disassembling something takes considerably less time than creating it.

After the canal has been dug, you may organize a boat “taxi service” to transport your new residents back to their homes.

The canal approach takes less time and is speedier. A service to transport villagers on boats to their destination or wherever you need them to be can be established when a canal has been dug.

The boats appear to be your greatest option out of all the strategies we have employed. Placing a boat next to a potential new villager is just so much easier than the other options, which may be entertaining and provide some diversity.

Once on land, demolish the boat, at which point the villager will board a waiting mine cart.

That’s all for today’s article on How to teleport to bed in Minecraft. Do check out all the sections and know you should know which is the best command. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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