(2023) How to get Free Legendary Gun in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has been at the top of the list of mobile FPS games for quite some time now. It is because, with every season, the Developers go above and beyond to introduce new characters, weapons, modes, maps, and much more.

It has been a lot of seasons since the launch of the game back in 2019 and never has it shown redundancy or given any hints whatsoever that the Devs are running out of ideas. With every season, Activision manages to bamboozle its players and even impress them with innovative and fresh content.

Players can always be seen hyped about the upcoming season. From the looks of the trailers and teasers, it can often be deduced that Activision is going to implement a fresh, new theme to the following season.

Apart from the fabulous themes of each season, players are also always on the lookout for new weapons which Activision adds to the arsenal with the commencement of every new Season.

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In this article, we will be talking about some of the weapons of COD Mobile. So, let’s get started without delaying much longer.

How to get Free Legendary Gun in COD Mobile

Now as most of us already know, COD Mobile has a ton of weapons in its huge arsenal. It has gotten weapons of almost all types of classes that meet the requirements of different players with different playstyles.

Apart from this, there is also another feature distinguishing the weapons. It is the rarity of the skins which are available for all the weapons. The rarity of weapons in the COD Mobile arsenal are – Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

Now, common and rare rarities are usually weapon camos that are applied to the base weapon skin. However, Epic, Legendary and Mythic weapons are completely revamped versions of the base weapon with new designs, new animations, and extra added features.

As mentioned above, Legendary weapons are essentially blueprints. Using the blueprints, the player can have any attachments on a weapon, and drastically change the aesthetic and design with regards to the original blueprint.

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Legendary weapons are distinguished by their golden or yellowish color. However, the definition of Legendary varies based on if it is a blueprint or a Battle Royale weapon drop.

In multiplayer modes, Legendary blueprints are generally gained through purchases, and they appear in short intervals.  They are among the most special weapon aesthetic appeal in the game, and regrettably are relatively expensive whether they are purchased directly or via the lucky draw. There is no way to obtain them via grinding in the case of multiplayer matches.

If you want to get your hands on a Legendary Blueprint for a weapon for Multiplayer modes, then you have to purchase it by using COD Points from the Lucky Draws. Also, COD Mobile has now introduced another feature, which lets you buy another Legendary weapon that is exclusively available for you.

To go to this Lucky Draw, you can go to the For You section in the Store or COD Mobile. Now in this section, you will find a new lucky draw or an existing one. If you previously have invested some CP in the existing draw, the next draw will start from the next round of CP.

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Free Legendary Weapon in Battle Royale mode:

Battle Royale is the second method to gain Legendary weaponry in COD Mobile. It has a slightly different meaning than just an ornamental blueprint since it refers to the rarity and effectiveness of the firearm acquired in the battle. There really is no buying in this scenario. Finding them is best left to chance on the map.

Now the Legendary weapons which are available in the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile aren’t anything like the Blueprints for the Multiplayer mode. In Battle Royale of COD Mobile, if you come across a Legendary weapon, it basically means that the weapon has the most efficient set of attachments that are best suited for Battle Royale.

The Legendary version of a weapon in Battle Royale will be more stable, have less recoil, and be more efficient than other lower-rarity versions of the same weapon. So, it is highly suggested that players look for Legendary Weapons while playing Battle Royale in Call of Duty Mobile.

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For multiplayer and Battle Royale games, the firearm and its rarity are represented by a distinctive color. Gamers must keep an eye out while exploring the BR map and choose the appropriate weaponry to fulfill the missions. Legendary weapons in Battle Royale are distinguished by their golden or yellowish tint.

Now, given the Legendary Rarity of these weapons, these firearms can highly likely be found in regions of High Tier loot zones across the map. Hot dropping in regions with a lot of loot boxes is going to increase your chances of finding a BR Legendary weapon.

However, the most fool-proof way of getting yourselves a Legendary Weapon in Battle Royale of Call of Duty Mobile would be the Airdrop. These drops contain various Legendary Weapons like snipers, assault rifles, SMGs, and even unique weapons like the War Machine, Annihilator, Purifier.

You don’t need to purchase them. You just need to locate and reach an airdrop on the Battle Royale map before anyone else does to guarantee yourself a Legendary Weapon. So, be on the lookout for a green dot on the map. This marks the spot where the Airdrop will land. Reach there via vehicles or chopper at the earliest.

Be careful as enemies might be lurking behind using the drop as bait to kill anyone who approaches it. Once you have cleared the area, loot the Airdrop and find some really efficient Legendary weapons in it for free.

It will always be sensible to favor a legendary weapon over all other rarity types of the same firearm.

So, enter the Alcatraz map or the Classic map, locate and collect some Legendary weaponry from Airdrops, and rack up a few Battle Royale victories.

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